Agriculture/Farmer App Development

Presenting the Farmer app

Designed to help, support and educate the farmer.

Need of Farmer app

It is driven by a visionary energy and with the conviction to enhance the lives of farmer by utilizing science and technology to create predominant quality agricultural products.

The application will let the farmers simple approach to take part in horticulture for raw materials. It let them to see better comprehension of yields and irrigation by providing proper training to farmer. Farmer can fill the survey form, ask for examination of field to get the coveted outcome.

agriculture app development

Farmer App Features

The internet of things has opened up the fully productive ways for soil cultivation and even to raise livestock, economically, with the help of sensors that are pretty easier to install now.

Farmer registration/login.


Request for product like seeds, chemicals, tools, etc.


Seedling details.


Get notified regarding important events, meetings.


Farming app solution

Request for crop inspection and provide feedback.


Fill survey form.


Yield Forecast.


Products harvested weekly, monthly, yearly.


Field Staff App Features

  • Field Staff login.
  • Visit for field inspection.
  • Give feedbacks & rating to crops.
  • Collect harvested crops.
  • Submit the crops to warehouse.
  • Deliver the crop to point of sale.
  • Deliver the products to end-user.
  • Payment received.

End User App Features

  • Customer registration/login
  • Explore product
  • Order Product
  • Cash on delivery or card payment.
  • Return and refund
  • Schedule the day & time for delivery.
  • Order History
  • Help to support user queries

Our App Development Process

Ideal process of app development depends on your specific requirements. In most scenarios, the product development process includes:

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