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Mtoag Technology can collaborate with you to create a video streaming app that conveys the information and message in your videos in a contemporary, interesting manner that promotes your brand.

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Our Video On Demand (VOD) App Development Solutions

Transactional Video-on-demand

The transactional VOD solutions we provide for the construction of video streaming applications let user only pay for the content they utilize.

Advertise Based Video-on-demand

A live-streaming app development solution that allows viewers to watch videos without spending money by them views instead.

Subscription Video-On-Demand

By purchasing a full month of subscription, customers of our video streaming applications may view their preferred shows.

Near Video on Demand

We are skilled in developing near video-on-demand solutions that enable consumers to watch their preferred and pay-per-view content.

Push Video-On-Demand

Users cannot enjoy downloading their programmes and watching them at a later time using this mobile OTT platform development option.

Catch-up TV

Users of the Out catch-up TV service may watch their preferred TV programmes on live streaming applications without having to worry about commercials.

Features Of Online Video Streaming App Development

We provide live streaming app development solution that is packed with fantastic features that guarantee the highest level of user retention and engagement.

Common Qualities


Sense-Based Design

We produce very user-friendly designs for both iOS and Android video streaming apps.


Different Categories

Our video streaming software includes dozens of categories so that users may search and watch their favorite videos.


Additional Settings

A sophisticated options menu that enables users to modify and alter the app’s settings in accordance to their preferences.


Push Notifications with Simple Registration

Users may get in-app notifications to learn about new episodes, videos, and even the most recent subscription bargains and discounts.


Obtain Videos

It’s a fantastic feature to have in your app to allow users to download their favorite films and view them whenever they want in the future.


Discounts & Deals

Giving people bargains and discounts is a need if you wish to produce video streaming software.



Security may be ensured by letting users build their own profiles and protecting their login information with a one-time password.


Prime Subscriptions

Additionally, you may provide basic and prime memberships with distinct services, with prime having certain added advantages.

Advanced Features


Integration of Cloud Computing

You need to find a solution for data storage, and what better than cloud computing options to help your app function better and quicker.


Customization of a Template

Users like personalizing their apps to suit their tastes. So, offering customers the option to do so in your video streaming app is a fantastic feature.


Child Lock

These days, there is a lot of internet stuff that people do not want their children to see, making this a function that is a must.


Modern Filters

It’s a terrific feature to provide the ability for people to look for their favorite programmes and movies using the artist, genre, or even music as a search term.


Shared Screen

It’s a terrific feature to provide the ability for people to look for their favorite programmes and movies using the artist, genre, or even music as a search term.


Remarks Section

Users may remark on the videos they have seen in the comment area of our video streaming app development solutions.


Artificial Intelligence

By incorporating AI into the design of your live video streaming service, you may propose content to users based on their viewing preferences and mood.


Social Networking

With this function, users may easily share their favorite films and music with their friends on social media.

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As a leading provider of mobile application development services, we work to enhance our technological prowess. Using the most cutting-edge technologies available, such as UI/UX, intelligent consultation, chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT , we provide human-centric mobile application solutions. Examine our fundamental technology with services for mobile development and have vast expertise.

Why Choose Our Company for Your Video Streaming App Development?

Practical Knowledge of Streaming

We acquired (in) valuable skills while delivering custom streaming app development services to Fitness and Coaching businesses. We can now impact our knowledge and tried-and-true methods to help your product prosper.

Cross-Platform Development

As a developer of audio and video streaming apps, we recognize the value of having a presence across all platforms. We will make sure that you can reach your clients no matter where they are, whether it on a desktop streaming website, a mobile app, an Android or iOS device, or a smart TV or tablet.

Your Trustworthy Tech Partner

There are no longer any technical difficulties; just fixes. We will make sure you have the greatest technology on your side, whether it’s real-time data compression and CDN Setup for quick content delivery or deployment of group video conferencing capabilities.

One Location for Development, Upkeep, and Design

Whether you need us for pre-development – Discovery Stage, Development, or Post-development Maintenance, we are always available to you. Our streaming app development services match your corporate objectives.

Our adept Video Streaming App Developer deliver the best-fit solutions to your unique project requirements

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