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We as a Mtoag develop high end Secure, Scalable and Trustworthy Tailor-Made Cryptocurrency App Development Solutions

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Were a reputed name in delivering thoroughly customised cryptocurrency development services and exchange software solutions. Our team of developers have ample hands-on knowledge on cryptocurrency trading and exchange scripts. Businesses cutting across industry verticals avail our finely tailored cryptocurrency software and exchange platform development solutions that meet their unique needs.

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We Use These iPad Development Tools & Technologies

At SAG IPL, we deliver a variety of Magento services to suffice the different needs of different businesses.


Blockchain Development

Our Group of Blockchain App developer is devoted to supplying the optimal/optimally block-chain growth solutions to any business vertical, start-ups, modern era internet marketers and sectors at which Block Chain software May Be Used.


Blockchain App (DApp) Development

By ideation to Coding and Design to Ultimately Launching, we Tackle Each of your Total dApp advancement course of action coated from beginning to end. Our Blockchain Products and Services Make dApps Part of One's Organization us exactly the Leading Blockchain development company in India.


Smart Contract Development & Audit

Smart contracts are somewhat vulnerable to security defects and vulnerabilities. Such flaws and glitches also have costed the cryptocurrency eco-system with billions of dollars. At Mtoag, we provide standardized sensible contract audit services by checking your smart contract contrary to our library of already identified topics.


Cryptocurrency Wallet & Exchange Development

You secure the Best in Class crypto currency wallet improvement products and services for processing on the digital exchanges. Having a group of exceptionally talented crypto currency programmers, we concentrate on helping you produce your own personal crypto currency wallet.


Private Blockchain Development

A personal block-chain is really a P2P (peer-to-peer) system, manufactured concentrated by linking all nodes into some center purpose which handles the entire whole system. An exclusive block-chain network demands an offer/invitation supported from the system initiator. It's traditionally installed from your system validator, at which every player retains the best capability to select who will and can't be part of the system and run trades.


ICO Marketing

Mtoag an ICO marketing and advertising corporation, widens your range & authenticity on the market by supplying the quickest ICO promoting providers with concentrated ICO campaigns. We exploit the most suitable current market by integrating & Assessing strategies which have seo, e-mail advertisements, PPC, social networking, and much additional.

Blockchain Development

What Should You Know About The Blockchain Development?

A tech which has come to be a match varying drive in any area where trading does occur, at which hope is still at a premium and Identity theft protection is critical. In its essence, block chain is actually a self-explanatory, peer-to-peer database operating like a distributed ledger for managing and recording transactions. This really is achieved without the participation of the central authority like a financial institution or clearinghouse. Blockchain can also be often called Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Probably one among the absolute most visible applications of block chain is as the underlying technology supporting cryptocurrencies; Bit-coin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. these are the use case of the block chain.

The Process of Cryptocurrency Development

It’s all about creating the right code. Whether you want a cryptocurrency based on an existing crypto coin or a unique currency from scratch, we can create it for you.

  • Discussion and Planning In this stage, we discuss the requirements with the client and create a plan accordingly.
  • Research We conduct a market research on our end to find out whether there is a demand for the kind of cryptocurrency you want and about the target market and users.
  • Writing the code We either use the popular existing cryptocurrency code to customize according to your requirements, or we write a fresh code from the scratch, depending on the kind of cryptocurrency you want.
  • Testing Once the code is completed, it is tested for security, features and functions through a number of tests designed specifically for the task.
  • Delivery and Maintenance The final crypto coin is protected through a unique private key and delivered to the client over a secure medium.

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When it involves any requirement related to program development, we have options for practically all businesses and niches. We position amongst the world's Top mobile app development company list.

For over 10+ years we have delivered more than 1,500+ projects for
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When it involves any requirement related to program development, we have options for practically all businesses and niches. We position amongst the world's Top mobile app development company list.