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Native Milk, (Milk Delivery App Case Study) an India based milk dairy company reached out to us during the lockdown to digitize their business. We faced a variety of challenges that are faced by anyone in the food tech industry.

Challenge at the Start: Accepting the Orders

Native milk received diverse orders from a variety of customers.
Subscription based
  • Milk delivery for everyday of the month
  • Eggs every Friday
  • Curd every alternate day
Single Orders
  • A random order without a subscription purchase.
We developed a mobile app for customers with a variety of options
Customer Registration for subscription-based orders where they could customize their orders
  • Delivery of milk for 5 weekdays with bread every thursday
Optional Registration for single orders

Challenge after Accepting an Order: Managing it and Tracking Payment

Native Milk wanted an interface to easily process the order and track its payment status.
  • Confirmation of order status
  • Inventory & Stock Management
  • Confirmation of payment
  • Tracking of the parcel after shipping
  • Profit and Loss reports
We developed an admin panel to manage the whole order cycle from receiving to delivering.
  • Panel for order processing and assigning the delivery person
  • MIS reporting for stock management
  • Facility to manage customer accounts individually
  • Real-time Tracking of delivery boy’s location
  • Wallet option to track payments
  • Generation of business reports and statistical data for analysis

Challenge of Logistics: Drivers changing frequently & Route Optimization

Native Milk always had to deal with route optimization to maximize profit and frequent changing of delivery boys. While this was easily manageable manually in offline business, it was a big headache when their business went digital.
  • Need to start from scratch for every new driver to inform about regular customers
  • Extra cost in fuel and logistics as drivers repeating routes and wasting time
We developed a mobile application for the drivers with route optimization. The total delivery area is divided into various routes and orders are sorted according to different routes. A driver is then assigned a single route.
    • No problem if the staff is new as orders are now assigned by the route and the driver doesn’t need customer data.
    • Saves cost by three times as drivers do not repeat routes while on the field during delivery.
Native milk takes INR 10 per order for shipping. One route of 5 km has 4 orders. Native milk takes INR 40 from the customers One driver is assigned the single route and takes INR 20 for the 5 km route. Native milk makes a profit of INR 40 - INR 20 = INR 20.
With our solutions, total travelling that was 70 kms and spanned 5 hours daily came down to Around 55 hours in 4 hrs 30 mins.

Challenge of Accounting: Reconciliation of Cash-on-Delivery Orders

A difference was observed in the cash claim difference between what the customer claimed to pay and what the delivery boy reported.
  • Manual reconciliation of cash payments took a lot of time.
  • Opportunity of fraud by customer or delivery person.
  • Room for calculation mistakes as the accounting was being done on paper by hand.
We added a Cash-on-Delivery option in the admin panel with OTP assigned to every delivery person.
  • Delivery boy confirms the payment.
  • Customer gets OTP.
  • Delivery boy enters OTP.
  • System registers ‘payment received’.
  • Manual reconciliation of cash payments took a lot of time.
  • Room for calculation mistakes as the accounting was being done on paper by hand.
We were able to provide a comprehensive solution to Aashirvad milk’s problems for all the challenges faced in the order cycle from customer delivery to final payment confirmation. We covered the logistics, accounting and all aspects of the business. Thus, we made it easier for them to not only survive the harsh effects of lockdown but grow their business and turn chaos into an opportunity.
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