Business Process Automation (BPA)

Automate the processes of a business to make a unique position in the competitive digital world. BPA helps the business to maintain the workflow activities as well as assign users to specific activities. You can easily monitor the progress of the workflow along with its BPA having additional features of attachments or comments, etc.

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What is Business Process Automation (BPA)?

The framework of Business Process Automation permits several enterprises to simplify the multipart operations of the business along with enhancing the quality of the service; business productivity as well as improving accountability with reduces down the cost of operations. The main focus of BPA is on task automation and then provides fine-tuning along with optimization to generate appropriate results.

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Our Offerings

BPA – Planning


BPA – Planning (Process Review)

Mtoag has a team of experts who perform a careful root cause evaluation of organization workflow. This evaluation has been performed to determine the process which demands automation or improvements. Our team investigates to find the key stakeholders, rate of efficiency level from records, specific bottlenecks & common errors or risks, and the reason behind the delay of the project. This common information helps us to redefine workflows, recommend areas that need the approach of automation or forward automation.

BPA- Strategy


BPA- Strategy (Process Redesign)

Our team of BPA recommends the needful automation approaches and scopes which depend on the business process complexity which demands improvement. We evaluate the benefits & drawbacks before suggesting any solution to redesign the processes of a business. This can be done by using effective practices named as analysis of impact, analysis of risk & mapping of UX.

BPA - Execution


BPA - Execution (Implementation & Testing)

We ensure the obstacles free implementation for any process automation whether it is for the application based on tradition, check over present codes and their editing, etc. We provide complete supports to corporate management that relates to changes in the process as well as testing or training through which we can prepare a supportive environment. This will help in enhancing the returns over automation implementation.

Automation Advisory


Basic Automation

The primary requirement of automation includes usability, communication & simple tasks. This automation is used in cases of making the task easy and collect specific data.


Process Automation

Business processes of automation include integration automation & repetitive tasks. This automation is used to manipulate the current infrastructure to handle out changeable tasks.


Integration Automation

Business processes of automation include integration automation & repetitive tasks. This automation is used to manipulate the current infrastructure to handle out changeable tasks.

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Why Business Process Automation (BPA)?

Improve communication

Business automation ensures that every process is carried out identically to deliver quality and authentic results.

Systems reliability

Automation of the Business processes optimizes entire processes in different departments of an organization.

Visible metrics

For processes automation, there is a requirement to overlook all the key points & performance which can be processed in the form of metrics.

Process of quality driven

Automation ensures the quality of business. It means that every process has its specific quality along with successful results.

Less delivery time

BPA helps in avoiding human errors along with reducing turnaround time.

About Business Process Automation

Which type of business process requires automation?

Automation of business processes can be implemented in large, medium, or small businesses the technology of automation can provide customized solutions for the businesses

  • Multiple individuals based tasks
  • High volume tasks
  • Tasks related to time sensitivity
  • Other processes & systems impact

Business Process Automation as a concept

Automation of the business process automates the processes by handing out all the responsibilities over software. Some additional benefits of BPA are defined below:

  • Enhance the rate of workflow
  • In the case of higher-level tasks, resources and time is free up
  • Human error reduced down
  • Process execution getting smooth
  • Enhance the employee quality
  • Set up customer relationships

The requirement to automate business processes

for Software Application Development?

Digital transformation is a stepping stone

Services of BPA are considered a stepping stone in terms of accepting the regular variation culture.

Operations standardisation

Operations standardization helps in maintaining the reliable position of the organization & provides a result of the increment in a base of customers.

Satisfaction of customers

With a focus on the operations & process, you gain customer satisfaction because if you provide expectations results, easily meet up with all the promised standards.


Automation of the business process provides clarity to serves or employees in the form of training resources.

Our adept Business Process Automation Developer deliver the best-fit solutions to your unique project requirements

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