What tools does a Web Designer or Developing Companies use

Raju Ram Khakhal
Aug 22, 2019

Amidst a forest of smart software to construct those dream graphics visions, here is a selection in random order. Would it be Fireworks or Dreamweaver, PixelModo or Squoosh? The choice depends upon the task at hand, and specific applications would see you through the most challenging web graphics creations. Photoshop and Adobe have easily recognized names, and they continue to wield significant influence along with the sensational newcomers.

Adobe XD

Vector design and wire framing work superbly with this sturdy tool withdrawing facilities. Would you share tools for web designing feedback or create mobile and desktop previews? Define non-static interactions and opt for a device-specific art board project size. Import a UI kit like Google’s Material Design. Integrate with Creative Cloud, get access to Adobe libraries, and use Photoshop or Illustrator.


Many web designers owe their original inspiration to Photoshop, and its popularity grows with time. Working on Mac and Windows, it is meant mainly for photographers. Easily create web graphics and make changes in images. Filters and brushes, actions and scripting, along with many more features, make working with this software a vivid dream.

Firefox Developer

A version of the popular browser Firefox meant for developers with their DevTools. Among the numerous features are tools that enable analysis and debugging, designing, and building. Use the CSS Grid and HTML inspector along with the style editor.


Ease of use in creating powerful graphics would be possible with this online app. Start from scratch and design attractive websites with the appropriate graphics. The database stores millions of powerful images that could be customized according to need. The user interface is designed so well intuitively that one feels quickly like a graphic designer of substance.


Compress images without loss of quality with this fantastic free tool built by Google. You need to drag and drop and then use the slider that indicates the extent of compression. Used online and offline, a delicate balance is achieved between picture quality and file size.


Built by Adobe for Mac and Windows, this commercial raster and vector graphics editor hybrid is meant for web designers. The many tools help create full web layout prototypes effortlessly. Included in the features are ‘slices’ for rendering a design into HTML/CSS for prototypes. You can package the site design as PDF. Web graphics could be optimized as lightweight creations.


Another Adobe product for Mac and Windows, this commercial application includes splendid features. Some advantages are Live View that previews the source code used. Syntax highlighting, Code Hinting, and an FTP client are involved. Stress-free work is facilitated for workflow and project management. Integrate Dreamweaver with other Adobe software like Photoshop for convenient sharing and editing of graphics.

CodePen Projects

Testing and showcasing HTML, CSS, and JS snippets require this excellent software from the creators of CodePen. Use CodePen Projects to construct the whole website in the browser. If you want to use CodePen, it helps to test snippets and receive comments. CodePen Projects helps to organize the drag and drop web files and quickly preview the website. Templates help organize web development.

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