Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

In today’s time and age, the importance of enterprise mobility management remains unquestioned as it is a powerful tool that allows the smooth functioning of employees from remote locations. If you are looking for an app or software that felicitates effective collection of data, employee productivity, easy access to information, enhanced user experience, etc. all under the most economical solutions, then we at Mtoag Technologies, one of the leading EMM solutions company are the right place for you.
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What is Enterprise Mobility Management?

An essential IT framework that is used for securing and managing mobile devices and business applications among the employer and the employees within the workplace can be rightly defined as enterprise mobility management. At Mtoag Technologies we provide you with enterprise mobility management solutions that function effectively on android as well as IOS devices.
We develop solutions that provide mobile device management ( MDM), mobile application management (MAM), mobile identity (MI), etc. that are apt tools ensuring the smooth functioning of any enterprise anytime and anywhere.

The benefits of EMM

Prevent security breaches

With the increase in the number of mobile devices, there is an increase in the number of cyber threats as well. With the installation of EMM solutions, employees not only get a chance to monitor their behavior and work patterns of the employees but also ensure data security with endpoint security solutions registered at their devices.

Ensure compliance

EMM solutions ensure the smooth compliance of devices and work-related apps as per the company’s norms and regulations. It also ensures that apps are safely downloaded and no such content is used that can jeopardize the company's security.

Increase productivity

Easy and convenient access to information and data at any time from anywhere not only makes the connection with the fellow members of the team easy but also boosts the work efficiency. The EMM solutions are one of the most robust tools that felicitate effective working within time limits.

Save time and money

EMM solutions not just ensure safe access to the company’s information and data but also felicitates real-time updates. With its multiple features such as data storage, speed, work efficiency, etc., it’s one of the best ways for a company to not just save on their time but also money.

The most integrated for leading EMMs

Trusted and ready to go
By making the generation and collecting of data an easy and flawless process, EMM enables a company to make quick and correct business decisions and pave way for business growth.
More APIs and support
Cybersecurity is one of the most prominent safeguards against EMM. With a high level of security, apps become safe when it comes to integration with other relevant apps and in case of an exchange of data.
Constantly improving
At Mtoag Technologies, we blend in the best in terms of advancements and technologies to bring to you enterprise mobility management solutions that cater to all your needs and requirements and boost productivity at every level.

Add the Mtoag advantage to your enterprise mobility solutions

If you are an enterprise that is looking for management solutions that enable the working of enterprises in the most functional and economic ways, then we at Mtoag Technologies are a one-stop destination for all your mobile device management solutions. Our solutions include :
Cross-platform solutions
At Mtoag Technologies we bridge the gap between your employees, company data, and you as an employer. This easy connectivity leads to enhanced productivity and works efficiency.
Our enterprise mobility solutions are user-friendly and easy to navigate. This ease of use paves the way for high and good quality of work.
Customizations and testing
Just as every business is different so are their needs. At Mtoag Technologies, we provide you with tailor-made and customized solutions that are sure to be a perfect fit for your employees and your company.

Strategies your business needs through enterprise mobility

At Mtoag Technologies, we firmly believe that increase in engagement and stimulation of growth are essential factors that paves way for the achievement of the goals of a company. By blending in the best in terms of features, technology, and advancements, we bring to you solutions that are sure to change the way you and your employees have been working.


By integrating database and legacy systems a lot of value and independency can be added to an organization.

User experience

As compared to websites, mobile apps are highly preferable. With its easy access to information, it optimizes user experience and boosts user satisfaction.

Optimize inventory levels

With an enhanced, improved, and well-coordinated functionality among the team members, there is a better level of inventory management.


With a strict check on unauthorized access, the entire process becomes an extremely streamlined one. There is no risk of leaking of information or any other important data.

Integrate fuel cards

By offering solutions that are replete with good planning and cost-effectiveness, we bring to our user’s seamless solutions ensuring the success of their enterprises.


The EMM solutions are integrated with cloud services that further boost their efficiency and productivity by manifolds.

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No there are no specific licensing requirements for MAM and MDM-managed products.
At Mtoag Technologies we consist of a team of certified and experienced developers, and technicians who have been in the IT field for many years now. We develop high-tech solutions for our users that not only systematize their every project but also pave the way to achieve their goals quickly and easily.
There is no definite answer to this question. The total cost of your management solutions is dependent on a lot of factors. These factors are the features, complexities, the team of developers, etc. To evaluate the approximate cost of your management solutions, get in touch with us at Mtoag Technologies today.

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