An app that allows you to visit new restaurants, relish new cuisines and connect with fellow foodies.

This case study includes the imaginative process for the Food Delivery App. It includes the interaction Style and design and checks on the user experience options for foods delivery and Mobile app.



An app that allows you to conduct your household shopping seamlessly.

Waysexpress is an E-commerce Platform that consists of a bulk stock for users to buy from with an included customization facility for the user & premium benefits.



An app that allows you to manage a complex construction project with ease.

It’s a Construction Job site application that includes features such as track project status, manage construction material inventory, and track employee's working hours.


Markets Bettors

An app that allows you to manage your betting and grow your wealth.

It is an application with an exchange platform that enables you to check the situation with your exchanging subtleties, provides a simple method of installment exchange & many other features.



An app that allows you to grow your dairy business and migrate it online.

It's an application that manages a milk delivery business enabling it to deliver at the customer’s doorstep with attractive features & a simple User Interface.