Loan mobile app development

Taking loan can be a complicated process but complication can be minimized. Earlier applicants have to fills the application form & make round trips towards the bank for further process. Now all this related problems can be easily solved with the loan app features as it provides user an easy way to apply for the loan without doing up & down towards bank. Get 100% end-to-end solutions which include loan eligibility application approval, document, disbursal, etc in one single platform & relax on being at work or at home.

Key attributes of loan app

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Dynamic functions

An application dynamically creates documentations requirements based on loan characteristics.

Minimal paperwork

Since the app gave user a lots of function to perform it requires very less paperwork.

CIBIL analysis

It categorizes loans by complexity, understand & maintain an individual records, credit report & based on analysis user loan approves or reject.

Complete management

Manage the complete project like financial history, personal history, pledge, collateral, etc.

Loan app features

  • User-friendly app allows you to easily navigate features.
  • Complete digitization.
  • Easily request loans within a couple of minute.
  • Eligibility criteria check.
  • Track loan application status whether approved or rejected.
  • Get required information about rate of interest, document checklist, etc.
  • Access your account in the comfort of your own home, office, or even on the-go
  • Flexible contract terms (loan length) are available.
  • Support inquiries are addressed in a timely manner.
  • User can retrieve for loan quote later on in order to complete the application process.

Work process of loan app

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