Awesome Cool New Features in Android 9.0, Android Pie

Yogesh Pant
Nov 20, 2022

Cool New Features in Android 9.0 / Android Pie Features: What’s New in the Latest Version?

Are you looking to know what kind of new features available in the latest Android 9.0 version? If yes, then this post will help in clearing all the doubts that revolve around your mind. This version named Android Pie has stressed greatly on the intelligence and simplicity. They have plenty of new tricks that will change your perception towards the Android for sure. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that this version will be added in the devices at a slower pace due to the fragmentation of Android App Development.  The latest smartphone comapanies like Vivo have recently launched their smartphones which can be update to Android Pie Version. Vivo smartphones are most popular among the customers when it comes to android phones and their applications because they work smooth, and without any lagging issues. So one can easily update his/her smartphone to the Android pie version if using vivo smartphone.  Let's get the best latest information about android 9.0, android pie.

No matter, you already installed or looking forward to downloading it in your phone, it is important that you should know what kind of features possesses by the Android Pie. We have mentioned some of the major ones below:

1) Do Not Disturb

No doubt there is full presence needed in business meetings or family get together without any distractions. In that case, you can take up the help of modified “Do Not Disturb Mode” available in the Android Pie,android 9.0.

Switching on this mode will ensure that no calls, messages or even visual notifications disturb you in any manner.

2) Better security interface

This version comes with plenty of incredible security upgrades that also include limited restriction to the apps. The Android apps won’t be able to access mic, camera, and other important functions if you don’t use them actively even you have already granted access. In this article we are discussing about android 9.0, android pie.

Another new update is the addition of new lockdown mode that can disable fingerprint unlocking, locking your phone, and even hides all the notifications. It can enable with a single click, and you have to use a password, PIN, or pattern for unlocking that.

3) Gesture Navigation

The Android platform has decided to ditch the standard three-button navigation bar in the form of a gesture-based navigation system. This new navigation system is pretty easier to use as you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • The recent views need to open by swiping up the home button. The list can be checked by moving and right. You can see the split screen by pressing and holding the app’s icon.
  • On the other hand, the app drawer can be opened by swiping the home button twice in the upward direction. I hope you are enjoying our new article about android 9.0, android pie.
  • You can switch from the previous app by swiping right and then releasing
  • The Google assistant can open by pressing and holding the home button.

4) Slices

Another amazing feature added in the Android Pie is Slices that allow the users to access particular actions in the apps directly. It gives the preview of the app to the users. For example, you will become successful in checking the cost & time needed for a cab near your area by just typing Lyft in the search bar. Mtoag is leading Website Development Company in India, USA.  

The main motive behind adding this feature is to make the operation quicker than ever.

5) Quicker screen rotation

The Android 9.0, android pie has a new feature due to which a new pop-up generate on the screen for turning the screen to landscape mode when you rotate your device even if the auto-rotate option is turned off. Connect with top mobile app development company in india, USA to make better apps in Ios/Android.

On the other hand, you can lock the device to landscape orientation that will make sure the screen stays same even if you go back to the portrait mode. You only have to click on the icon for going back to the portrait mode again.

6) Automatic hotspot shutoff

There is new setting added in the Android 9.0 version through which the Wi-Fi hotspot will get automatically shut off if no device connected in the network. It can be disabled by clicking on the advanced section option that situated in the hot spot settings.

It will not only save the battery of your device but also ensure the hotspot feature don’t stay switch on unnecessarily.

7) App Timer

The platform has performed every possible step for the wellbeing of the users. They have added the app timer feature that allows the users to set time limits on the apps that you use on a consistent basis.

Once the time limit approaches, there will be a pop-up warning notifies on the screen and the app will pause automatically. It allows you to manage the time in a better way that can boost productivity. We spread information here about android pieandroid 9.0.

8) Notch support

Notch displays have become the latest trend in the smartphone manufacturing industry, and that’s why Android has decided to add this feature to their latest version. It comes with an edge to edge screen support that let the users stimulate the phone’s display with a cut out.

On top of that, it possesses many other cut out modes like narrow, wide, and tall for sufficing the various notch dimensions. This feature can be switched on by checking the developer options.  Mtoag is well established Iot App Development Company in India, USA.

9) Adaptive brightness feature

The Android Pie has tried to become as smarter as possible, and that’s why it can adjust the brightness of the screen in certain apps automatically according to the environment. You need to go in the quick settings drop-down menu for using this setting. If you are curios about android 9.0, android pie features then keep reading this article.

10) Smarter notification channels

The platform has completely revamped the notification channels on the Android 9.0 that allow the users to block the particular notifications to pop up on your device. Instead, there will be a red minus sign display on the screen.

You can click on that red sign and choosing between two options “keeping showing them” or “stop notifications” that pop up on the screen.


We have explained about some of the best features that have updated in the new Hire Android developer 9.0. As you can see the platform has tried to make the experience convenient and safe for the users. If you have a question about any of the features mentioned in this list, then please tell us in the comment section. Our mobile app development team will reach back to you as soon as possible.

So this all was about android 9.0, android pie. If you any query then contact us.

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