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Yogesh Pant
Dec 30, 2020

Top 8 Personal Finance Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Use

Believe it or not, budgeting is one of the most important skills for entrepreneurs. When you are responsible for juggling business expenses, keeping business operations running, and managing cash flow, it can be a bit challenging for entrepreneurs to think about their personal expenses. In an attempt to grow your small business and expand it on a bigger scale, it’s easy to overlook your personal financial future. Keeping your personal and professional finances separate is the key to running a successful business.

Personal finance is all about saving money for your future and staying on top of your financial goals. Coming up with an effective plan that helps you manage your budgeting, banking, mortgages, and investment requirements can help you make the most out of your business profit and savings.

Whether you have recently launched a startup company or looking for opportunities and business ideas for company formation in Dubai, having some basic knowledge of finance and accounting can help you make smart business decisions. Creating a solid cash management plan and using some effective personal finance tools can help you better manage your finances and this is safe in report facebook hack

Here are some personal finance tools and apps that will improve your personal finances and get your financial life in order.

Let’s check them out to stay on top of your business finances.


Quicken is one of the best personal finance software for business owners that provides them with the best possible financial solutions. Whether you want to create a budget, track your money, view and manage your bills, monitor your investment, with Quicken, you can solve all your financial needs. Quicken helps you manage your finances, view budgets, accounts, transactions, check investment performance. The tool will help you stay on top of the spending trends and keep your financial data synchronized across desktop, mobile, and web.


You Need A Budget,YNAB is a personal finance tool that is exclusively designed for entrepreneurs planning for launching their own business. The platform helps you improve your financial literacy while enabling you to manage your monthly budget. YNAB provides you with informative videos and tutorials that will help business owners to gain in-depth knowledge on various financial topics.

The best part about using You Need A Budget is that it can automatically link to your bank account to get your financial information for analysis and budgeting tracking. With this amazing personal finance tool, you can easily track your monthly budget and highlight your overspending so that you can control your expenses.


Whether you have recently launched your startup company or looking for some investment opportunities for your small business, Future Advisor is an excellent choice for you. Future Advisor is an investment software powered by BlackRock that can provide you with highly personalized financial solutions. From creating personalized digital portfolios to offering excellent investing advice, FutureAdvisor is here to solve your financial problems. FutureAdvisor can manage your assets into the account.

Triller Money

Triller Money is a great solution for all your financial worries. The tool helps you view a clear picture of your finances, credit card, loan, investment, and other financial data into a customizable Google Sheet format. Now you can track all your financial history in one place and make financial predictions with the help of this amazing personal finance platform.

This customizable tool lets you choose the template of your own choice, and the automated dashboards can give you a clear picture of your cash flow liabilities and asset allocations. Whether you are a startup or a small business owner, with Triller Money, you can create your budget, track spending, and reach your financial goals.


Mint is a famous budgeting tool that is exclusively designed to make your financial life easier and hassle-free. From balances to bills and credit score, the tool helps you manage your finances in one place. You can see where you are spending and how to control your expenses. The best thing about using Mint is that it can automatically update and categorize your financial information by fetching information from your bank accounts and credit card accounts. By observing your savings, credit card, brokerage, and other account information, Mint makes personalized recommendations that can help you stay on top of your finances.

Credit Karma

Credit Karma is a smart tool that helps you check your credit score and get timely reports. You can track what affects your credit scores and how you can improve the score. The tool will provide you with personalized recommendations so that you can use well-informed decisions about your finances.

Pocket Guard

Pocekt Guard is a finance management tool that makes it a bit easier for you to optimize your spending and grow your savings automatically. When you have a clear picture of your finances, bills, expenses, and other necessities, you can easily set aside money for your savings. You can get personalized reports with custom categories and see all your banks, credit cards, loans, and other investment reports in one place.

Credit Sesame

If you want to stay on top of your personal finances by growing your credit scores, then credit Sesameis the choice to consider. The tool fetches your credit information, and the advanced analytics helps you understand your credit and debt information. Credit Sesame gives customized recommendations so that you can make wise financial decisions. The free credit monitoring feature allows you to get real-time alerts and get timely credit checks to highlight and solve any errors in your credit report.

So, here you go. These are a few personal finance tools and apps every aspiring entrepreneur should consider to get a strong foundation for your personal finances and make more confident financial decisions for their company.

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