Top Shopify Loyalty Program Apps To Enhance Your Business Easily!

Yogesh Pant
May 01, 2024

Customer loyalty is a must in today’s world. It mostly helps in e-commerce businesses where they need to retain old and attract new customers to their brand. Every businessman knows that dealing with new customers is more difficult to retain the existing ones. Recent researches show that it is 5 times way cheaper to get the old one than to attract new ones.

There is one of the main characteristics that help the e-commerce business to retain customers is a loyalty program or rewards program.

However, nowadays, most businesses are shifting to Shopify. When you will be searching for the apps that are suitable for your business, you will get confused as there is more than 600 customer loyalty app .

But now you can just stop wasting your time as in this article you will get to know more about the Shopify loyalty program plus the 6 best apps for your Shopify loyalty program.

So, let’s get started.

Definition of Customer Loyalty Program
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Customer loyalty is the readiness of a consumer to make repeated purchases from a company as a result of a satisfying customer experience. A customer loyalty program will encourage customer’s loyalty by rewarding regular customers who come in and buy goods and services from the business.

Through this, clients may get a wide range of rewards:

  • Coupons or Discounts
  • Complimentary goods
  • Free Delivery
  • Point or the local money
  • Access to upcoming products

A loyalty program can be advantageous for any brand. However, online shops typically benefit more from a loyalty program.

How can a Loyalty Program help your e-Commerce business?

There are a lot of benefits of a customer loyalty program you can ever think of!

Those advantages can help you search for the most enhanced segment of your business’s customer base.

Let’s drool over some benefits of a customer loyalty program:

1. Retain existing customers

As stated above, it helps 5 times more in retaining the old customers. Also, this is the main reason for creating the loyalty program within the business. Whenever you think of starting a loyalty program always remembers the customers who regularly buy and use your services from your business otherwise there is no chance of boosting your brand awareness or starting loyalty program.

2. Acquire new customers

Another benefit is attracting new customers. After launching a customer loyalty program, you do not just need to focus on retaining the existing customer; you have to attract new customers too. Giving additional benefits from the loyalty program is required to gain the trust of the new consumers.

3. Move customers up the buying ladder

Loyalty programs make customers become from first-buyer to repeat buyers. This helps the business as the repeated customers spend more money to gain the benefits of this program.

4. Win back lost customers

Over time, you would lose many of the customers, and retaining them would be sort of difficult without any loyalty program. This program will definitely help you to search, identify, target, and bring them back on track.

5. Increase the lifetime value

When there will be an increase in customer shopping and spending, the lifetime value of the organization and its customers will automatically increase. This will help the business to grow in the future and run smoothly with lots of footfalls in the business.

6. Identify your best customers

With the help of this loyalty program, you get your best customers or who are regular ones. This will surely help you to know the shopping pattern and behavior of the customers and due to this, the company can change its selling pattern to improve sales.

7. Create your best brand influencers

When you search for the best customers, you can see the potential and loyal candidates to influence your brand among other people. So, make sure you identify them and ask them to promote more and more your business and avail of the exciting offers. This will help you and your business to enhance brand awareness among others

8. Set you apart from the competition

When you will set a loyalty program for your customers, then your competitors would find it hard to get your people. Not only competitors, no one can snatch away your consumer for you.

9. Reduce advertising costs

When you finally identify your best customer, you can know your target audience. You would be developing your advertisement for those only. You do not have to pay extra for attracting the other audience. So, this information will help you to cut down on the extra advertisement costs.

Key features the best Shopify Loyalty Program Apps must have
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Before we talk about the app options, let’s quickly review five must-have features in the best Shopify loyalty program apps.

Those features are:

Easy to use

When you want to launch your loyalty program, the first thing you need to keep in mind is to be simple. You need to make sure the Shopify loyalty app should be easy to sign up for and use.

Display promotional offers

Great deals bring customers fast. So, the customer only signs up to the loyalty program, when they see a good and great amount of deals. A good app has to do a job of showing all the relevant promotional offers provided to the customers.

Deliver personalized offers

Nowadays, customers just like customized or personalized offers. So, the loyalty program app should also provide and deliver personalized offers

Social sharing

Sharing on social media really helps businesses to grow. So, you need to ask the customers to share their feedback and reviews on social media as it is an essential component for the success of a loyalty program.

Apps Comparison Table

And now, let's move further and get to know about the 7 best Shopify loyalty apps:

  • Growave Loyalty, Wishlist, Reviews UGC
  • UpPromote, Affiliate marketing
  • Gift Cards & Loyalty Program
  • Smile: Rewards & Loyalty
  • Yotpo Loyalty & Rewards
  • Loyalty, rewards, and referrals
  • Marsello

The table has the 6 best Shopify loyalty program app comparisons for you. Quickly have a look at it.

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With a versatile tool called Growave Loyalty, wishlist, reviews can help you establish a powerful online presence. Product reviews can be integrated with Google shopping and may be added using this app. Moreover, you can give your website a wishlist and social login feature. As a result, cutting down on extra codes can help you enhance the performance of your website.

