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What is project

Project Management is the methodology used for creating a plan, and then working on it to accomplish. This may sound like a piece of cake, but frankly, it isn’t so. There is a lot of blood and sweat that you have to spend on making things tick. For starters, you need to draw up a plan, select profiles for your teamwork and then designate different roles to them. You also need to track their performance and see how your project is progressing plus learn to manage your expectations.

Project Management Features

Project plans and schedules

Stimulate scalable options for standardizing key project fundamentals, escalate velocity and enhance collaboration to fit specific work preferences.

Program rollups

Recap the project’s information in a summary of project duration, planned work schedule, actual work hours and percentage of completion.

Budget tracking

Keep an eye on the project budget costs through the financial dashboard and prepare invoices on time for multiple clients.

See work accomplished well within
time, every time!

Easily Plan Projects

Exercise supreme control over your projects by preparing blueprints for automating the workflow of your on-hand tasks.

Get in-depth insights with Gantt charts.

Get a detailed view on your work schedule and progress report on your tasks with Gantt charts. Easily manage better task relationships with four dependencies.

Collaborate seamlessly.

Project management is all about working in a social thread and our collaboration tools help you seamlessly.

Track your time efficiently

We have provided a built-in integration system with ZohoInvoices for automatically generating invoices from timesheets.

Track and fix issues fast.

Outline business rules and custom outflows. Login your issues and monitor them as soon as they get fixed and test them up.

Automate your tasks.

Automation of complex workflows or simple processes can be easily conducted for your tasks.

Partner and Customer / Client Onboarding

Partners and customer/client relationships are highly important for your organization. Streamline your B2B onboarding to guarantee that goals are accomplished. Keep customers happy and contented with a linked environment.

Is managing growing projects
an imminent struggle for you?

Is managing growing projects an imminent struggle for you?

With growing digitization across various industries with growth in remote work, it is necessary to leverage the latest technology to manage your project smartly.

Lacking visibility on projects?

Every project does require the participation of cross-functional teams. It seems challenging to utilize your resources, check on project barriers and milestones, and running to and fro to manage meeting deadlines. Mtoag’s system can help you with proper channelization of work progress and reaching targeted goals.

Mis-aligned with business goals?

You need to be competent to prioritize your resources and workflows which can be truly difficult and cumbersome. As though taking care of your competitors wasn’t enough burdens, you also need to align projects to meet with newer developments. We can lessen your burden with seamlessly functioning smart project management apps.

Constantly following up on teams?

Following up on your cross-functional teams through email or chats might often get a miss. Such a deficiency accountability scenario would inevitably bring your project workflow to a standstill and bring losses.

Standardize processes with Mtoag's pre-built templates

Project with Dependencies

Break down the project into small work parts. Define the tasks with their dependencies. This will help you to track and manage the progress of tasks along with their dependencies.

Complex Projects with Phases

Complex projects can be simplified into a sequence of manageable and rational steps utilizing due dates and resources.

Agile Teamwork

Monitor your team’s progress with better visibilityand transparency by organizing backlogs through an iteration based procedure along with planning upcoming sprints.

Kanban Project

Lay emphasis on accomplishing your project by getting your team’s to-do list completed on time. Concentrate on the work flow to advance your progress for going with Kanban cards and columns.

Incoming Request and Approvals

The system dashboard helps to manage incoming request traffic and grant approvals to the assignees. You can even oversee the completion of results thereupon.

Why choose Mtoag?

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Mtoag is intuitive and highly customizable which can easily build your versatile experience.


Scale with ease at Mtoagto build growing and productive teams.

Powerful integrations

Powerful app integrations mean your team can keep using the apps without any hassle.

Technology stack
That we use

Our development teams only use modern and scalable technologies to deliver a mobile or web application the way you mean it.

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