Loyalty App Development

Customers are sure to love free treats and collect loyalty pointsthat can be redeemed to their benefits? If you are looking for a company that makes customer data collection an easy process for you, then we at Mtoag Technologies are the right destination. These loyalty apps enable you to gather precious information regarding the customer’spurchase peerefrnecs, behavior, etc. and help you in building long and sustainable relationships with them. An app that makes customer interaction easy and practical, the loyalty apps are sure to play a pivotal role in enhancing the growth of your business.

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Custom loyalty app development

At Mtoag Technologies, we build loyalty apps for multi-channel loyalty rewards platforms suitable for SMBs and enterprise-sized operations. Our mission is to develop rewards management software for the retail industry and help enterprises create a better and more detailed understanding of their customers. With a data-driven strategy, a company finds the right ways to boost its brand building and obtain better customer relationships.

Loyalty software analysis

Loyalty software analysis is a crucialelement of loyalty app development. It allows the distribution of data into dynamic and easily shareable reports (PDF, XLS, RTF, and CSV ) with the use of enterprise reporting software. By integrating AI tools for analysis, we make the process of customer identification, rewards distribution, rewards points, etc., an easy task. With its many advantages, the loyalty program development is a big hot among C-Stores and grocery super markets custom modules.

Customer activity tracking

The primary feature of the customer activity tracking tool is to keep a close check on the customer behavior across multidimensional platforms such as mobile, desktops, brick & motor, etc.). With the help of customer activity tracking, the retailers are provided with a platform where they can maintain a check on app/website navigation behavior, purchasing preferences, social media activity, transactions, etc. At Mtoag Technologies, our mission is to integrate rewards management software, extensions, and 3rdparty APIs to existing CRM systems to create, deploy and manage the custom loyalty app.

Customer loyalty software

The primary purpose of customer loyalty software is to enable retailers to retain customers and make new ones and generate better sales. The loyalty management solutions are customized for B2B and B2C marketing using integrated e-commerce systems to make the management and distribution of promotional rewards programs a flawless and easy task. With the help of a loyalty mobile app, you get immense opportunities to track data anytime and anywhere. With easy access to e-commerce, shopping cart, digital stores, CRM, websites,etc., your chances of conversions and sales are immense.

Customer loyalty app development

Customer loyalty app development allows you to create partnered promotions and campaigns. At Mtoag Technologies, we develop logic layers to automate promotional pushes on the grounds of surveys, reviews, customer engagement patterns, internal business positions, etc. The apps are built with-commerce shopping carts configurations to generate BI recovery stars, send timely automated email reminders to avoid cart abandonment, and increase sales.

Omnichannel CRM loyalty management

Just as the name suggests, the omni channel CRM loyalty management apps work across several retail POS channels such as websites, mobile apps, brick, and mortar retail software, etc. It makes the process of customer outreach and content publishing via email, SMS, social media and push notifications an easy process. With the use of these apps, configuration with universal repositories and custom rules control panels becomes an easy task prompting management of multiple accounts, rewards currencies for the customers, campaigns, etc.

Loyalty app design

At Mtoag Technologies, our objective is to build apps that are highly functional across various platforms. We provide our clients with customized dashboards that display profile info, transaction history, customer balances, etc. With the help of customer loyalty apps, it becomes easy for the patrons to opt-in and out of geo-fencing, report discrepancies, match the email frequency, manage their loyalty rewards, etc.

Loyalty app development: The imperative features

Here are some key features of the loyalty program that must be anpart of your loyalty app development.

Customer panel
Custom-built rewards

Custom-built rewards consist of vouchers, bonus points, etc. that are in sync with your business structure.

Online & in-store

Online & in-store rewards are oneof the most effectiveand robust mean to keep your customers happy and retain them for a long time.

Boost customer insight

With the proper use of rewards and referrals, you are sure to boost consumer insight into your enterprise.

Loyalty tiers

This refers to allocating reward points as per customer loyalty. Customer loyalty can be measured in terms of the period of association, buying capacity, referrals, etc.

Social referral

By maintaining the place of social referrals, the retailers convince the customers to do marketing for them. Instead of social referrals, they are provided with exciting rewards and offers.

Encourage reviews

Reviews and feedback are among the most determining factors for customers. Encourage customers to leave reviews and award them with bonus points.

Store panel
Store registration

This is the registration process where the store owners need to fill in their essential and basic information. This information includes name, address, contact information, email, website URL,etc.

Store profile

One of the best features of a loyalty app is that it allows store owners to showcase their profiles on the app.

Offers tab

This feature allows the customers to stay in sync with the coming to ongoing offers and make the most of their loyalty points.


This feature allows the store owner to keep track of their sales and also monitor the number of consumers that are redeeming their loyalty points.


Another essential feature of loyalty apps is that it allows the store owners to tag themselves using google maps. This makes them easily accessible to the users.

Admin panel
User management

With the help of the user management tool, the admin can add or remove users, update their profiles, passwords, etc.

Store management

With the help of the user management tool, the admin can add or remove users, update their profiles, passwords, etc.

Push notifications

The push notification enables the admin to notify the users about the upcoming deals and offers in an easy and effective manner.

Campaign management

This tool makes the creation of events and campaigns easy and helps in their promotions through the proper channels.

Social media integration

The admin can make the most of this feature by showcasing their ongoing and coming loyalty programs to the existing customers and attracting new ones.

Must-have Features in a loyalty and reward app

If you are looking for an app that is abundant with multiple practical features and knows the trick to keep your customers happy, then this is the right app for you. Some of the must-have features in a loyalty and rewards app are :

Custom built rewards

The app should have multiple alternatives to reward the customers. The rewards can be given in the form of loyalty points, cashback, vouchers, bonus points, etc., as suitable to the business owner.

Location-based notifications

With the help of this fantastic feature, the store owners get to send messages to the customers when they are in close vicinity of the physical stores.

Tier-based rewards

This feature allows the retail owners to bifurcate the consumers and provide them gifts as per their brand loyalty; the loyalty can be judged based on their shopping capacity, use of a specific service, period of using the brand, etc.

Integrated checkout redemption

Through this feature, the customers can easily use their redeem points, coupons, etc., at the time of checkout. The total cart value will be adjusted accordingly as per the use of loyalty points.

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