Visitor Management System

The visitor management system software efficiently organizes Visitor Registration and streamlines procedures like Interactive Dashboards, Check In / Check Out modes, Visitor Photo ID Pass creation, Notification Alerts to Staff via emails, Biometrics and Signature Pad, to name a few.

Why is it important to have a Visitor Management System?

Efficient management of security is a vital part of any organization. Mtoag offers smooth and affordable visitor management system that is suitable for every business.It is easy to configure and really simple to use. The visitor management system enables the security personnel and admin staff to manage visitors and keep a track on visitor data. The visitor management system helps to secure the facility against fraudulent and anti-social elements. Where public inflow is in great numbers, a visitor management system is the ideal solution to avert any untoward happening by monitoring and securing public access to the organization. Some of the prominent features of the Visitor Management System are defined below for a quick read through.

Visitor Management System

Visitor Pass for entry with Photo ID

The visitor management system can help to monitor all the visitors to the organization. An instant communication is sent to the concerned department where the visitor is intended to visit. The Visitor Pass is enabled with an on-the-spot photo of the visitor, type of pass, contact details of visitor, purpose of visit and contact person’s details & duly signed by the authorized personnel. It can also be fitted with a NFC tag have the requisite details of the visitor.

Efficient Check In / Check Out procedure

This process can streamline efficient check in and check out of a large number of visitors coming and going from the organization. The process also accumulates and segregates data of visitor & contact person for future references and can aid in frequent visits of the said visitor to the organization.

Notification Alerts via Email to Staff

Through the visitor management system an instant notification alert is sent to the concerned employee or contact person whom the visitor has come to visit. This helps to keep a track on the visitor and aids in a perfect communication stream with security personnel and relevant employee/contact person.

Signature Pad

The signature pad helps to register an electronic signature that is present on the personal ID of a visitor. The signature pad captures an image of the signature from the scanned ID card and keeps it in safe storage in the Signature Image file in the visitor management system of the organization.

Biometrics Fingerprint Scan System

The Biometrics Fingerprint Scan is a proficient system for registering visitor entry to a facility. This also helps to check in anti-social elements & blacklisted visitors who might try to enter the facility wearing a disguise with an intention to do physical harm to some person or the facility.

Key Benefits of the Visitor Management System

  • Tosafeguardyour facility and exercise anappropriate control and record of visitors.
  • The Visitor Management System also contains a reporting feature that enables you to get 100+ reports ofEmployees time & attendance details.
  • Visitor management system is theessential software for all organizations that have an enormous influx of visitors; which can help them register, track and manage their visitors easily. An effectual system to safeguard your place and you can evenblacklist visitors and gatecrashers to prevent unwanted entry to the organization.
  • Visitor Management System is easy to manage and helps in generating visitor ID gate pass in the format that suits your organization
  • Email/SMS/popup alerts can be sent instantly to concerned employees for visitor notification.
  • Visitor Management System helps organizations to monitor and filter visitor entry/exits on a daily basis through ID Registrations and Visitor Entry authorized by concerned departments.

Prominent Features

Visitor Management System safeguards an organization and promotes a sense of security of all those stationed in the organization. The system is an efficient tool for helping to track visitor entry; exit and time spent withinthe organization and maintains a thorough communicating with concerned employees.







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