The Who, What, Why, & How of Digital Marketing

Yogesh Pant
Apr 29, 2020

Now that the internet is easily accessible through everyone out there, can you take out the statistics of how many people are online right now? It’s just increasing by each minute. In the last few years, the internet has seen a rise amongst adults by 5% in the last three years. The offline marketing has changed over the years and it has connected to the audience in the right direction. It has never been more effective than ever!

The true sense of marketing lies under connecting the dots with the audience at the right time with the #SpotOn. Any brand that is trying to focus on new customers, should focus on spending some time on the internet to study the target audience.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing tries to encompass all the factors that use various channels like search engines, websites, social media marketing, prospective customers, etc.

There are weapons that consist of search engine marketing, which works as a base for SEO and online advertising. Mobile marketing tips and email marketing play a vital role in the same.

Why should you invest in Digital Marketing?

1. Better Growth Options For Small business

Digital marketing plays a huge role in growing your business at the next level. You can easily select a budget and tell your requisites to the digital agency and reach a broad audience to spread a word for your company. It all depends upon how you do the marketing. If we see the last search results, then marketing was a tough task a decade back. Most companies have to adapt the traditional marketing which tends to be expensive on the pocket and success was not confirmed.

2. Higher Conversion Rate

Many businesses can easily opt for digital marketing by getting that outsourced via real-time conversion rates. They will help you in analyzing the percentage of viewers who are able to convert leads for the final purchase of a product/service. There are a few methods such as, e-mail marketing with sending newsletter to your potential customers, Social media marketing, SEO, that confirms a high conversion rate. A digital marketing agency will help you in generating effective communication with the consumer.

3. Establishing Brand Reputation

If you want your business to survive in the competitive market, then a business owner must invest in reputation as that's the primary thing any customer or client will look up to. The rapport means everything to the business and it should give a look and feel of being impeccable. There should be no scandalous report associated with the company. The importance of digital marketing can this includes creating engaging videos and take that to new heights. There are multiple ways on how you can build one and create a loyal customer base.

4. Solving Customers Problems

Your customer should always remain your utmost priority. So, a business owner should better keep the customer's problems on top of the list. Social media and e-mail marketing are the two efficient options where you can address their problems. This will help them with live chat access and they can quickly ask queries, and share their suggestions on how you can improvise your business. While this also helps in building a strong customer relationship, this will also increase the traffic on your website and more customers would be interested in purchasing your products/services.

5. Engagement With Mobile Customers.

Google keeps on making changes to the algorithms, so it is better to stay updated and update your website accordingly. Make sure you make your website both mobile and laptop friendly, as more than 80% of the users use their mobile devices or smartphones to search for information. Why? Because most of these consumers have smartphone access all the time, and it comes handy.

6. Expansion of Faith In Your Brand

Make sure you have spread the expansion of your brand on all platforms, your customers will rate the services probably on Google or another website. When a customer leaves positive or negative feedback, it can leave an impact immediately. A satisfied customer will definitely spread the good news about your business to the new customers. Hence, that will automatically lead to new conversions. That's why you need to expand your business to reach more and more customers.

How long will it take to see results from my content?

When you invest in digital marketing, you can easily start seeing results in a short span. Gradually, you can measure the ROI on the same basis. Yes, it is better than offline marketing because more people are online nowadays! This will help you in scaling the effectiveness of a strong strategy for your business.

To top it off, if you can involve digital strategy then you are bound to see results quickly. It is recommended to use organic marketing initially and then once you see that the results start emerging, it's time to boost with SEO (optimizations such as blogger outreach for building links, On-Page, Technical etc), long-term social media association, for consistent success-oriented results.

You need to evaluate what is the niche of your business and build a persona as per the identity of the same niche. Try to learn your customer's requisites and create quality content online where you focus on attracting new customers every day and convert them into leads. this should be your primary goal for the first six months.


Now that you are aware of how digital marketing works and why is it essential for your business, why not blend it with an agency and create magic out of voids? Sit, relax, and plan the next campaign that will help you win new clients. A digital marketing agency will help you with a couple of tactics that will help in driving real oriented results and generate higher revenues.

Everything is strategic and you need to understand your business goals to accomplish in the same niche with the help of the right tools used in digital marketing.

Implement a powerful strategy that will help you with qualified leads to make most of the conversions over time. Yes, these agencies are aimed to help many businesses with one goal in mind.

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