Tenant/Owner App Development

Rent or lease your land to an individual just through app.

Owner App Features

Looking for Tenant? Make revenue from your property by posting your property details including images, description, size, etc and get the best tenant reach to you.

  • Upload verification document
  • Select Home type (Flat/ independent/ Villa)
  • Upload property assets/img
  • Capture property location
  • Setup rent price
  • View leads and their contact details.

Making it facile to find another home

In case you're searching for a rental property, you've come to the correct place. This app will let you to streamlines the search process, encourages enquiries, gives you a chance to book assessments from single place.


Advance search

Your search related with flat, Independent or Villa ends here. Filter by size, distance, property price that you are looking for.


In detail info

Get all the details related with property, owner, location, etc with just single tap. Navigate the location through Google map.


Easy communication

Easily communicate with the owner from the contact information provided in the app and schedule the date & time for inspection.


Tenant App Features

No more haggling on property, just sit relax and find best match of property as per according to your needs, comfortability, relaxation and much more just right here.

  • Upload verification document.
  • Set default location.
  • Manually select location.
  • Select property type.
  • View pins on the map.
  • Click on pin to view the property & owner details.

How it Work?

Take the stress out of your property search


Enter your unique search requirements


Get the location


Explore the results


Connect with landlord over call


Visit for inspection


Ready to move in

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