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Staff Wizard, (Staffing Payroll Software Case Study) a well-established US based security agency with 35000 employees, needed to digitize their business processes and reduce their operational costs. They wanted to reduce the manual work and wanted a complete overhaul of the processes of the organisation such as recruitment, scheduling, skill development etc. to improve productivity.

Challenge of Hiring

Centralizing the Onboarding Process



Since the work was very diversified and involved a range of people, our client faced a lot of hassle during hiring.

  • Different roles required different qualifications, skills and experience.
  • Hiring occurred simultaneously at different locations
  • Marketing budget for job ads was very high


We developed a centralised onboarding panel with customizable fields for minimum requirements, location, etc.

Challenge of Scheduling

Assigning Shift to 35000 security guards


Large scale construction projects involve different stakeholders from owner, labourer, project manager etc.


If the required number of people were available


If the guard had enough training to handle a sensitive institution such as a bank


How much staff was available in a particular city


We developed a drag-and-drop scheduling system integrated with calendar and employee data to easily create shifts.

  • The panel showed different options such as ‘guard assigned’, ‘guard not confirmed’ etc for different shifts.
  • The admin had to clock, drag and drop the employee name to assign a guard to a shift.
  • The panel showed available guards with filters of location, training, experience etc.
  • Facility to assign a particular guard at the same shift on repeat every day, week etc.
Challenge of Skill Development

Handling Training of Guards



Our client needed a new panel to manage the training of its employees.

  • Develop exams for onboarding to various categories
  • Develop quizzes with various certifications for current employees

Active Shooter Training Certificate for a security guard


We developed a centralized Learning Management System (LMS) for the company.

  • All the tests were now conducted online on the platform.
  • The system enabled the company to regularly update their curriculum as per latest trends
  • All the range of employees from freshers to senior employees were managed from a single platform
Challenge of Human Resources

Reducing the HR Operations Costs


Our client always needed a large staff just to manage all the Human Resources operations.

  • There was heavy clerical work due to the scale of the organization.
  • Overtime Management
  • Background Check
  • Client needed regular Employee Disciplinary reports owing as security was a very sensitive job.
  • Managing employee leaves along with scheduling was very cumbersome.
  • Managing all above processes manually was proving very costly.



We developed another centralized panel to manage the HR processes for the company.

  • All the paperwork was now done online which made managing the scale easy.
  • Our panel had a panel to manage employee time off with a simple user interface.
  • The ‘time off’ panel was synchronized with scheduling to reduce the work
  • We used APIs of different platforms in our application to conduct various tasks such as Background Verification automatically.
  • We were able to reduce the HR staff to the bare minimum.

Staff Wizard was one of the most extensive projects at Mtoag as it involved a range of challenges spreading across various departments and involved many processes.
We were able to develop all required solutions for our client and were able to reduce their costs in day-to-day operations and HR processes by a very significant amount while simultaneously also improving their efficiency.

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