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Now you can order food online by selecting the food outlet located in your vicinity. You just need to pick up your smartphone and select the restaurant and place an order.

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Our simple user interface will enable customers to browse the menu and order swiftly without any hassle.

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Easily manage the logistics of order dispatch and delivery and provide efficient services to your customers.

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Get the finest restaurants in your city with a variety of cuisines enlisted on your application and let the customers enjoy.

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Grow your food delivery business using our application as it addresses all challenges faced in this sector.

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Core & Advanced Features of Swiggy Clone
Restaurant Mobile App

Customer's App

This module helps the app users to search for various food outlets, restaurants, cafes, eateries, bars by locality and cuisine preferences. Through the search option, users can discover new food haunts and joints with a variety of choicest cuisines.


After selecting the required food items, users can place their order by using the simple feature for food ordering with a few taps on their smartphones. When they are done with selection, they just need to continue to checkout and complete the order process.

Real-time Tracking of Driver

The real-time tracking feature in the Swiggy Clone app gives the user a perfect ease to track the delivery driver with exact location and route information. The user is also aware of the time involved between order and doorstep delivery of the food items.

Payment Gateway Integration

You can choose the best Payment Gateway Integration options to enable users to safely transact and pay via their debit/credit card. It is best to provide multiple payment options for user convenience with your app.

Ratings & Reviews

Users are an informed lot nowadays. Users prefer to check ratings and reviews of the restaurants, food quality and timely delivery service before ordering for food online.

Real-time Availability

This feature provides information on real-time availability of food items for ordering and also for table reservations at different restaurants through a few taps from the smartphone.

Delivery Driver App
Registration & Login

The delivery driver can register and login to the Swiggy Clone mobile app through his social media networks such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter or Gmail accounts. By entering their profile details, drivers can register, submit their verifiable documents and login to the app.

Delivery Driver Profile

Delivery drivers need to maintain their complete profile information such as name, address, contact numbers, photograph, email address and other relevant information on the mobile app. Drivers should keep their profile updated for ready reference.

New Order Updates & Alerts

Whenever a new order is placed by a user, the online driver in the said vicinity will be promptly notified that a new order has been assigned to him through the push notification. The notification alert will signal a beep to the driver for a prompt action from him.

Manage Multiple Food Deliveries

Drivers can pick up multiple food orders for deliveries if the pick-up and drop-off locations are in near proximity to each other.

Delivery Route Map

The Swiggy Clone mobile app should be integrated with Google Maps to guide delivery drivers with the shortest possible and quick route for delivery of the food items to the user’s location.

Route Optimization

When a clear deliver route is optimized for the drivers’ benefit, food can be delivered in the fastest possible time to the users.

Restaurant App
Profile Creation

Restaurant/Food Outlet owners can register and create their restaurant’s profile through a few easy steps with the Swiggy Clone app. Restaurant address, complete food menu with updated price list, delivery details and contact numbers are needed for profile creation.

Order Management

This feature enables owners to efficiently manage orders through the app. Owner gets a detailed view of the orders pertaining to scheduled, ongoing, pickup and dispatched orders through the Swiggy Clone App.

Menu Management

Restaurants/Food Outlets can effect changes to the menu, food items and prices, chef’s special dish of the day, but 1 get 1 free or minimum order amount dishes.

Manage Promos & Deals

Through the Swiggy Clone app restaurant owners can entice their users with discount offers and spot deals. Users also feel rewarded by ordering food from the food outlets that benefit them with good food and cash discount offers.

Real-time Delivery Tracking

Restaurants can keep an eye on the delivery drivers by the real-time delivery tracking module present in the Swiggy Clone app and check on the time taken for food delivery, route and real-time location of the driver

Push Notifications

Sound Alerts and beep notifications help in notifying the restaurant outlet about the new order placing, online payment received, status of received, in process and orders delivered, as well as other important notifications for maintaining the smooth operation of the food delivery chain between the users, restaurants & delivery drivers.

Admin Panel
Managing the Restaurants/Food Outlets

The Admin is empowered to manage all the restaurants and food outlets within his vicinity by adding, removing or updating any food outlet from the given list. He can also check the food outlets active status and user ratings through the Swiggy Clone App.

Analyzing & Reporting

This feature helps the restaurant owners to get an informed picture about the real-time reports & daily accounts scenario that can help to identify the pain points, if any and harbor growth opportunities to further business reach.

Real-time Alerts & Updates

Real-time updates and push notifications are received whenever drivers or restaurants change or update their profile, food and price menu, timings and food availability.

Monitoring Performance of Drivers

The Swiggy Clone app is an efficient tool for monitoring the delivery drivers, food deliveries, ratings and reviews about them, wrong order delivery, cancelled orders or any other performance issue related to the delivery drivers for prompt action and bettering user experience.

Category Management

The admin can manage restaurants and food outlets and can segregate them in their respective categories according to restaurant type, cuisine offered, price menu, delivery options and discount offers & deals for developing business efficiency.

Managing Payments & Commissions

This feature helps the owners to individually set payment schedules and commission rates to be directly paid to each partner through the panel.

Highlighting Features

We bring forth a new vista of features in our Swiggy Clone mobile and web apps.

Real-Time Order Tracking

By using GPS location feature available in the app, the user can track their order status

Finding the Nearest Food Outlets

Users can search for the nearest outlets/restaurants/cafes according to their current location in the city

Create User Profile

Users can use this feature to create their profiles through the web dashboard or the mobile app.


Users can check their order and payment history in this module.

Add to Cart

The selected food items can be searched from the restaurant’s menu and added to the cart.

Multiple Access for Booking Food

Food can be ordered through direct websites or through iPhone/Android apps from users’ smartphones.

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What Support Do You Get?

Bug Support

We are with you all the way and provide you with robust bug support as and when required.

Fully Customizable

The Swiggy Clone App Script is adaptable enough to meet with the specific needs of our clientele.

Open Source Database

We use an Open Source Database to manage the functionality for our Swiggy Clone app.

Linux Server Installation

Since we use Open Source solutions, we also have community support for the Swiggy Clone app. The web panels will work effortlessly in open source Linux Servers.


The coding scripts support integration with all International Payment Gateways & APIs. The app is also supportive for easy installations of new payment gateways depending on your business requirements.

Technical Support

One Year free technical support is extended to technical as well as non-technical owners till the Swiggy Clone app is successfully launched and fully functional.

Simple Working Process

Follow the given easy steps


Search Restaurants

Search the nearest restaurant in your area according to your location and food taste.


Add Food

Browse the menu, add food to cart, checkout and pay online, or cash-on-delivery.


Assign Orders

The system will auto dispatch the order to the nearest drivers, who will accept the request and make a move.


Driver Arrives

Driver arrives at the restaurant, picks up the order and leaves for delivery.

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