Growave gives points for a variety of client actions. The primary benefit is getting customers to spend money in your store. Additionally, customers earn points when they refer friends and family to your store.

You have control over how many points your clients receive.

With the use of social proof, Instagram feeds, and other features, this app may also assist you in increasing the conversion rates for your store.

Highlighted Attributes

  • Create a powerful loyalty program.
  • Customers receive points for a variety of actions.
  • Integrate reviews to boost your store’s Google shopping rankings.
  • A wish list, referral program, and other advanced features are all included.

Are there any drawbacks?

Other cutting-edge features are not included in their free plan. You cannot test certain functions for free, not even during your trial period.


There are 4 different plans available, and each one has a different set of features.

  • Starter package: $19 per month; includes wish list, reviews, social login, loyalty, and rewards program, points program, Instagram galleries, and automatic emails.
  • Growth plan: $69.99. per month, starter plan feature list+ Q & A, email reminders for wish list items, VIP tiers program, and referral program.
  • Enterprise plan: $ 299.99. per month, API in addition to the feature list from the Growth plan, Shopify flow custom fields for reviews, points at checkout, and custom actions in rewards.

Secomapp – UpPromote Affiliate Marketing

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The No.1 affiliate marketing software on the Shopify App Store, UpPromote. It is an all-in-one affiliate/influencer marketing solution to help you develop, monitor, and succeed with your marketing campaign.

There is no need for technical expertise to use UpPromote. BY creating endless commission schemes, you can create a professional affiliate campaign with ease. Additionally, you may easily generate and assign coupons and referral links for influencers and affiliates. UpPromote gives you the ability to manage your campaign by tracking each click, placing affiliate orders, and using a dependable tracking mechanism.

Additionally, UpPromote makes it simple to contact potential affiliates. The UpPromote Marketplace, where you may browse affiliate profiles and list your offerings for free, is the program’s standout feature.

Highlighted Attributes

  • Customers can advertise their products using the customer referral tool without having to sign up for an affiliate network. It enables you to engage with your devoted customers and increase sales through excellent word-of-mouth.
  • By adding a free listing to UpPromote Marketplace or using the Multi-level marketing function, you can grow your affiliate team.
  • Easy to set up: you will gain a fundamental understanding of how things operate thanks to the rapid onboarding procedure and the guidance systems.
  • Create coupons and affiliate links automatically for referrals.
  • Utilize in-app analytics to manage your affiliate performance and get information on affiliate clicks, purchases, etc.

Are there any drawbacks?

Price tiers are determined by the volume of affiliate orders selected.

  • Unlimited affiliates are welcome under the free plan.
  • Review 300 referral purchases each month with the Grow plan, $21.99, plus Grow features
  • Review 600 referral orders every month with the professional plan, which costs $69.99.
  • Enterprise plan: $139.99/month - Comprehensive package with available bespoke development


When your consumers shop at your store, rewards, and loyalty will be provided to them by giving them on-site currency. They can use that money to make additional excursions to your store to shop. For other actions like social sharing on registrations, you can reward your users with in-site currency. You can create a customer reward area to better fit your store and provide a comfortable environment for your customers. To keep clients loyal, you can use this software to create a referral or VIP program.

It is quite adaptable. Your in-store currency’s exchange rate and expiration dates can be customized. You can interact with cutting-edge marketing technologies to enhance loyalty programs.

Highlighted Attributes

  • Make a variety of loyalty schemes
  • Reward your clients with in-store money
  • Set the currency’s exchange rate and expiration dates
  • To construct complicated campaigns, link your devoted programs to cutting-edge marketing applications.
  • Establish social proof
  • Promote the VIP programs to clients who suggest friends
  • Integrated analytics

Are there any drawbacks?

You cannot use it for foreign businesses because they lack a translation option.


There are 4 different plans available, and each one has a different set of features.

  • Free plan: No monthly subscription, more than 10 reward options, point and referral programs, graphic tweaks, and default rewards emails.
  • Starter plan: $49 per month, includes all the features of the free plan plus complete design customization, integrates with one Smile app, and does not display branding.
  • Growth plan: $199 per month, powerful analytics dashboard, starter plan feature list + nudges.
  • Pro plan: $299.99 a month, VIP program in addition to Growth Plan features, unrestricted Smile App integration, and access to Success Manager


Marsello can assist you in implementing a retention marketing automation campaign that can be used for both PO and eCommerce. It offers smart, targeted campaigns by fusing your loyalty program with data-driven automation.

These data can be used to send one-time marketing or make ongoing campaigns. Users of Marsello see a 45x ROI on average. There are no points in this application. Instead, when clients perform a specific task, they will be rewarded with exclusive offers and discounts. You can only reward your top customers as a result.

Highlighted Attributes

  • Only give your top clients rewards.
  • Create campaigns that look professional using the simple drag-and-drop builder.
  • Send automated emails to entice at-risk clients to return, welcome new clients, provide birthday discounts, etc.
  • Send sporadic email or SMS marketing campaigns.

