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The business owners can now keep track of their employee's or Staff attendence on app and track job costing.

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Turn your Android & iOS device into Employee Attendance App device & mark their presence in real time location.

  • Easy to install and quick to use.
  • Security level adaptable to your needs.
  • Instantly see all employee data.
  • Clock-in & clock-out with GPS geo-fence.
  • View/edit/activate/deactivate employees.
  • Manage employee's request time-off.
  • Get alerts when the employee leaves the working place.

Employee Attendance App
development services

Empower your employees with real time insight & give them the ability to review & approve

Clock-in & clock-out approval

It tracks the record for the employees timing for coming and going from the office.

Track job costing

Assign job codes to employees, they select it & clock in on their own Smartphone's.

GPS restriction

Set geographical boundaries & allow the employees to clock-in or clock-out from the specified GPS location.

Bird's eye view

View everyone's location from a single place that is clocked in & manage your employees & projects in a better way.

Quick data access

It gives you to access vital details such as employee's leave status, reports, etc.

Employee scheduling

Employee has 24/7 access to schedules & shift their changes in real time so they can mark their attendance according to that.

Key highlights of an
Employee Attendance App

  • Add new employees with their details.
  • Manage multiple teams through a single account.
  • Export report on excel.
  • Manage all the reports.
  • Check-in & check-out options for employees.
  • Permit multiple slots to employees.
  • Keep track of employee's schedule.
  • Simple in use just has to tap on the punch option to mark attendance.
  • Easily get notified when an employee's punches to mark an attendance.

Simplify Your Business, Save Money

Time Clock GO lets you focus on people, not processes.

Time Tracking

Track the actual amount of productive hours on how employees do work and ensure accountability across the board.

Mobile App

Use the smartphone of your employee as a tool to track their attendance, measure work, and analyze their productivity.


Employees have complete access to their schedule beforehand so they are able to balance their work and personal life.


A complete Employee Attendance App saves you time.

An employee attendance application will substantially mitigate human error, make it easier to coordinate in the team, automate your workflow, manage payroll easily, and help you in GPS tracking of off-shore employees.

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