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Augmented Reality for Interior Design & Architecture – the visual transformation of conception to reality before the actual project kicks off.

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Augmented Reality App Development

Mtoag Technologies is in the charmed segment of leading Augmented Reality Application development companies bearing a global presence.


Location-Based AR

Mtoag Technologies is in the charmed segment of leading Augmented Reality Application development companies bearing a global presence.


Superimposition-Based AR

Superimposition-based AR can give a realistic view of the object in concern. It can be efficiently employed in healthcare, education, travel & hospitality amongst others.


Recognition-Based AR

Recognition-based AR runs on the concept of object recognition technology. Businesses with the help of recognition-based AR can place and provide information of their business products or services.

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Augmented Reality For Interior Design & Architecture

Augmented Reality is an innovative means to conjure up a realistic 3D image of the architecture from 2D flat image. Architects can show clients how the floor plan of the architecture would look at the inception stage itself. Clients can also choose to stick to the current portrayal or suggest how the designed interiors should look post-completion.

AR is a cost and time-saving concept for both the clients and the architecture & interior designers. AR helps to avert the mismatch of the actual idea of the client to the real creation post-development stage. The technology is more client-centric, engaging and apt to increase customer retention & induce profit margins.

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Fusion of projects through Augmented Reality Simulations

Augmented reality is transforming the real estate and interior designing sectors on a rapid scale. Before the advent of AR technology, architects & designers would be heavily dependent on graphic software, design, models, sketches and CAD tools. AR now brings a sea change by successful visualization of the overall scenario of the finished product. Pen and paper formations can be merged with AR design concepts to create augmented reality simulations and models effectively. Clients can be showcased the finished model through this immersive technology and their view obtained thereupon for modifications if desired.

Augmented Reality In Architecture & Interior Designing

Augmented Reality for Interior Design & Architecture – the visual transformation of conception to reality before the actual project kicks off.

Augmented Reality inspired immersive marketing potential

Architects and interior designers have taken an instant liking to augmented reality apps. The simple reason being, that it is an ardent associate that inspires immersive marketing avenues for the real estate sector. Augmented reality apps help in drawing the prospective customer's attention from simple project catalog to 3D reality formation. AR gives the power to the customer to aesthetically orient the visual impact of design elements for defining their demand.

Conjure up real-life 3D images from your 2D floor plans

Augmented Reality is spreading an indelible footprint in the real estate sector. Property dealers, construction companies, designers, sellers and property buyers too are adopting AR app solutions. AR springs up a 3D 360-degree realistic visualizations of the floor plan to the intended customer. The customer can see the detailed designs and structure as imagined or in a partial development stage way before completion.

Virtually view new apartment concept

Augmented reality enhances user engagement and helps to view upcoming new apartments with the real-world environment. This helps property builders to showcase the structure to their clientele in a virtually created viable solution for commercial building designs. The customer interface helps in refining the visual effect of the apartment building, floor plan, interiors and surroundings. AR can generate a virtually rich 3D pop-up model of the apartment. AR can streamline the apartment structure as it proceeds from the prototype to the final construction phase.

Augmented Reality Application

Learning & Training

Augmented Reality is one of the latest cutting-edge technologies that are finding acceptance in Learning & Training of people. It is not singly meant for school or college graduate students but is equally effective for office or workplace employees. Augmented reality has an immersive potent that draws the creative and enthusiastic urge of students to learn more effectively. With AR students can interact and work freely without stress of time constraints or going wrong during training. AR implies more retention power of learning and intuitiveness to the student to discover and apply innovatively for progress.

Augmented Reality & Entertainment

The entertainment industry empowered with augmented reality will fathom breakthrough experiences for users. Augmented reality has so far been deployed to enhance the visual perception of multimedia, videos, and presentations to larger audiences.

Retail & Ecommerce

Augmented reality is transforming customer sentiment when it comes to retail and eCommerce shopping extravaganzas. Customers have become more demanding and retail & eCommerce stores need to harness the power of AR to satisfy them. They need to exude the confidence that would motivate shoppers to attune their shopping decisions in their favor.

Plus Points for Architects, Builders, Interior Designers & Consultants

The Business Outlook:

  • Personify 3D visualizations
  • Delight and astonish clientele
  • Boost customer retention ratios
  • Leave your competition miles behind

The Customer Viewpoint:

  • See the overlay of the construction & interiors from remote locations
  • Explore different options of seeing before actually buying
  • Be well informed before the actual purchase
  • New informative avenue of buying with pleasure

Develop your Augmented Reality Apps from the distinguished Industry Proficient Experts

Mtoag are the industry proficient experts when it comes to creating AR applications for your architecture & interior designing concepts. We brainstorm on the ideated concept and start developing the project work keeping the client in tandem using Agile methodology.

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  • AR integration to Ecommerce
  • Location-based AR Apps Development
  • AR apps for Android/ iOS/ Windows
  • AR Game App Development
  • Projection-based AR development
  • Recognition based AR Apps

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