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We are a new-age Flutter app development company in India, recognized for delivering end-to-end development solutions since 2009. Our team of certified and experienced Flutter developers can build visually stunning, natively compiled, and cross-platform apps for mobile, web, and desktop. Get in touch with us today and experience excellence.


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Our years of experience in the industry have made us push boundaries to create stunning and high-performance apps for iOS, Android, and web platforms. We use Flutter’s open-source framework to build beautiful, natively compiled, and cross-platform apps with a single codebase.

We have a knowledgeable team of expert Flutter developers, each boasting an average experience of 8 years, who can craft customized and adaptive UIs that reflect your brand identity and vision. We also leverage the native features and capabilities of each platform, such as camera, GPS, sensors, etc., to deliver an immersive and engaging user experience.

Our adept Flutter developer team has expertise in building world-class apps that are powered by an expressive, flexible UI and robust architecture. Contact us today to discuss your project details and get a free quote!

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Top Benefits of Flutter for Cross-platform App Development

Single Codebase

Flutter allows developers to write only one code for both iOS and Android platforms, saving time and resources. You can launch your app on multiple platforms with a single codebase without compromising quality or functionality.

Customized Interface

Flutter offers a rich set of widgets that enable developers to create responsive apps with an attractive and appealing user interface. You can create customized and adaptive UIs that reflect your brand identity and vision. Flutter also supports Material Design and Cupertino Widgets, which help you build apps that follow the design guidelines of each platform.

Fast Development

Flutter supports hot reload and hot restart, which allow developers to see the changes in the app instantly without losing the state. You can quickly and easily experiment, add features, build UIs, and fix bugs faster with Flutter. Flutter also has a powerful tooling and debugging system that helps you optimize your app performance and quality.

Proprietary Widgets

Flutter has its own rendering engine that draws every widget on the screen. This means you can use any widget from the Flutter library, regardless of the platform. You can also create your own widgets or customize the existing ones to suit your needs. Flutter widgets are fast, flexible, and expressive.

Get Your Flutter App Development Project Started Within 24 Hours

We know that time is of the essence when it comes to app development. That’s why we offer a fast and flexible service that can get your Flutter app development project started within 24 hours. All you need to do is contact us with your requirements, and we will get back to you with a free quote. No hassle, no hidden fees, no delays.



Connect with us by filling out a form or tapping the ‘Contact Us’ icon. Our expert business consultants will get back to you. Elaborate on your business requirements to make us better understand what you actually need.



Schedule a free consultation with our experts to get an idea of your project requirements. You can clear your doubts and get assistance on the technology stack, features, and functionalities to be integrated into your app.



Join hands with our full-stack flutter experts, creative designers, efficient project managers, and agile scrum masters who can build high-end, feature-rich apps that drive innovation and high user engagement.

What Makes Us the Best Flutter App Development Company in India?

As a global leader in Flutter app development, we are committed to delivering customer satisfaction with our technical expertise and timely assistance. We offer high-quality services that enable you to launch your project and achieve your goals on schedule quickly.

We also respect your intellectual property rights and ensure their security by signing a non-disclosure agreement with our Flutter app development services. Mtoag Technologies has a proven track record of developing numerous Flutter applications for clients of various sizes and sectors, including funded startups, SMEs, large-scale enterprises, independent CEO, and CTOs.

Our Flutter app development team has the skills and experience to bring your app idea to life on both iOS and Android platforms while meeting your specific requirements.


Why Choose Mtoag Technologies For Your Flutter App Development Project?

Years of Experience

We have been using Flutter since its early days and have seen its potential and benefits over other cross-platform technologies. We have successfully delivered live projects with Flutter, including an enterprise project, within three months of its launch!

Proven Knowledge

We are not only well-versed in the official documentation, but we also have created our guides to learning Flutter and contributed to the open-source community.

Automation Tools

We use tools that streamline our workflow and enhance productivity by automating tedious tasks such as Performance monitoring with Firebase, CD/CI tools like Codemagic and Bitrise, Error Handling with Sentry, and more.

Native Development Background

Flutter is impressive, but sometimes cross-platform app developers need to work with native Android and iOS platforms. Our developers have prior experience with either Android or iOS before they learn Flutter. This enables them to work on entire projects and better decide which functionalities should be implemented in Flutter or native platforms.

Test Driven Development

We follow the test-driven development approach to ensure the quality of our deliverables, especially for large projects that might otherwise require a lot of regression testing. We use frameworks such as their own Test Library, Mockito, and Driver to achieve this.

Flutter Animations

We believe that animations are essential for creating engaging and delightful apps. We use Flutter’s internal libraries and external tools, such as Lottie, to create stunning animations that give your apps a wow factor.

Technology Stack We Use For Flutter App Development


Flutter SDK

Flutter SDK is the essential technology for developing Flutter applications. It provides a rich collection of ready-made widgets, tools, and libraries that developers can leverage to create high-quality and attractive applications.



Firebase is a backend platform that offers various services, such as authentication, cloud storage, and real-time databases. As a leading Flutter app development company in India, Mtoag utilizes Firebase to build reliable and scalable backend systems for Flutter apps.



Redux is a state management library that handles complex application states in Flutter development. We employ Redux to build flexible and maintainable Flutter applications.


Android Studio and Xcode

Android Studio and Xcode are development tools that help developers create Android and iOS applications. We leverage these tools to build, debug, and test Flutter applications.

Want to Hire Flutter App developers for your Project ?

Our Flutter App Development Services

As a complete Flutter app development company in India, we offer comprehensive solutions for your cross-platform app development needs using Flutter. We will design mockups and MVPs and help you craft your strategies. We will also support you throughout the process and beyond.

Flutter-based Apps

We leverage Flutter to create fast and reliable cross-platform apps for various operating systems with a single codebase and an object-oriented language.

UI/UX Design

We use the Flutter framework to design beautiful and user-friendly applications that delight your customers.

Migration and Support

We provide a solid support system for our clients to migrate their existing apps to Flutter and resolve any issues after the release.

Our adept Flutter App developers deliver the best-fit solutions to your unique project requirements

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Technology stack
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Our development teams only use modern and scalable technologies to deliver a mobile or web application the way you mean it.


Mtoag is a leading Flutter app development company in India, with skilled developers who can create high-end Android & iOS apps using Flutter for various projects with a high retention rate.

The cost of Flutter app development depends on multiple factors. These factors are app features and their complexity, customizations, number of platforms, team setup, backend infrastructure, etc.

Yes, we provide our clients with flexible hiring models that let you hire Flutter developers in India on a project or hourly basis.

We use a variety of advanced project management tools like Workflowmax, Wrike, Trello, Smartsheet, Mavenlink, etc., to ensure seamless communication with our clients.

Yes, we can migrate your existing app to Flutter without any amendments. Contact us today to discuss this further.

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