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Lown Tennis

Our Feature-rich range of Interactive Fantasy
Sports Betting App or Software Development Solutions

At Mtoag, we aim at delivering a revolutionary techno-savvy range of fantasy sports solutions.

  • Live Event Scheduling

    The Live Event Scheduler feature in the sports betting mobile app can help you for placing your bets for any given day.

  • Days, Schedules, and Calendars of the App

    Notifications and regular updates regarding upcoming sports schedules, days of matches, and calendars are available through the sports betting app.

  • One-Touch Sports Betting Solutions

    The sports betting software or apps interface is fully functional and accessible thru a few finger taps from your mobile screen. Just tap once for placing a bet and you are good to go.

  • Live Score Updates

    Live scores and live telecast of the matches are possible thru the sports betting mobile app, this helps in user placing his bets while enjoying the game show.

  • Multiple Bets Feature

    Sports betting enthusiasts can place multiple bets according to their choice of wager on land-based sports shops or location-based betting sports books.

  • Enhanced Security

    The fantasy sports betting app is highly secured and allows users to bet and play without worrying about frauds and fake betting activities and online threats and also the safety of their hard-earned money.

What Makes Us The Top Sports Betting Software Development Company in India?

At Mtoag, we have a mastery in sports betting software development and building gambling applications with our proficient teams of sports betting app developers. Our basic intent is to redefine the entire sports betting outlook through our revolutionary, feature-rich and innovative fantasy sports solutions.

Reusable Components

We provide pocket friendly sports betting app solutions by using reusable components from our extensive library for effectively creating software systems instead of developing them from scratch.

Agile Development

We provide pocket friendly sports betting app solutions by using reusable components from our extensive library for effectively creating software systems instead of developing them from scratch.

Cross Functional Teams

We provide pocket friendly sports betting app solutions by using reusable components from our extensive library for effectively creating software systems instead of developing them from scratch.

Perceptive experience

Mtoag entails an experienced team of sports betting Software developers who have the expertise in sports betting software development for business owners.

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Sports Betting Mobile Application Development Features

Mtoag has a team of skilled Website developers in India that can develop websites for an array of industries in any language or framework. We offer customizable plans that allow flexibility in storage capacity, server allocation, etc. to suit your requirements.

Single Tap to Bet

Our sports betting mobile app solution is an easy to use and navigate thru a slick single click operation. With a single tap of your fingertip you can bet all you like.

Complete Interface with Live Sports

Users are empowered to keep a watch on live scores while enjoying the game as well as placing wagers straight from the mobile app.


Users can schedule their calendar according to the upcoming games they are interested to bet upon.


The sports betting app is based on fair play. This is prevalent for regular as well as first-time users. User experience gets enhanced with betting tips and boosts user retention and escalates the number of bets that a user can place.

Wide Selection of Sports

Users can choose from a wide array of sports betting games available on the mobile app. This helps in bringing in broadening the user base according to sports preferences.

Social Sharing

Social sharing aspects relate to actual world perspective for users and augments the betting app development scenario.


The leaderboard enhances the exuberance of winning at a sports betting game. Users are able to feel the adrenaline boost by participating in a healthy competition with users from all over the world.

Cryptocurrency And Fiat

Users should be able to place their bets using virtual crypto or fiat as per their preference.


Business owners can send push notifications to players with the current updates of their games of interest, winning categories and about the bets placed by them.

Our Development Approach

At Mtoag, our forte is in the process of following industry best engineering practices and Agile tech-principles for delivering
bug-free software solutions in the fastest turnaround time in the software development industry.

  • User Stories are clearly defined
  • Sprint-wise Planning
  • Quality Test driven development
  • Daily Scrum team meetings
  • Demonstrations of Mid sprint and end sprint products
  • Optimizing Scrum Velocity
  • Backlog review and weekly planning
  • Utilization of Agile-centric project management software for streamlining project management on a regular basis

Mtoag for automating,
optimizing and monitoring project
delivery pipeline & product quality.

