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Features of Family & Kid Tracker App for Android & iOS

Give your child the freedom to explore knowing they can contact you in a variety of ways.

Create group

A great option to create a group for your family members.

GEO fence

Know when your kid move out of the line of sight you created.


Reach out for help through SOS alert in case of any emergency.


Chat with member to know about their well-being.

Real-time location

Peace of mind is priceless, track your kid location in real-time.


Google map view to see all your family network at one place.

Track your child’s location history

You can not only see the real-time location but also check the location history of your child to see where they spent their day, their route to school etc.

Receive an SOS signal from your child

If your child is in danger or unable to call, he can send you an SOS signal for help after which their phone will record their surroundings.

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