Smart Project Management

Now deliver the goods with smart steps, efficient skills and enhanced troubleshooting techniques without going awry.


What is project management?

Project Management is the methodology used for creating a plan, and then working on it to accomplish the plan. It may sound like a piece of cake, but frankly it isn’t so. There is a lot of blood and sweat that is spent on making things tick. For starters you need to draw up a plan, select profiles for your teamwork and then designate different roles to them. You also need to track their performance and see how your project is progressing plus learn to manage your expectations.


Project Management Features

See work accomplished well within time, everytime!


Easily Plan Projects

Exercise supreme control over your projects by preparing blueprints for automating the workflow of your on hand tasks. Organize your complex projects by creating milestones, tasks and task lists for easy and manageable elements.


Get in-depth insights with Gantt charts.

Get a detailed view on your work schedule and progress report on your tasks with Gantt charts. Easily manage better task relationships with four dependency types, record critical task along with setting baselines for track deviations.


Collaborate seamlessly.

Project management is all about working in a social thread and our collaboration tools help you seamlessly. Now work hand in hand with your employees, vendors, clients or trade consultants from any location of the world.


Track your time efficiently

We have provided a built-in integration system with ZohoInvoices for automatically generating invoices from timesheets. All your staff, clients or consultants simply need to log in their billable or non-billable hours using the systems timesheets.


Track and fix issues fast.

Outline business rules and custom outflows. Login your issues and monitor them as soon as they get fixed and test them up. You can also track the code changes made in Bitbucket and Github.


Automate your tasks.

Automation of complex workflows or simple processes can be easily conducted for your tasks. You can also view approval requests and deploy follow-ups with the simple drag and drop interface provided here.

Partner and Customer/Client Onboarding

Partners and customer/client relationships are highly important for your organization. Streamline your B2B onboarding to guarantee that goals are accomplished. Keep customers happy and contented with a linked environment.

Intelligently Manage your Projects

Mtoag’s project work management system intelligently manages your sundry tasks as well as complex work. Our project management system puts to rest variable nature of projects and jettisons uncertainties. We empower autonomous and intelligent project management.

Project Management Process



  • Transition Project Knowledge
  • Review client agreement
  • verify Project Finding


  • Prepare charter
  • Prepare Schedule
  • Prepare Budget
  • Plan Procurement Strategy


  • Manage Design process
  • Update Budget
  • Update Schedule
  • Validate Project Scope


  • Communicate Project Status
  • Obtain Approvals
  • Manage Construction Process
  • Manage Vendors


  • Execute Project Close Plan
  • Complete Financial Close-Out
  • Conduct Client Survery
  • Prepare Case Study

Is managing growing projects an imminent struggle for you?


Lacking visibility on projects?

Every project does require the participation of cross-functional teams. It seems challenging to utilize your resources, check on project barriers and milestones, running to and fro to manage meeting deadlines. Mtoag’s system can help you with proper channelization of work progress and reaching targeted goals.


Misaligned with business goals?

You need to be competent to prioritize your resources and workflows which can be truly difficult and cumbersome. As though taking care of your competitors wasn’t enough burden, you also need to align projects to meet with newer developments.


Constantly following up on teams?

Following up on your cross-functional teams through email or chats might often get a miss. Such a deficiency accountability scenario would inevitably bring your project workflow to a standstill and bring losses.


Efficient resource management

Efficient resource management is the need of the hour today. You can take charge of your slowly slipping away business objectives with Mtoag’s Resource Management tools. It contains a simple drag and drop feature wherein balancing team workloads and increase in ROI are truly simple. Reprioritize your projects and sidestep your business breakdown.

Standardize processes with Mtoag's pre-built templates

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