Construction Project Management Software

PlanTech, a well-established US based construction company with huge projects

PlanTech, a well-established US based construction company with huge projects, needed an improvement of their business processes and better optimization of their resources.


The SMART Digital Business Card Development

They needed a highly secure NFC based digital card with client address, number, details etc.

not only for their business operations but also for further selling to grow their business.


Milk Delivery App

An app that allows you to grow your dairy business and migrate it online.

It's an application that manages a milk delivery business enabling it to deliver at the customer’s doorstep with attractive features & a simple User Interface.


Betfair Automated Betting Bot Development

An app that allows you to grow your betting business and build an automated betting bot.

A client reached out to us to build an automated betting bot on the popular BetFair application using API to maximise their profits from betting on horse racing by understanding the market trends.


Staffing Agency Software

ChampHR, a US based staffing agency, reached out to us to digitize their business.

We faced a variety of challenges while helping them as every business operation, paperwork, and cross checking was happening manually which was costing a lot due to the scale of their company.


Staffing Payroll Software

StaffWizard (Staffing Payroll Software Case Study), a well-established US based security agency with 35000 employees, needed to digitize their business processes and reduce their operational costs.

They wanted to reduce the manual work and wanted a complete overhaul of the processes of the organisation such as recruitment, scheduling, skill development etc. to improve productivity.


Grocery Delivery App

They didn’t have a clear vision but had a determination to move online digitally.

Subzi Mandi, a 20 year old New York based grocery retail chain reached out to us during the lockdown to digitize their business.


On-Demand Delivery App

A construction company reached out to us to build an application for an on-demand taxi service.

Construction industry faced a lot of challenges with the immediate requirement of materials during the construction process that were not available at hand.


Money App

The oldest insurance company of Lebanon reached out to us.

They needed to digitize their operations and develop a lending application.


Online Trading Application

One of our old clients needed a customized trading application with focus on crypto currency.

They wanted to build an application where people can build their own orders and set their own prices.


School Bus Tracking App

The startup focuses on tracking school children traveling via school bus and ensures their safety

TA startup that has been recognised by the Government of India in its flagship schemes reached out to us to build their application.