On Demand Water Delivery App Development

A gate door to facilitate development of your business and delivery of the up-to-dated information. Design & develop your own water delivery app & Boost your business to the next level by our Water Delivery App Development services.

Water Delivery App Development company

Overview of Drinking Water Delivery App

As a software development company we find it rather difficult to find a strong argument with a specific end goal to clarify the need On Demand water delivery App . For the customer it is a simple and easy to use mobile app services to get drinking water delivered at their doorstep in a click. With the water delivery app a driver receives daily task right on their phone with ease in finding the address of delivery.

Water Delivery App Development company

Customer App Key Features

  • Location based search
  • Place order (Daily/Monthly)
  • Order Confirmation Email/SMS/Notification
  • Get drinking water delivered
  • Multiple Payments
  • Help/Support

Delivery Boy App

  • List of task assigned right on dashboard
  • View full details of customer
  • Navigation to destination
  • Notification on important updates
  • Order history
  • Help/support
Drinking Water Delivery App development
Drinking Water Delivery App development

Administrator Features

  • Statistical dashboard
  • Manage orders
  • Optimize route
  • Track vehicle location
  • Manage Franchise
  • Reports on revenue

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