  • Continual integration, deployment and delivery
  • Deployment robotics via pipelines
  • Constant and iterative development
  • Test Automation (Unit, UI, Acceptance)
  • Cloud Native CI/CD
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Code
  • Configuration Management
  • Microservices Architecture Escalation
  • Application Deployment Automation
  • Automating Monitoring and Feedback Process

Emerging sports betting gaming software solutions

Rugby betting software

Mtoag Technologies brings to you innovative, creative, and interesting sports betting software that is sure to enhance your betting experience by manifolds. Accepted globally, this software is designed to provide exceptional and safe rugby betting experiences to its users.

Basketball betting software

Basketball is one of the most loved and popular games in the world. At Mtoag Technologies we create a platform for you that is loaded with features, characteristics, and customizations. To create a replica of the basketball betting software that you have in mind, get in touch with our skilled developers at Mtoag Technologies today.

Auto racing betting software development

Go vroom with auto racing betting software development. If you are looking for a software development company that curates auto race betting software that comprises of the best in terms of technology and features, then we at Mtoag Technologies are the right destination for you.

Football betting software

Looking for a football betting software where you can not onlyenjoy the game but also make money while having fun? if yes, then Mtoag Technologies can help you in making the most of both. We curate software that is not just fun but also revenue-generating.

Kabaddi betting software

With kabaddi emerging as the new fever in town, a kabaddi Sports betting software makes all the sense. With experience and expertise of many years, we develop kabaddi Software’s for you that are sure to match all the specific needs and erquieremts of the user.

Horse racing betting software

A win-win situation for both the equestrians lovers as well as the race track owners. These software’s are developed keeping in mind your passion for horse riding. Enjoy a royal horse riding game and also win a good amount of money. To find out more, connect with Mtoag Technologies.

Poker betting software

If there is one game that is played by people globally and from all walks of life is that of poker. A stress buster and gripping game, we at Mtoag Technologies develop poker betting software that are sure to keep you glued for all the right reasons.

Automated betting software’s

With the objective of enhancing your effectiveness in the target market, we at Mtoag Technologies develop exceptional automated betting software’s for you. With a standard strategy that allows you to participate in the game at low risk, we automate all the market software’s at the same time.

Golf betting software development

Are you looking for a golf betting software development company that can help you to grab the attention of all the players in this field? If yes, then we at Mtoag Technologies are the right destination for you. We develop software that is loaded with features and customizations and is a replica of the image that you have in mind.

Fantasy soccer software

Another game that is popular globally is that of soccer. We develophigh-end fantasy soccer software’s for you that is customized with features and characters of our choice. This software includes fantasy soccer web development and fantasy soccer iPhone app development. To find out more, we at Mtoag Technologies are just a call away.

Cricket betting software

There is something inseparable about the word betting and cricket. At Mtoag Technologies, our developers curate high-end and excellent cricket betting software for you that is not just sure to grip your significantly in the game but help you to make good money out of your love for this incredible sport.

Ice-racing betting software

at Mtoag Technologies we develop ice racing betting software’s for you that are highly functional on both Apple as well as android devices. We build software that rotates around a user-friendly interface and exciting game play.

Casino betting software

As one of the leading, most trusted, and award-winning companies in the software industry, we at Mtoag Technologies develop casino betting software’s for you that is engaging, innovative, and creative. To enjoy the feel of casinos from your comfort level and to generate revenue out of the same, get your customized casino betting software at Mtoag Technologies.

Technology stack
That we use

Our development teams only use modern and scalable technologies to deliver a mobile or web application the way you mean it.

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At Mtoag Technologies, we create sports betting apps after researching the market and target audiences. We determine the licenses required, design software specifications, and develop convenient, secure, and captivating apps.

The key features of fantasy sports software development are field view, players cards, sponsors, auto subscription, user wallet, live scores, auto subscriptions, etc.

The time to build a sports betting app depends on multiple factors. These include the number of features and changes, functionalities, etc. To evaluate an approximate time of your sports betting app development; connect with us at Mtoag Technologies.

Content moderation, fraud detection new, risk management solutions, game shields, etc., should be a crucial part of digital sports solutions.

Yes, live betting is possible for sports.

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As a leading provider of mobile application development services, we work to enhance our technological prowess. Using the most cutting-edge technologies available, such as UI/UX, intelligent consultation, chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT , we provide human-centric mobile application solutions. Examine our fundamental technology with services for mobile development and have vast expertise.

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