Chanty: Pricing, Review, and Alternative of 2024

Yogesh Pant
Jan 23, 2024

Remote and hybrid workplaces are aware that the most important thing is having excellent team communication. Without it, people get confused, tasks are not completed, and your company suffers. Look to Chanty if you need an affordable, all-in-one solution. Launch group discussions have private video conferences, allow departmental get-togethers on demand, and transform each discussion into a job. With everything that Chanty achieves, you, your group, and your customers may find themselves much happier than they would have been otherwise. 

Chanty: The Positive and Negative

All things considered, Chanty offers a great deal on each of its two reasonably priced plans (which we’ll go over in more detail later). We believe that this program has more benefits than drawbacks. You will, however, have to devise for yourself after reading on to sell all the great points and poor points we discussed.

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What Makes Chanty Effective

With Chanty, you can easily access all of the discussions and assignments within your team. This platform is strong enough without compromising its usability. The main idea here is that Chanty wants to create a team collaboration and communication software that is so simple to use that non-techies may use it with little to no assistance. 

Unified Dialogue and Cooperation

Chanty’s ease of use in initiating discussions and organizing their outcomes is one of its primary draws. 

Any user may see all of their conversations with their department or other team members in the My Conversations area of the UI. A user just has to click the + button to start a new chat discussion, establish new channels inside Chanty, or initiate a video conference. All conversations are shown here in one convenient location. 

We saw and valued Chanty’s design of its user interface, which is geared toward non-technical consumers. Unlike some of its rivals, the platform has a deliberate learning curve since it is easy to use and uncomplicated. 

When new hires are onboarded, you may quickly get them working together efficiently without the need for them to go through training manuals and lectures. 

Additionally, Chanty makes it simple to keep organized and include pertinent colleagues.

To inform colleagues or groups, use @ mentions to ensure that everyone is informed and receives prompt responses. Deep dives are kept problem-solving focused with the use of in-conversation threads, which don’t take up the whole channel. Colleagues may stay informed about recent advancements via threads, saving time and effort in finding the necessary information. 

Video call brainstorming sessions may be brought back into Chanty via written logs, which can then be used to educate teams and generate assignments based on the results. The talk remains well-structured, allowing others who join the topic later to quickly catch up.  

In the meanwhile, several ingenious features –like the ability to quickly switch between Kanban displays for task management and messages –help users stay organized and concentrate on the most important tasks. 

In summary, Chanty combines task management, team communication, and collaboration into a single user-friendly application. The well-designed interface makes important information easily apparent at a glance, and the platform’s ease of use makes it easy for businesses to get started right away. 

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Simple Task Generation and Job Organization

The Teambook, which unites everything for each platform user, is the actual Chanty command center. 

In addition to gathering all discussions, assignments, and other information in one location, this facilitates simple file sharing and complete transparency on who is in charge of what and when. 

The tasks remain prominently displayed for easy administration and awareness. As work proceeds, users may create, assign, and mark tasks accomplished. Conversations are always accessible with just a click for strategic planning or updating. Links and shared files remain here as well. You may also pin significant messages and search through your message history to discover precisely what you need.

Toggling between views is simple, much as with Kanban boards that provide each user with a complete perspective of the project's progress. This facilitates Chanty’s transition from team communication to legitimate task management. 

Chanty’s Kanban boards function just as you would expect, and adding extra columns for task statuses, completion deadlines, and other categories makes organizing tasks a breeze. 

Tasks may be created directly from a message or scratch. When work cards need to be moved along the process, you may drag & drop them into the next column. You can also specify due dates and ping other team members who need to know how things are going. 

Individual tasks may be labeled by users to ensure that high-priority jobs are not overlooked. To assist everyone meet deadlines, tasks with due dates and assignees automatically generate alerts. 

With Chanty, task management is integrated into your discussions, saving you from having to switch between applications. The program also has a robust task management platform. 

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Video and Audio Conferencing

With Chanty, your team may interact in the way that works best for them. With the help of team chat, voice calling, video calling, and conferencing, this platform allows for productive collaboration. 

It just takes one click to make a call. You may manually start one by creating a new call and choosing the team members you wish to join you, or you can start one from inside any chat. 

