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Leading Website Development Company Mtoag offers top web development services to the Clients that fulfill their business requirements, aside from their own domains.

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Website Development Services We Offer

Our solutions cover a range of industries such as hospitality, e-commerce, travel, logistics etc. with flexibility in storage, server and other technical specifications and dedicated customer service.

We have a team of expert UX/UI designers to ensure the website is consistent with your brand identity and has the optimum quality of user flow.
Our developers are capable of building a website for your business with the highest functionality and in a short period.
We build websites that are quick to load, highly secure, easy to navigate and work easily on different screen sizes.
We provide a robust and dedicated customer support system to solve any problem post-release of our products.

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Website Development
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PHP Development

PHP is an open-source scripting language and is one of the most popular tools to build web pages. It is used for server side coding and is used to add functionality to websites. It can be deployed on nearly every operating system.

We can build complex and advanced web applications with linked databases for your business, SaaS products, e-commerce platforms etc. PHP is one of the easiest languages to host which makes it affordable to small scale businesses.

Node Js Development

NoteJS is an open-source development platform that is used to build real-time web applications and used by giant corporations such as Netflix. It enables developers to write server-side scripts in javascript and create dynamic web pages.

We have a proficient team of NoteJS developers and can develop highly scalable web applications. NoteJS applications never buffer data and output it in chunks which makes them very quick to load.

Angular Js

Angular JS is an open-source Javascript framework used in single-page web applications. It enables code reusability by allowing developers to run code written previously in different applications thus making itself an efficient framework.

We have a team of expert Angular JS developers and can build well-structured and robust web applications for your business. AngularJS is a framework that enables you to build cross-platform applications that are dynamic and easy to manage.


jQuery is an open-source JavaScript library that enables you to simplify your website’s HTML code, make it easier to navigate, make it visually more appealing, create animations and optimize it for SEO.

We have a team of highly skilled jQuery developers that can build a clean and highly professional website for your business needs. jQuery makes it easier to write complicated JavaScript and thus is very popular among developers.

UX / UI Design

A good user experience improves your customer engagement and helps you retain clients for the long term. A good user interface enables you to build your brand identity in a digital sphere and helps grab your customer’s attention.

We have a team of highly experienced designers that will study your business requirements, goals, target customers and build you a website that is both aesthetically pleasing and has a very smooth user flow.


HTML is a standard markup language for building a website and provides information about a webpage to the browser including the meta-data of the website. It is one of the world’s most widely used languages.

We have a team of highly dedicated web developers that can build a robust website for your enterprise. HTML also allows you to use CSS to define the visual elements of your website and JavaScript to define its functionality.

What We Do

Mtoag has a team of skilled developers that can develop websites for an array of industries in any language or framework. We offer customizable plans that allow flexibility in storage capacity, server allocation, etc. to suit your requirements.

Product Engineering

We build web solutions for organisations that are involved in the design, development of a device, system or software.

Enterprise Services

We offer website development solutions to traditional small, medium and large scale enterprises that want to build their online presence.

Digital Transformation Services

We support companies that are disrupting old business patterns by building new digital solutions for the future.

Startup Software Solutions & Services

We create websites for emerging companies that are building emerging solutions to solve real-world problems.

Why Choose?

Mtoag has been an established name in the IT Sector. Our developers are highly trained with a plethora of work behind them. We provide a variety of services that give us an edge over others in the industry.

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