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Taxi Car Pooling App Development

We have used our innovative prowess and expertise to help you launch your very own car pooling software app solution for minting money while doing a public service by containing global warming. The BlaBlaCar clone script features have been created to suit multiple platformssuch as iOS, Android& web applications.

Carpooling App Service – Need of the Commuter! Reduce Global Warming!!

People are daily commuting and many a times alone on the same route. Carpooling builds a bridge between the verified driver and riders and helps people commute on the same route while containing an excess of personal or public transport. With your very own Carpooling App, you can create your brand image and promote a flourishing business.

Mtoag Technologies understands that carpooling business can grow at a considerable pace as the business progresses. The BlaBlaCar clone ride sharing app is very much identical to a cab booking service. Through this app, car drivers interested in being a part of the carpooling business can share their commuting details on the app. This information is matched to riders desirous in travelling on the same route. Carpooling is a cost friendly option for both drivers and riders who can benefit by registering on the carpooling mobile app.

Prominent Features of The Blabla Car Clone App

The BlaBlaCar clone app has been integrated with robust futuristic features.


Users have the option to register and login through their social media accounts also.


Profiles of users can contain information related to name, contact details, payment modes and travel history.


Both drivers and riders can schedule their travel itinerary in advance that helps to save time during rush hour periods


You can augment the search process to match the drivers with the riders through the carpooling app.


TThe carpooling app can provide an exact estimate of time to travel, cost of travel, and travel distance for riders at the time of booking.


Regular customers can be provided with exciting incentives, referral rewards and promo codes.


Using this safety feature, users can send an instant message of their travel details to their family or friends to keep them informed of their whereabouts.


The car pooling clone app can help drivers to reach the destination of their intended passengers and riders can track the cars.


Drivers and Riders can give a rating and review of each other after completion of each trip. This will help future drivers and riders to check on the rating/review system.


Riders can choose multiple payment options such as Cash, E-wallets, Debit or Credit Cards for making payments.


Invoices are generated upon completion of ride and making payment to the driver.


Heat Map View displays the most visited areas, enabling a rider to decide on the place to visit via the BlaBla Car clone app.

Carpooling App Overview

The carpooling app is enhanced with an interactive dashboard, advanced features, and convenience management tools for the benefit of both drivers and riders.

  • Locating A Ride
  • Real Time Updates
  • Estimated Time of Arrival
  • Selection of the Co-Traveler
  • Ride Now
  • Get in Touch Before taking the Ride
  • SOS Button
  • Feedback to Driver
  • Help & Support
  • Verified Profiles – Drivers & Co-Passengers
  • Easy On Boarding
  • Ride Later
  • Member’s Agreement
  • Scheduling a Ride
  • Tracking Vehicle
  • Payment Modes
  • Rating/Review of Co Passengers
  • Cancellation of Bookings
  • Accept/Reject a request received
  • Real Time requests
  • Built In Google Maps Navigation System
  • Driver Dashboard
  • Driver Support Service
  • Easy & Convenient Sharing
  • Trip Information
  • Details to Contact Passenger
  • Rate Customer
  • Manage Offered Rides
  • User friendly Interactive Dashboard – stress-free admin management
  • View Rides posted on website
  • Disbursement to Drivers
  • Rider and Driver Reports Generation System
  • Robust & Convenient Content Management System
  • Manage Multiple Language Labels
  • Car Share preferences & Car details
  • Manage Website Members
  • Manage Admin Users
  • View Bookings & Print Invoice
  • Segregating and Managing Car Makes and Models
  • Email Templates Management
  • Currency Rates Management

Some more Salient Features


The carpooling clone app is completely automated. Various tasks and accounting features present in the app can be handled automatically.


One-click technical support service is available round the clock for the convenience of carpooling users.


The admin is empowered with full control and can monitor all the activities and business model of the carpooling app.


Keeping in mind highest security for Riders and Drivers, the app is powered with Personal Identity Verification (for riders/drivers), Document Authenticity Verification and Personal Interview / Training (for drivers).


Real-time alerts and notifications can be sent via SMS & Emails to riders and drivers with regards to ride bookings, ride cancellations or discount offers and promo codes.


Number Masking helps keeping your customers safe while making calls from the app without disclosing their mobile numbers.

Android App Development Approach

Mtoag Technologies follows a robust development approach for its android app development process. Our development team is resourceful and utilizes the maximum resources that help us to achieve our target goal and deliver the project successfully and on time.Our developmental approach is defined below:

  • Client centric android app development structure
  • Flexible and scalable mobile app development and deployment
  • Bug free development cycle
  • Maintenance and Support

Why Choose Mtoag Technologies BlaBlaCar Clone Script?

Mtoag Technologies has developed the BlaBlaCar clone app with top grade features. The carpooling app is enthused with the industry’s foremost ride-sharing ready-to-go-to-market solutions with an extremely scalable futuristic design.

Turnkey Solution

As per your requirements, we can develop and deploy a carpooling app instantaneously.

Admin Superior Features

The admin having complete control and management of different segments such as managing rides, setting price bands service fee management etc.

Scalable Design

The carpooling app is developed with a scalable design keeping in tandem the growth scenario of the ride-sharing business.

Interactive Dashboard

The admin dashboard is interactive and helps you fluidly manage the carpooling services and helps to create your brand identity.

Post Deployment Technical Assistance

Post deployment the customer can appoint us for after sales customer services to keep the carpooling application updated and functioning without any issues.

Cost Effective

By using the BlaBlaCar clone app you can save time and money unless you want to get something new created. The prices are cost-effective and fairly priced.

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Mobile apps spanning a range of industries

When it involves any requirement related to program development, we have options for practically all businesses and niches. We position amongst the world's Top mobile app development company list.

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