15 Best Hookup Apps for Casual Dating

Yogesh Pant
Sep 14, 2023

Gone are the days when finding true love and spending the rest of life with them was considered a virtue. But today’s GenX doesn’t want a serious relationship, they believe in casual dating. And the most significant factor behind the prevalence of this modern culture is the emergence of the best hookup apps for casual dating. 

These apps have revolutionized how people meet and find dates, replacing all traditional ways like blind dating and friend’s references. Now you can find a perfect partner with just a click. The young generations' shift toward these apps has resulted in many entrepreneurs and businesses investing in hookup app development. But Is it a profitable business venture?

As online marketplaces are overwhelmed with online hookup apps, finding the best among them is such a challenging task. And what makes it even tougher is the emergence of new dating apps every day. In such a situation, if your app provides a unique and immersive experience to users, they will surely prefer it over other apps. And with users keep increasing, you can expect a higher revenue and ROI. Well! Who would have imagined Tinder would become a multi-million dollar one day? 

In this guide, we will list out the best hookup apps for casual dating, compare their functions, matching algorithms, UI, user reviews, privacy and security, user base, and communication methods to give you an idea of what it takes to develop a hookup app for your business. We will review every aspect of these apps to provide you with an in-depth analysis. 

Key Statistics on Hookup Apps 

  • As per a survey by Statista, 43% of people aged between 18-31 have admitted using online hookup apps. 
  • In terms of monthly active users, Tinder tops the list with a 72% market share, followed by Bumble and Hinge with 19% and 17% share respectively. 
  • According to the reports, over 300 million people use dating apps globally. Out of these, over 20 million people pay for using premium features. 
  • The revenue of the online dating app market was valued at $9.65 billion in 2022. 
  • Reports say that the revenue of such apps will likely reach 10.49 billion by the end of 2023. 

List of 15 Best Hookup Apps for Casual Dating 

While the Play Store and App Store are overwhelmed with hundreds of online dating and hookup apps, we have curated a list of the 15 best hookup apps for casual dating. So, let’s talk about them!

#1 Tinder

When we talk about the best hookup apps for casual dating, Tinder takes the front seat. The app holds a whopping 72% market share in the online dating app industry. It is easy to use and works really fast. The feature that makes this hookup app stand out is its swiping feature, which allows users to like or dislike any match with just a swap.

The availability of a massive number of users means they can easily find a person interested in casual dating. The best part of using Tinder is that it is free to use. However, users can also get access to premium features with a paid plan. 

  • Downloads - 75 million
  • Net Worth - $42 billion
  • Subscription Plans - Free to use (subscription required for accessing advanced features).
  • Availability - iOS/Android. 

#2 Bumble

Second on our list of the best hookup apps for casual dating is Bumble. The app resembles a lot like Tinder but its functionalities are what makes it different. Besides casual dating, people can find partners for long-term and committed relationships. They can even outline what they are looking for on their profile bio. 

The benefit of developing an app like Bumble is that it prioritizes women's safety. Men are not allowed to contact, women will make the first move. This is the reason why the app has a large women user base. 

Talking about the app, the design and theme are perfect and simple to use. Users can easily navigate the platform and find what they are looking for. People looking for serious relationships can also connect with like-minded personalities with this app. 

  • Downloads - 50 million
  • Net Worth - $2.9 billion
  • Subscription Plans - Two subscription plans available - Boost and Premium. 
  • Availability - iOS/Android. 

#3 Hinge

Hinge is another online dating app that allows people to find partners for casual dating. Besides this, users can even create visually appealing profiles and participate in video chats to connect with their potential partners in a flirtatious way. 

Its unique tagline “The dating app designed to be deleted” has a thoughtful meaning. It means you will get a perfect partner that you will not need to find someone again. You can invest in such a thoughtful and safe hookup app development and expect a higher ROI. 

  • Downloads - 10+ million
  • Net Worth - $284 million
  • Subscription Plans - Subscription plan starts from $19.99/mo
  • Availability - iOS/Android. 

#4 OkCupid

This app is more than just a hookup app, offering plenty of unique and user-friendly features. The app is majorly used by LGBTQ users but that doesn’t restrict straight people. With over 50 million users onboarded, OkCupid is one of the best hookup apps for casual dating. There are over 56% men and 44% women users. While users can get access to basic features like browsing member profiles, messaging, and using search functions, they can also upgrade to the premium version. 

  • Downloads - 50+ million
  • Net Worth - $3.1 Billion
  • Subscription Plans - Subscription plan starts from $9.95/user
  • Availability - iOS/Android. 

#5 Match

Match App is voted the number one dating app in the United Kingdom for people aged 40 or plus. The platform has a large network of users in the UK and around the world, most of them are between the ages of 30-44. 

However, it allows anyone above 18 years of age to join and find their match for casual dating. The app allows users to add up to 36 pictures to their profile. Additionally, there is a separate platform for single over 50 years of age - Match’s OurTime. 

