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A Chatbot is nothing but powerful AI based online chat option by which companies create their own chat representative for the Messenger to reply the most realisticenquiries by the customers.


Customer Service Bots

E-Commerce Bots

Food Service Bots

Banking and Trading Bots

Chatbot Development Services

Mtoag provides the complete development cycle of growth services that are chatbot create more efficient interactions and to alter the way businesses connect to customers. Strong chatbot growth that simplifies person tasks is offered by us. Our chatbot development services are complex and intelligent that may be put into place into numerous domains like travel, ecommerce and client support and delivery solutions or healthcare.

Full-Service Bot Development

We'll build a bot for your business from scratch. From designing interfaces to deployment and support, we have you covered.


How our BOT works?

Chatbots interpret the user's queries and deliver an immediate pre-set answer using technologies such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing etc. They are mainly used in platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, Slack, Line, Kik, Wechat or even your website.

Device Independent

Users can access the BOT from any device, Wherever they are. Be it Mobile( IOS, Android etc. ) or Desktop ( Windows, Mac etc. ). Unlike Mobile apps that need to be developed separately for each platform, development of BOTs are just an one time effort & can be accessed on any devices.


Chat based front End

Like how we submit an App to the App store & Play store - we submit BOTs to various messenger BOT store's Ex: Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, Telegram, Kik etc. Users of these platforms can just search for your BOT and start using it instantly. These platforms are already filled with Billions of users. More easy visibility and quick growth!

Back End

The inputs given by the users to the BOT from messenger platforms, reach the backend to be processed. Our BOT is done using NODE JS, MONGO DB for high performance & scalability. Based on the Messaging platform the BOT needs to be deployed on, the connectivity is coded used the respective frameworks ( Microsoft Bot Framework, Facebook Bot framework etc. )



The other end of the BOT is programmed to receive data from API's of services like UBER, Amazon, Eat Street, Bill Payment Services, etc. to service various requests from users ie. Food ordering, Cab booking, Shopping etc. It can be integrated with any specific business API's.


Artificial Intelligence

To make the BOT intelligent, we have fed the BOT with required AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language ), NLP ( Natural Language programming ) modules.We have also integrated it with AI API's from Google, Facebook etc. For the BOT to pickup information on the go and learn, various Machine Learning techniques have been implemented as well. You also get a sophisticated DASHBOARD via. which you can easily train the BOT at will and give it a personality.

Advantages of Chatbots

Every business need two main things quality product and market presence. You need mutually of them together to raise and sustain.

Easy to scale up or scale down

simple interface which can be encoded

Chatbots are inexpensive to build

Improves mobile marketing

Chatbots offer personalized interaction

Chatbots use simple language