How to create a Mobile App like Instagram

Yogesh Pant
Aug 22, 2019

Smartphones have made every person a photographer nowadays. People are happy to click away and happier to share it with their contacts. Thus came in existence the mobile app – Instagram. It was an instant hit with the attention hungry netizens from all age groups. The figures are astounding to note – 80-85 million pics are posted daily by Instagram users getting nearly 4 billion likes – an enormous 400-450 million users who monthly connect through the mobile app. There has been an unimaginable possibility of business avenues related to advertising, publicity, travel, shopping and what not.

Over the years many changes have been effected in the Instagram app to make it more user friendly and rejuvenate user engagement with it.

  • Highlighting Stories – Users can import their ongoing & past stories to show to their followers regularly.
  • IGTV– The horizontal videos have gained prominence and considered rivaling YouTube.
  • Shoppable Posts – Business accounts can mark their goods on users’ photos.
  • Explore Page – Has got a facelift.

If you are an entrepreneur or business interested in getting developed a photo/video sharing mobile app like Instagram, you have come to the right mobile app development company to partner with. Mtoag Technologies is an expert at creating mobile app like Instagram with latest features and robust infrastructure. Read on to find out more about the technical functionalities to get an informed view about the Instagram clone app.


The feature panel is partitioned into two groups:

1. User Panel

  • Sign Up
  • Login
  • Home Screen
  • Live Stories
  • Search Media
  • My Profile
  • Direct Messages
  • View Profile (Other User)
  • Post Media (Pictures/Audios/Videos)
  • Notifications
  • Favorites
  • Settings
  • Miscellaneous

2. Admin Panel

  • Login
  • Dashboard
  • User Manager
  • Content Manager
  • Report Manager

Signup/Login via mobile number, email & social media credentials

Users should be able to signup/login through their registered email address or social media credentials such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. to the Instagram styled mobile app.

Activity Log

The activity log can be bifurcated into two groups

  • 1. Your own activity
  • 2. Your followers’ activities

The above activity logs should feature the activity time and complete information of your app followers. User should be able to keep track on every action done by them or their followers such as posting new pictures, editing and deleting of pictures, audios, videos, posting of comments, follow/un follow users, like/unlike other users posts to name a few.


Users portray their moods to their friends, relatives and contacts through stories. Once the user publishes a story,an instant push notification should be sent by the mobile app to the relevant contact list of the user. The app user should be able to govern the time limit of the story that is being displayed. The default time is 24 hours, but the users can set the time limit according to their preference. This unique form of storytelling enhances user engagement with the Instagram mobile app.

GPS Integration

The Instagram mobile app should be integrated with GPS tracking to fetch the location automatically or manually by the users. This will enable users to share about the various placed visited to their followers.

Social Media Integration

The Instagram mobile app should be social media integrated to help users post their pictures on multiple social media platforms. This feature is helpful in promoting your Instagram styled clone app and increase user engagement via Facebook, etc.

Cross-platform Compatibility

This is a must to make your mobile app more successful than Instagram. Currently Instagram doesn’t support many OS and desktops. It is advised to develop a mobile as well as web based app. Users would be delighted to use both their smartphone camera as well as the webcam for clicking photos. Adding multi-functionality features like comment, like and share through the web app would endear users to the Instagram clone app.

Direct Messaging through Stories

This is an interactive feature that is an instant hit with users and followers alike. The app user can ask questions, suggestions, queries, and conduct polls, fun tasks through texting, images, riddles, jokes, short videos

Picture Editing Filters

Users can apply filters, edit, crop, rotate, color scheming and photo correction to their photos and videos via editing filters.

User Profile

The users will be able to manage their personal profile through the mobile app. The profile includes personal credentials along with list of following and followers. Users will also be able to see their entire uploaded videos, pictures & also in which they are tagged in.


As the name denotes, the Search feature is helpful to find any app user by entering his/her name/username in the Search window.

Upload Pictures/Videos

This feature allows the app user to upload pictures/videos currently taken from the mobile camera or from the gallery. We are best social media application developer.

Push Notification

This feature increases user engagement with your Instagram clone app by sending instant notifications to users.Whenever users’ posted pic/video/text is liked, commented or add request, tagged/mentioned in photos or any action concerning them.


Analyzing Client Idea and Requirements

One-to-one discussions should be held with the client to fetch his idea, expectations and requirements for developing the Instagram mobile app clone.


The Business Analyst will prepare wire frames of all the screens as per the ideated version of the client displaying various features & functionalities.


The UI/UX design team gets down to creating the design look and features of the Instagram clone app along with appealing graphics, color schemes, icon creation amongst others for a visually attractive appearance.


This is the development stage wherein the necessary features and specifications are incorporated into the mobile app clone.

Quality Analysis

The Instagram clone app goes through rigorous testing to be bug free and perfectly work on all devices. Client approval is a must for finalizing the app.


The overall time required for iOS/Android development can be anywhere between 400-650 hours while for Backend development can be anywhere between 200-400 hours which will include Authorization of social networks and email; editing profile; creating posts; timeline; image customization; Geo position tracking; Messaging; Social aspects such as likes, comments & tags; Push notifications; and Search. Get affordable deal with website application development company at easy prices.


To create and enhance your brand image, you can conduct the following:

  • Sponsored Posts
  • Social Commerce
  • Sponsored Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Carousel Ads

You can even manage your Ads through the given User Ad Panel in the Instagram clone app.


This depends on the number of features and functionalities, operating system, technology used, number of resources employed, country where the app will be developed, iOS/ Android native or hybrid app development to cross platform development amongst others. The cost ranges from $25000 with basic features, while for a fully-featured advanced version Instagram clone mobile app could cost around $60000 - $75000.


It is wise to invest in such a profitable venture as Instagram clone app. Not only will your profit margins shoot sky high, you will create your brand image by offering unique features for enhanced user engagement with your app. Get in touch with the experts for developing the Instagram clone mobile app.

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