  • Downloads - 100K
  • Net Worth - $12.4 Billion
  • Subscription Plans - Three plans available - Free, Standard (from $21.84/mo), and Premium (from $23.11/mo).
  • Availability - iOS/Android. 

#6 Grindr

Just like OkCupid, Grindr is also extremely popular among the LGBTQ community. However, it has a vast user base, which includes lesbians, gays, bisexuals, queer, trans and straight people. The app is quite easy to use and provides anonymity. The registration process is super easy too. 

As the app uses real-time location data, you can find partners from your neighborhood or locations near you. You can also invest in such apps that target a specific group of people. As there are many hookup apps for straight people, developing a dedicated dating app for the LGBTQ community can make it stand out. 

  • Downloads - 50 million
  • Net Worth - $1.01 Billion
  • Subscription Plans - Grindr XTRA ($19.99/ one month), ($39.99/ 3 months), and ($99.99/year).
  • Availability - iOS/Android. 

#7 eHarmony

eHarmony app is probably one of the best hookup apps for casual dating. However, you can also find partners for long-term relationships. People over the age of 18 years can join the app. The app offers basic features in its free version. To access more premium features, you are required to upgrade your membership. 

The upgrade comes with add-on benefits and features. The app has recently launched a video dating feature that lets you virtual date your potential match without leaving your home. 

  • Downloads - 10 million
  • Net Worth - $440 - 660m
  • Subscription Plans - Free and Paid ($45.90 monthly) & ($550.80 for 12 months).
  • Availability - iOS/Android.

#8 Zoosk

Zoosk is an online hookup app that does not require much effort, information, or time from the users. They can create an account in a few seconds and start browsing the app and its features. The app learns from the users’ preferences, behavior, and feedback, and it uses this data to find the best matches for them. 

The app is very convenient and user-friendly. However, Zoosk is not suitable for people who are looking for serious or long-term relationships. Also, the app has many inactive profiles, and its free version has some restrictions.

  • Downloads - 30 million
  • Net Worth - $43.5 million
  • Subscription Plans - Free and Paid ($12.50 monthly).
  • Availability - iOS/Android.

#9 Plenty of Fish (POF)

POF has helped many singles find their ideal partners, whether they are looking for serious relationships, casual dates, hookups, or flings. With POF, users can customize their profile to include every detail and be very specific. 

This helps them get matched with like-minded people. The app has a traditional approach with long questionnaires and detailed profiles. But it works for its users. It has a powerful algorithm that helps them find people who are compatible with each other.

  • Downloads - 90 million
  • Net Worth - $575 million
  • Subscription Plans - Free and Paid ($25/mo); ($60/6 months); ($110/12 months).
  • Availability - iOS/Android.

#10 Pure

Pure is one of the best hookup apps for casual dating. For people looking for a serious relationship, the platform may not be a perfect place for them. The app forces its users to pretend they meet each other for the first time despite previous encounters. The app is kind of safe because the conversations, images, and personal information get deleted within 60 minutes. 

  • Downloads - 5 million
  • Net Worth - $52 million
  • Subscription Plans - Free and Paid. Ad posting charges - ($14.99/wk), ($29.99/mo), or ($69.99/year).
  • Availability - iOS/Android.

#11 HER

HER is the FLINTA dating and community app that you will love. It is created by queers for queers, with a vision of providing a safe and supportive space for the queer community. You can use all of HER’s core features for free, so you can find your match or your tribe without any barriers. 

You can also upgrade to a premium subscription to enjoy the app without ads, filter by sexuality, see who is online in real-time, and use the app in incognito mode to protect your privacy.

  • Downloads - 1 million (USA only)
  • Net Worth - $5.56 million
  • Subscription Plans - Free and Paid ($9-14.99/month).
  • Availability - iOS/Android.

#12 Coffee Meets Bagel 

If you are looking for a dating and social networking service based in San Francisco, you might want to check out Coffee Meets Bagel. This app has a cute concept: Every day at noon, you will receive bagels, which are your curated matches based on your personal preferences that you set when you sign up. The app’s algorithm is always improving and finding the best bagels that suit your taste.

  • Downloads - 5+ million (USA only)
  • Net Worth - $150 Million
  • Subscription Plans - Free and Paid ($35/month).
  • Availability - iOS/Android.

#13 Badoo

Badoo is one of the popular hookup apps for casual dating with over 100 million users from 190 countries. There are two ways to find your partner by encountering people nearby. Encounters are likes you get from the people, you can like them back. Additionally, the nearby option allows you to find a partner with a similar interest from the nearby location. 

  • Downloads - 100+ million
  • Net Worth - $86 - $129 Million
  • Subscription Plans - Free and Paid ($2.99-19.99/month).
  • Availability - iOS/Android.

#14 Feeld

Feeld is a free-to-use hookup app that lets you connect with others who share your sexual interests and preferences. You can choose from a variety of gender and identity options to express yourself. 