For distant teams, the ability to video call eliminates obstacles to productivity. Users may show their screen to effectively explain work and exchange data with others in the conversation without ending it, as much as they can on other well-known video communication platforms. 

This is true for both chats and video calling features of this platform. Without ever leaving the app, share photographs, GIFs, YouTube videos, and anything from social media channels. You may easily upload links and files into discussions. 

Shared files are kept centrally in Chanty for the future convenience of access, along with other pertinent resources.

Using Chanty’s convenient audio messages to quickly respond to communications when speaking is more convenient than trying. Don’t worry about formatting or errors; simply hit record and express your ideas, criticism, or respond to a query. 

This is especially useful for those who are on the road, away from their workstations, or en route to a client meeting. Colleagues don’t need to select a common time to convene in a huddle to exchange information and solutions. 

Relevance to More Use Cases

The majority of products similar to this are designed and sold at standard company kind. However, Chanty’s flexibility enables it to meet the demands of a variety of industries, including higher education and sales. 

For conventional use cases, Chanty ticks all the appropriate boxes. To effectively complete projects, marketing teams may collaborate in real-time and with clients and contractors with ease. In order to establish enduring customer connections, sales teams may coordinate their strategies and provide pipeline updates. 

But Chanty may also be used for more specific purposes.

With Chanty, you can safely handle real estate contracts, images, and conversations with your network of partners and clients. Simplify the process of purchasing and selling real estate by maintaining structured internal and external communications. This may be enhanced by Chanty’s capacity to exchange and preserve documents such as contracts, offer letters, and property spec sheets. 

Restaurants may use group messaging to arrange shift swapping, broadcast team-wide news from management, and update personnel on menus and specials. 

By making it simple for developers to communicate with other members of the company, Chantuy helps operations. Instead of depending on attachments, copy and paste brief segments of code into messages so that colleagues may review and respond to clear lines of code directly in team chat. Searching via repos or external files is no longer necessary. 

Perhaps most remarkably, Chanty fits very well with the educational sector. Students may get lessons and homework from their teachers. Students may turn in assignments or review content at any time, from any location. Additionally, instructors may conduct more effective remote learning by integrating student interactions via the Teambook. 

In addition, instructors and coaches may give homework assignments with deadlines, discuss lesson plans, hold large-scale interactive video sessions, and improve student engagement by providing simple access to course materials and open channels of content for queries. 

Among many other relevant use cases, Chanty breaks down communication silos so you may work together seamlessly whether you’re a company, an educational institution, or a corporation working with several external customers.

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Admin Controls

With configurable roles and permissions, Chanty allows you to take control of your team environment. By using them, you may restrict group discussions to individuals who are relevant, invite external stakeholders without granting them complete access, and give department heads control over their processes without interfering with others. 

You can modify responsibilities for individual team members or departments with ease using Chanty’s team management settings. With a few clicks, modify posting permissions, moderating powers, and more. 

To maintain focus in talks while preserving information, you may suspend dormant channels or archive departing members. 

Additionally, you may use connectors to increase Chanty’s capabilities. To improve every part of your IT stack, use no-code sync with email marketing tools, cloud storage services, and CRM platforms. You are not restricted to the native integrations that Chanty has created so Far-zapier connections are also an option. 

The Possible Drawbacks of Chanty

Naturally, no app is flawless. Although Chanty has many positive aspects, we also found some drawbacks. Whether you’re considering Chanty, take these three possible disadvantages into account. Then, try the software’s free-forever plan to see whether the problems we ran up would likewise negatively impact your team’s experience. 

Problems with Functionality

Chanty impressed us all around. However, there are a few things we found that may be done better while evaluating the platform. 

We kept running across a bug that made task tracking more challenging. We had to manually refresh the chat views to see changes since new tasks weren’t showing up as intended. That was rather annoying, to put it mildly. 

We also had trouble getting alerts to come back on when we slept off. The support center provided instructions that we followed, however, the previously snoozed warnings remained blocked forever. The functionality proved difficult to toggle. 

