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AI Project Development – how should project managers prepare?

As a project manager, one can become a part of many different types of IT projects in various domains.

Oct 2021
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Pro Machine Learning Implementation Tips for Businesses

Machine learning is a way that helps professionals in analyzing data, which automates the analytical model development.

Jul 2020
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AI in the modern healthcare system

Artificial intelligence uses different software algorithms in the medical sector to provide human knowledge about complex healthcare. The main aim of AI-based programs is to analyze the prevention steps or methods of treatment in the medical sector. The main investment field of AI application in the medical sector.

Apr 2020
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Applications of artificial intelligence in logistics industry

Artificial intelligence can seem as an ability of specific machine that provide facility to take decisions which mainly based on the available dataset. This is mainly used for optimise overall chain of supplies that starts fromplanning and ends on the process of transporting.

Mar 2020
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ai voice trends mobile app development 2020

Artificial intelligence is set to settle in the field of future innovation. It's unavoidable. Current trends in mobile application development firm insist on this. This likewise affirms the assurance of AI penetrating the day by day life of individuals later on.

Dec 2019
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What is Artificial Intelligence

AI app Development Company alludes to the area of science and designing concentrating on building up the machines as keen as people. They are made to be fitted into place on practices that people see as wise for example reproduction of human practices which they consider as astute through the utilization of machines.

Nov 2019
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what is Artificial Intelligence & Human Intelligence: The New Face of Cyber Security

Curious to know about what is Artificial Intelligence? Yes this is New Face of Cyber Security & simulation of human intelligence processes by computer systems.

Mar 2019