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With over 23 years of experience, Mtoag Technology is your committed innovation partner, providing unmatched software development and first-rate application support services. Whether you want maintenance, updates, seamless integration, or customized training, our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to optimizing your apps for effectiveness and usefulness right from the start.

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Application Maintenance Services

Differentiated Support Approaches

Our application support engineers (ASE) offer adaptive and perfective maintenance, ad hoc troubleshooting, upgrades, legacy migrations, and more. They also provide three tiers of support solutions for resolving common issues: application and system auditing, IT environment support, and server administration.

Upkeep and Support for Mobile Apps

We provide mobile app maintenance and support services to increase uptime, accommodate higher user bases, enhance server performance, enhance UX/UI, reduce uninstalls, adhere to legal requirements, and maintain seamless operation of integrated web services.

Web-Based Application Upkeep

We strictly adhere to Service Level Agreement (SLA) rules in everything we do, including testing and debugging, updating site material, database maintenance, and real-time monitoring and analysis for online applications.

Refactoring Code

We rework essential servlet services like RESTful and SOAP into microservices, simplify class designs, enhance API implementations, and rebuild existing code to increase external functionality while removing programming redundancies.

Updating and Maintaining Software

You can stay ahead of the curve with our proactive maintenance and update services. Our committed staff ensures that your software is continually optimized and delivers frequent updates and improvements to keep your apps safe and functional.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Our testing and quality assurance procedures aim to ensure high-quality applications. Our procedures include extensive problem-solving, stringent testing, and ongoing performance evaluations. Our state-of-the-art instruments and techniques guarantee best practices and application efficiency.

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Use Our Mobile Application Support Services to Improve User Experience

With our assistance with application maintenance services, your mobile application could realize its most significant potential. The success of your app is just getting started after launch. We ensure that your application is a user favorite by optimizing speed, implementing robust security measures, and making ongoing UI/UX upgrades to keep your program up to date. We are your first choice for application support and maintenance services; we provide expert bug tracking and smooth data movement.

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Our All-Inclusive Mobile Application Support and Maintenance Procedure


First Assessment

This phase examines areas that may need improvement, potential weak points, and present issues. It includes the design elements, coding, and functioning of the app.


Identification of Issues

We apply bug fixes, security updates, performance enhancements, UI/UX changes, and more during this time. Setting priorities ensures that the most important things get done first.


Fixing Bugs

Our knowledgeable developers do thorough testing to identify and address issues. After identifying the problems, they debug the code and implement fixes to address them.


Revisions and Improvements

We improve already-existing features, introduce new ones, and improve the app's overall user experience. The app’s UI/IX and feature updates keep it current.


Continuous Assistance

Our continuous monitoring and assistance include data backups, security audits, regular performance monitoring, and timely customer service.

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Why Opt for Mtoag Technology to Support Mobile Applications?


Adaptive App Upkeep and Assistance

Here, we handle all the modifications needed for your company, including configuration adjustments, hardware modifications, operating system integration, data format changes, translation and regulatory changes, etc.


Corrective App Support & Upkeep

We provide corrective app maintenance services, being the top app and web application maintenance provider. All app-related problems will be fixed, such as code flaws, logic faults, and design errors. We can also fix spelling words or phrases in your app’s user interfaces.


Preventive Support & Maintenance for Apps

We aim to organize and include solutions that will satisfy your future app needs. In the long term, we will examine user input and historical data to enhance the app's functionality.


Excellent App Upkeep and Assistance

Our professionals will improve your software's features, functionality, and maintainability. We can also make any necessary additions, deletions, or alterations to your program.

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