More precise muting controls would be beneficial. Group chats may be muted, but individual one-on-one discussions cannot. Furthermore, we think that when bigger teams use Chanty, the Conversations tab might grow quite congested. At scale, it becomes chaotic in the absence of a mechanism to establish conversation and work hierarchies (or more precisely control over snoozing and muting). 

Although it would be useful, Chanty does not come with a calendar view for task visualization. Sorting through task deadlines to ensure they are being fulfilled is your only option. 

Even though most of them are rather little problems, fixing them would improve the Chanty user experience. Modest functional improvements to tasks, alerts, and navigation would improve a fantastic platform. 

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Few Integrations

We were somewhat aback by the limited number of native connectors, even though several significant integrations –like Github, Google Drive, and Salesforce –are already included in the platform.  

Overall, there are only 19. Though there’s no assurance that Zapier can provide the precise integrative features you need, you do have the power to develop zaps to link Chanty with other applications. 

Certain features that Chanty advertises as having are dependent on linking to Trello and Basecamp or Zapier, two additional systems that manage tasks and projects. 

As we said, the former may not always be the best option. However, if you were hoping to utilize Chanty as a complete task management solution, the latter might result in unnecessary expenses. Moreover, having two active platforms that do identical tasks could confuse your staff. 

Basic functionalities shouldn’t be dependent on other programs, even if they should be for advanced functioning. 

The demand for further integrations was also reflected in user feedback. Organizations nowadays depend on a variety of software-based solutions, and Chanty has to build additional connections to other platforms to provide its clients with unified communication and collaboration. 

Perhaps Customer Service Isn't as Good as It Seems.

Chanty assures customers of round-the-clock assistance and a staff that “will go the extra mile.” Nevertheless, in our testing, we found the reverse. 

On a Monday, we used the Chanty website’s live chat feature to contact assistance, but we never heard back. During regular business hours and after, there was complete stillness. 

This was disappointing for a firm that advertised always-on service. Although we anticipated immediate aid, no one was home. 

With Chanty’s largely excellent evaluations, we hope that our experience was an exception. The majority of clients appear to appreciate the brand’s excellent customer service. We also understand that it’s challenging to grow customer service flawlessly. However, our singular occurrence emphasizes that you need to personally test this before committing entirely. 

Chanty Plans and Pricing 

Chanty offers pricing options that are easy to understand and surprisingly affordable. With only one free plan and one simple pay-per-user option, new users can quickly choose the Chanty flavor that best suits their requirements and price range. 

Free Cost

For small teams, Chanty’s perpetually free plan is one of its greatest advantages. You receive powerful features for free, with support for up to 10 people forever. 

Unrestricted group discussions, both public and private, enable smooth team communication at a large scale. Additionally, you get an extensive communication history that is searchable with ease. 

Furthermore, limitless one-on-one audio conversations and voice messages allow your team to collaborate, exchange updates, come up with new ideas, and communicate more. 

Along with the standard task management tools, you also receive 20 GB of platform storage for file sharing, the usage of ten integrations, and free guest access for one user. 

This free product is an incredible value, especially for startups and smaller enterprises in general. The necessary tools for small teams to collaborate and communicate are offered. Chanty’s Free plan offers small groups an ad-free, feature-rich platform to get started right away. 


When invoiced yearly, Chanty’s Business plan is $3 per user per month; but, if you choose monthly payment, it remains reasonably priced at $ 4 per user.

You can use the platform to its fullest potential even if it doesn’t cost much. 

This tier allows you to import data from other sources into your Chanty interface, create user roles and permissions, and utilize as many integrations as you’d like. With the Business plan, each user receives 20 GB of storage, as opposed to 20 GB for the whole team. 

Additionally, you get unrestricted access to:

  • Audio calls in groups
  • Individual video chats
  • Video conferencing in groups

The opportunity for each user on your Business plan to invite up to three guest users for free is another fantastic benefit. For agencies or anybody else utilizing Chanty for client business, like real estate companies, it is a major advantage. 

Access to Chanty’s dedicated helpline is another advantage; this line should assist more quickly than it does for users of the free version. 

The Business plan offers more management, capability, and capacity at a very affordable cost per user for expanding teams.

