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PlanTech, (Construction Project Management software Case Study) a well-established US based construction company with huge projects, needed an improvement of their business processes and better optimization of their resources. As their business expanded, projects continuously got delayed which resulted in lawsuits by unhappy clients. We faced a variety of challenges to develop niche technological solutions for a company involved in the construction industry.

Customization for the Layman

Large scale construction projects involve different stakeholders from owner, labourer, project manager etc.
Every stakeholder had different responsibilities but the project needed synchronization
Both foremen and the construction labor were not very technologically savvy and were used to offline management on paper
  • We designed separate web and mobile applications for foremen i.e. project managers and for construction staff (labourers).
  • The applications has synchronized features such as calendar, attendance etc. that were updated real time
  • Simple user interface for the layman was developed after many iterations and approval from the client.
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Improving the Efficiency

How to manage and control large scale construction projects is itself a big challenge.
All Construction work stopped due to delay by one department
If there is no wood, then the project might be halted even if cement is available.
Inter-department communication took time which caused bottle neck delays.
Painting team can’t work unless the construction team announces that their work is complete.
We developed a dedicated central project management panel. The purpose was to have a centralised system update where all team leaders from different departments could update on their tasks at work.
    • Centralised panels for status updates for various processes and aspects of the project.
  • Reduced bottle-neck delays by 90%
  • Real Time update for all the tasks.

We researched and went through the case studies of various large scale and successful construction projects from all over the world, integrated their processes in our designs and finally developed an application for PlanTech that improved the efficiency of a construction project management. We reduced their bottle-neck delays by 90% and enabled them to deliver projects on time.

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