Feeld has a quick and easy registration process, but it requires you to sync your Facebook account. This might not appeal to some people, but it is done to ensure security and prevent discrimination. The app has a very high-tech security system to protect your privacy.

  • Downloads - 1 million
  • Net Worth - $500K
  • Subscription Plans - Free and Paid (Starts from $11.99/month).
  • Availability - iOS/Android.

#15 GetItOn

GetItOn is an adult hookup app that lets you explore your passions and desires with others who are looking for thrilling experiences and connections. The app has a unique and appealing quality that attracts people who want to break free from social norms and express their sexuality without fear or restriction. GetItOn’s creators wanted to empower people to discover their passions and find compatible matches.

  • Downloads - 1 million
  • Net Worth - $700K
  • Subscription Plans - Free
  • Availability - iOS/Android.

Why Should You Invest in Hookup App Development? 

So, we now know that AI dating app development has so much potential. Nearly every person using dating apps today seeks smart suggestions, and AI dating apps are the only way to offer them to your users. But other than market demand, what other benefits does AI dating app development offer to your business? Let’s explore!

Personalized Matchmaking

Today, most hookup apps fail to provide accurate matchmaking based on the user’s personality and preferences. That’s where you can integrate AI technology into your app development! These intelligent enterprise mobility solutions can track user behavior and interests to generate customized matches. 

Therefore, users can find matches that have similar values, hobbies, and personality traits, which boosts user engagement and retention. This means more users on your app, a long-term relationship with them, and increased revenues in a shorter time.

Enhanced User Experience 

We all know that a better UX leads to better brand value, more sales, and happier users. However, traditional dating apps have many flaws that are now causing problems for the app companies. An enhanced user experience will help you differentiate your app from competitors and attract more users, and personalization is the key to doing that. 

To improve the user experience, these hookup apps use AI technology to track user behavior and offer personalized suggestions. This includes recommending dates, suggesting conversation starters, and giving feedback on profiles.

Predictive Analysis

In today’s competitive market, you need user data to succeed. However, most dating apps can’t analyze and provide real-time user data. That’s why you need AI-powered hookup apps. 

They use data-driven insights from AI modules to improve the matchmaking algorithm and offer more accurate match suggestions. Your app can also use user data to predict how likely it is that two people will hit it off. This way, you can provide better match suggestions that increase user retention.

Effective Customer Service

Chatbots are very popular in every industry, and dating apps are no exception. With an AI-based hookup app, you can give your users chatbot support features. This means your users can get reliable and fast solutions to their problems from chatbots that use NLP to mimic human behavior. 

These chatbots can answer common questions, give tips on how to use the app and fix technical issues. You can improve user retention and build lasting relationships with your users by providing effective customer service.

How to Earn Through Hookup Apps?

The clear and cut goal of developing a dating app is to make money from it. Here’s a list of some popular monetization models for your hookup apps. 


There are different ways to monetize a hookup app, but one of the most common is the premium-freemium model. This means that the app is free to download and use, but some features are restricted or limited for the free users. 

To access these features, the users have to upgrade to a premium version of the app, which requires payment. Some examples of premium features are profile promotion, advanced filtering, unlimited likes, gift sending, and more.

Subscription-Based Model

A subscription-based model is another way to earn money from a hookup app. This means that users have to pay a regular fee to use the app, depending on the plan they choose. 

You can offer different plans with different benefits and features so that users can find the one that suits them best. You can also let users create their own customized plans, which will make them more satisfied and loyal.

In-app Purchase

Gifts are a great way to express love and affection, so you can add a new feature to your app that allows users to order and send gifts to their matches. This is a creative idea that will make your dating app stand out from the rest.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Hookup/Dating App?

The cost and time it takes to develop a fully functional dating/hookup app depends on various aspects, including - 

  • Development Team
  • Platforms - iOS/ Android/Cross-platform
  • Location of app development company
  • Complexity in app design 
  • Complexity of features

While we can’t decode the exact cost of hookup app development, we can still provide the rough estimations to get started. Developing the first version may take up to 3-6 months and cost around $60,000 and $80,000 per platform.

Here’s an estimated cost breakdown for dating app development: 


Mid-Complexity Hookup App Development

Complex Hookup App Development

UI Design 




Custom Development




Quality Assurance




Business Analysis




Project Management




Estimated Cost*




Project Timeline

3 – 6 months

4 – 9 months

9+ months


Today, investing in hookup apps is one of the most profitable niches in mobile app development. They have a huge and growing user base. You can see some of the popular dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Badoo, etc., have millions of users.

Moreover, the online dating app user penetration rate in 2021 was 5.2%, and it is expected to reach 6.3% by 2025, with an estimated number of users of 490 million. These figures show how profitable the online dating industry is and the demand for such apps will continue to grow. 

Therefore, if you want to succeed in this field, you need to invest in the best hookup apps for casual dating. But you also need to hire a professional mobile app development company that has a proven track record of delivering and developing user-centric dating apps.

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