The Chanty Alternatives in 2024

The Troop Messenger

Top 13 Self-Hosted Messengers for Better Team Communication

Troop Messenger is one of the few tools that works with all domains; its committed staff spent a lot of time researching and developing the program. This application was created with the needs of international teams in mind, taking into account features like file sharing, voice and video conferencing, remote access, screen sharing, and team communication. The parts are easy to grasp and utilize, even for first-time users, thanks to the simple layout. 

Characteristics and cost of Troop Messenger:

  • The messenger offers one-to-one features in all of its plans.
  • Known as "fork-out messaging," communications may be shared with several recipients with only one click.
  • You may send messages to yourself and have confidential communications self-destructed via the burnout function.
  • Messages may be viewed, altered, and replied to at a later time when it's convenient.
  • Troop Messenger makes screen sharing easy by allowing users to observe and better comprehend the screen.
  • Troop Messenger offers a range of plans that include sophisticated features.
  • The features you need and the number of members you need determine the price. Only reasonable prices are to blame for this app's success.


When determining which software is ideal for conferences, Slack is always included on the list. In the virtual workplace, they remain linked thanks to its distinctive employee platform. 

Slack's features and cost: 

  • Members may be added to channels that are generated depending on the business profiles they work for. However, access to these channels is restricted. 
  • Notifications to attend meetings and submit reports ahead of schedule. You may also set a timer to be reminded in a certain number of minutes. 
  • Slack may be enhanced by integrating apps to enhance its functionality.
  • Channels may have descriptions added to them to provide a more thorough explanation of their goals.
  • Slack price is thought to be the finest available. Slack sometimes offers discounts for certain areas and nations.

Bitrix 24

Small and big organizations alike may automate processes and activities using this software. A unified and comprehensive equipment set is offered to guarantee the workflow’s seamless operations. Both mobile and web applications are supported. 

Benefits and Cost of Bitrix 24:

  • Assignments are made simple to accept, and multimedia and calendar sharing are included.
  • It becomes easier to manage, schedule, integrate, and organize.
  • Communications are controlled both internally and externally.
  • To make the process quick and easy to use, Bitrix 24 offers services and resources.
  • Installing several apps is eliminated with CRM connectivity.
  • Every small company may choose a flexible package that suits them. A free trial and a perpetually free plan are also available. provides customizable templates with optimal user interface and design. Its ability to combine monitoring, planning, and collaboration into one software makes it the most popular one on the planet. A photo overview of the staff may be shown.

Price and Features of

  • A tabular form that contains the allocated job and the due date for submission makes it simple to plan your work according to a timetable.
  • This software is distinct and reliable because of its customization, integration, and teamwork features.
  • Every department, including media, sales, HR, and product management, is well-served by its tools.
  • The app that every department head needs to effectively manage workflow for the department that works under them is
  • Charts, analytics, and other visual visualizations may be produced quickly.
  • The Monday Marketplace offers a wide selection of applications to enhance productivity.
  • Included in the free plan itself are several features. The premium version is appropriate to expand use for bigger teams.


Mattermost Platform Overview | All Communications On One Platform

Mattermost describes itself as more comprehensive than a simple instant chat app. It was created especially with developers in mind to improve workflow. Better security and privacy are offered by several community applications, frameworks, and open APIs.  

Mattermost's features and cost

  • This app links all of the employees. It presents itself as a one-stop shop for teamwork solutions. 
  • People are connected by tools on the channel-based integration platform. Screen sharing, boards, and timeline and data visibility may all be changed to suit your needs. 
  • There are shared interest channels on this app as well. Sufficient data use is allowed for sharing and storing.
  • A reasonable and perpetually free price plan, beginning at $10 per user each month, is also available for this. The features are well worth the cost.


There wasn’t anything about Chanty that we didn’t enjoy. It offers broad capabilities for communication and collaboration –both internal and external –while keeping things easy for teams with different levels of technological expertise. 

While there are a few minor bugs that we found while evaluating the program, we believe that these drawbacks are much offset by the functionality that this solution offers and its overall price. Additionally, you can always try it out thoroughly using Chanty's Free plan to be sure it will function for you as you had hoped.

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