Are there any drawbacks?

There isn’t a free plan for this app, not even a free trial period, so you can’t try it out. Additionally, it may take a while for their customer service to reply.


Depending on the number of members, the monthly cost of their subscription plan starts at $49. There is no free plan offered by them, not even a free trial.

Loyalty Lion

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To ensure that your consumers keep coming back, you can address the loyalty issue with awards and recommendations. There are various methods for doing it. It may, for instance, issue special discount codes to past clients. The reward system and coupon design can be customized in the app’s templates to match your branding. Even product photographs can be added to it.

With the help of this software, you can create a loyalty scheme where clients earn points for each transaction they make. The number of points they receive for each purchase is programmable. To encourage your consumers to utilize their points promptly, you may also specify an expiration date for those points. Third-party referral apps can be integrated to award points.

Highlighted Attributes

  • Create loyalty programs that offer points to customers
  • Offer incentives to clients who refer their friends and relatives.
  • Make the reward system and coupons appear in any way you like.
  • Customer notifications for designs
  • A powerful analytics dashboard is presented for clients.
  • Supports multiple languages

Are there any drawbacks?

Compared to the paid plans of other applications, their plan is pricey.


There are 2 different plans available, and each one has a different set of features.

  • Free plan: no recurring charges, up to 100 monthly orders, three fixed-amount awards, multilingual assistance, birthday bonus, personalized logo and theme, and customer notifications.
  • Basic plan: $19.99 to $119.99 a month, with a cap of 1000 orders per month, a bonus point campaign, expiration of points and codes, advanced choices, and free features.

You may improve your customer loyalty programs by using gift cards & loyalty programs to create enhanced shop credit programs that include incentives, gift cards, referrals, and loyalty. With the help of this program, you can send gift cards to your customers via email and instant messaging. The guidelines for your loyalty programs are up to your choices and requirements. You change the rules in any way to increase adherence, satisfaction, and retention. It can also be used to launch an affiliate marketing and referral program. So, they can reward their customers for referring friends

Additionally, you don’t have to reimburse the customer for returned goods if you offer gift cards

Highlighted Attributes

  • Simple to use
  • Reward clients with store credit and gift cards
  • Set up automated rules and reward consumers with a flexible reward system.
  • Send out a campaign for large discounts and gift cards
  • Affiliate and referral marketing
  • Refund gift cards or give shop credit in exchange for returns.
  • It has both online and offline uses.
  • No coding experience is necessary
  • Other apps are integrated

Are there any drawbacks?

You will pay more for their pain plan plus additional fees than for any other app on our list.


There 4 different plans available and each one has a different set of features.

  • Starter package: $19.99 each month, 100 total shop orders per month, advanced gift card program, manually issuing store credit, store credit accounts.
  • Plan for small businesses: $59.99 per month, 400 monthly total store orders, list of features from the Starter plan plus customization of the claim page, and balance page
  • Pro plan: $199.99 per month, 2000 monthly total shop orders, a small company feature list includes a button to apply for store credit, and the ability to create multiple gift cards.
  • Premium plan: $599.99 per month includes multi-shop gift cards, a feature list, and 12000 monthly total store orders.

Swell Rewards' Yotpo

With Yotpi loyalty and rewards, you can award your customers for more than 15 different types of behavior, including those that aren’t supported by other apps. These include reviewing products, recommending friends, using social media, etc. You can increase customer loyalty, boost SEO, gather knowledge, and advertise your store all at once by involving them in so many different ways.

This program is quite simple to use, and you have 30 days to test it out as often as you like. It is also easy to customize. Additionally, their developer staff will work with you to create your reward program exactly how you want. Swell is completely free for shops that receive fewer than 100 orders.

Highlighted Attributes

  • Reward clients with almost 15 different activities
  • Create a strong, specialized reward system.
  • Create an individualized referral program.
  • Boost participation with VIP levels
  • Connect to every small service provider
  • Make a membership free
  • Exceptional assistance from the development team

Are there any drawbacks?

Even their most expensive plan is only recommended for businesses with up 1000 monthly orders, so if your business processes many monthly orders, this isn’t the right option for you.


There are 3 different plans available, and each one has a different set of features.

  • Bronze plan: No recurring charges, fewer than 100 monthly orders, more than ten incentive programs, a robust referral program, and a configurable email collection tool.
  • Silver plan: $ 29 per month, runs an omnichannel program, offers more customizing choices, and syncs email subscribers automatically.
  • Gold plan: $249 per month, appropriate for stores with 400-1000 monthly purchases, incorporates ReCharge, has strong email marketing integration, and has simple rewards page layouts.
Wrapping up

A Loyalty program can help you with the selling of your products and services and make your customers come back to the store. It is a good idea to use the Shopify loyalty program app on your store. Moreover, in this article, we have reviewed the best Shopify loyalty program app that would help you and your business to grow successfully in the future. But before you choose one, go through all the apps and then decide which one suits your business better.

I hope you liked this article and provide some interesting knowledge about the Shopify loyalty programs for your online business. Good Luck.

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