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Wearable apps have become the need of the hour. From tracking fitness to enhancing gaming experience to covering a wide variety of activities, wearable apps with their mind-boggling features have become a sensation. If you are looking for a wearable app that touches various business verticals and elevates user experience, then get in touch with us at Mtoag Technologies.

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There is no rocket science in admitting the fact that wearable technology is one of the most ground-breaking innovations of the modern world. An app that allows you to track everything from how many steps you have walked to how many kilometers you have cycled, burned calories, track your heart rate, save your messages, and what not, is truly one of the biggest wonders technology has offered. The most popular end products of these apps are smartwatches, fitness trackers, sports watches, temperature controllers, head-mounted displays, etc.

Wearables are used in a large sector of industries and are sure to play a crucial role in determining the future. But before you finalize a wearable app developer, you have to be sure that they possess all the right skills and qualifications that are a must to curate perfect apps. At Mtoag Technologies, we help you in the curation of excellent apps for wearable devices for both Android and iOS platforms. By blending in the best of technology, design, and advancements, we construct feature-rich apps that are sure to make you the game-changer in wearable app development.

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Our core expertise

Smart band apps

The primary purpose of a smart band app is for it to provide user-friendly and rich features that enable the users to enhance and raise their fitness level. By amalgamating features like custom app solutions, flawless UI services, and incredible responsiveness, we help you in the making of the most effective smart band apps.

Smartwatch & apple watch apps

With many years of experience and knowledge, our team of experts curate engaging apps for users that are highly functional on both android as well as iOS technologies. Our apps are a smooth platform of multiple features such as call management, notifications, display controls, etc.

Google glass apps

At Mtoag Technologies we have a team of experts that specializes specifically in google glass apps. Our dedicated team curates google glass apps that can handle various challenges that often arise with the implementation of smart technology.

Virtual reality app

Looking for seasoned wearable apps that allow you to translate your ideas into a streamlined gaming app that consists of excellent features and fantastic functionalities, then our virtual reality developers are the right people for you. We help you to create the most amazing game development services with VR apps for wearable gadgets.

lot wearable apps

If you are looking for the right means to empower your business with highly functional and intuitive loT apps that work seamlessly with multiple connected devices and sensors then we eat Mtoag Technologies are a one-stop destination for you. We help you curate apps that boost productivity and enhance communication creating connected ecosystems.

Wearable payment apps

Are you looking for the curation of a smart app where payments can be made in a process of just a few clicks, then our wearable payment apps are sure to come to your rescue. Our powerful technology embedded in several devices such as wristbands, smartwatches, jewelry, etc. enables the users to make secure payments by merely tapping or waving the device on a point of the scale.

Our adept Wearable App Developer deliver the best-fit solutions to your unique project requirements

Wearable solutions

  • Custom wearable device app development
  • Android-friendly application development.
  • Apps with UI/UX designs.
  • wearable app development for iOS.
  • Apple watches application development.
  • Augmented reality app development for wearables.
  • IoT based wearable app development.
  • Testing of apps ensuring wearable device compatibility.
  • Recreating existing apps for wearables.

Wearable app development services

A large number of industries worldwide are indulging in wearable app development services as it holds extreme potential and utilities. With enhanced speed, task accuracy, exceptional wireless readability, work awareness, etc., we at Mtoag Technologies attempt to provide you with excellent services to obtain the perfect brand platforms. Wearable app development services provided by us are :


Wearable solution design

At Mtoag Technologies, we provide wearable solution designs that are an interesting blend of computing power, desired functionality, and usability. From taking care of the PCB layout and design to the PCB signal, power integrity, thermal analysis, economic enclosure design, etc., we are here to do it all for you.


Wearable device app development

We provide the users with end-to-end app development for wearable devices. From curating robust backend infrastructure to the interaction of APIs bringing multiple features and applications, all on a single platform, we believe in creating a wearable app that frees the user from wearable device limitations and enjoys a flawless experience every time.


Multi-platform integration

One crucial factor of wearable apps is the process of data transmission from wearable to mobile apps and vice versa has to be a convenient one. Our team of experienced wearable app developers with their expertise in the creation of APIs and integrations makes this entire process an easy one. We also specialize in creating a seamless link between multiple apps, that makes using social media and messaging apps from wearable devices an easy process.


Seamless deployment

At Mtoag Technologies we consist of a specialized team of architects that makes deployment of the wearable application on multiple devices and versions an easy task. Despite your wearable device being old or new, we ensure that the apps function smoothly and without any glitch.

Take a Look at Our Portfolio and Discover App Ideas Brought to Life

We Don't Just Use Technology; We Live It! Our dedicated team of experts creates innovative mobile app solutions that empower businesses and transform ideas into reality. Check out our portfolio and experience the difference between working with a team that truly understands and embraces the power of technology.

Why Choose us as your wearable app development partner?

We at Mtoag Technologies are in sync with the fact that mobile app development is an extremely crucial part of ensuring the growth of your business. By amalgamating various factors such as experience, innovation, appeal, functionality, security, etc., our experienced team of experts works dedicatedly towards developing fantastic apps for you and your company. Factors that make us at Mtoag Technologies the best are :

Comprehensive expertise

At Mtoag Technologies we provide you with complete app development services that make existing apps compatible with wearable devices. We maintain a strict check on proving our customers with high-quality services that make the working of their apps better, improve productivity, drive efficient work processes, provide enhanced user engagement for your business, etc.

Extensive versatility

As a company that has established a reputed name in the app development sector, we at Mtoag Technologies have proficiency in both enterprise and customer-centric wearable apps. Our extensive versatility encourages us to build apps that always provide the users with great experiences, cost optimizations, and productivity gains for enterprises.

Cross-device capability

At Mtoag Technologies we create customized wearable apps that are interactive and engaging. These apps are curated with the best in terms of technology and advancements that make their functioning on multiple devices a flawless process. All our apps work seamlessly on smartwatches, smart bands, body sensors, fitness trackers, etc.

Cross-industry experience

What makes Mtoag Technologies a perfect choice for app development is the fact that we specialize not just in diverse wearable devices and platforms but also in cross-industry experience. Our experience, hard work, knowledge, and passion for what we do, has enabled us to curate some excellent app for various sectors such as healthcare, retail, travel, manufacturing, and many other essential segments.

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