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Mtoag is a leading Augmented Reality Game Development Company. Our team of expert developers do innovative and immersive Augumented Reality game development using cutting-edge technologies that push the boundaries of gaming. We can help turn your AR game ideas into a reality and create the next gaming sensation. Contact us today to discuss your AR game development project and experience the future of gaming.

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Augmented Reality App Development

Mtoag Technologies is in the charmed segment of leading Augmented Reality Application development companies bearing a global presence.


Location-Based AR

Mtoag Technologies is in the charmed segment of leading Augmented Reality Application development companies bearing a global presence.


Superimposition-Based AR

Superimposition-based AR can give a realistic view of the object in concern. It can be efficiently employed in healthcare, education, travel & hospitality amongst others.


Recognition-Based AR

Recognition-based AR runs on the concept of object recognition technology. Businesses with the help of recognition-based AR can place and provide information of their business products or services.

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What is location-based Augmented Reality gaming?

AR gaming imbibes both the user’s real-time environment with both audio and visual content. This creates an immersive ecosystem captivating the user’s attention irrespective of being indoors or outdoors. AR gaming is comparatively different from VR gaming wherein the user was confined to set spaces with pre-defined gaming fields. In technical lingo, the AR app collates the GPS mobile data with the digital compass. On detecting and determining the location it sends virtual images to add to the real world.

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Major Reasons to integrate Virtual Try-on Solutions in Gaming

Deceptive simplicity that engages players

Augmented Reality has sparked off a revolution in gaming through applying deceptive simplicity of combining the real world with the virtual world. Players feel engaged while walking and exploring their surroundings to earn rewards by collecting points for the distance they covered.

Play, Explore and Adventure with Outdoor Nature

Users took an instant liking to the concept of playing indoor games in AR-created situations in the outside world. Augmented Reality gaming apps like Pokémon Go / Ingress Prime motivated players to move and interact with the real world.

Users gain a Personalized Aura

Players/users feel a relationship with services, products or games that are customized for a personalized effect. Similarly, AR gaming concepts like Pokémon Go use GPS tracking modules and AR to impart a personalized effect to players.

Inculcate Infusive Real-time Bonding

Augmented Reality gaming apps like Pokémon Go and others encourage players to move outdoors for interacting and enjoying these games. AR gaming apps engineer geo-location features with the smart device to allow players to play games in real world environs.

Augmented Reality Application

Learning & Training

Augmented Reality is one of the latest cutting-edge technologies that are finding acceptance in Learning & Training of people. It is not singly meant for school or college graduate students but is equally effective for office or workplace employees. Augmented reality has an immersive potent that draws the creative and enthusiastic urge of students to learn more effectively. With AR students can interact and work freely without the stress of time constraints or going wrong during training. AR implies more retention power of learning and intuitiveness to the student to discover and apply innovatively for progress.

Augmented Reality & Entertainment

The entertainment industry empowered with augmented reality will fathom breakthrough experiences for users. Augmented reality has so far been deployed to enhance the visual perception of multimedia, videos, and presentations to larger audiences.

Retail & Ecommerce

Augmented reality is transforming customer sentiment when it comes to retail and eCommerce shopping extravaganzas. Customers have become more demanding and retail & eCommerce stores need to harness the power of AR to satisfy them. They need to exude the confidence that would motivate shoppers to attune their shopping decisions in their favor.

Mtoag’s Box of AR Offerings for Multi-faceted Industry Segments

  • Augmented Reality for Events
  • 3D Modeling Services
  • Apps for Online and Offline Sales
  • Augmented Reality for Architecture
  • Augmented Reality for Publication
  • AR for Manufacturing
  • Augmented Reality for Retail
  • Augmented Reality for the Web
  • Augmented Reality Jewelry App
  • Virtual Try-on Eyewear App
  • Augmented Reality for Gaming
  • Augmented Reality For Education

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Challenges & Trials for AR Game App Development

Over the years, Augmented Reality (ar) game app development has witnessed a sea change, with being more precise, articulate and accessible. Yet, there are still some challenges and trials that the AR game development industry still needs to conquer, like:

  • You need to be able to accurately display points of interest or the “virtual” aspects you want to be layered on the screen, no matter which angle of view the smartphone camera is pointing at (see the example below, taken from their paper).
  • The method used The method used for calculating the distance between both points should be authentic and effective. Though this information is sourced from GPS data, but errors might occur and hamper the accuracy of the AR image.
  • Developers should precisely query different sensors correctly at the same moment to take into account the smartphone’s attitude and position. Developers should precisely display the virtual aspects or topics of interest that they need to be layered on-screen. It shouldn’t matter whichever angle the smartphone camera or console may be pointing to.

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