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With a wide number of traders and investors choosing the automated trading software development for a robust, fast, cost-effective, functional, and precise entry and exit, we at Mtoag Technologies, one of the leading automated trading software development company are here to build software and mobile apps for you that does all of that and more.

  • One-Time Cost
  • Save Time & Money
  • Own Your Code
  • Free Technical Support

Most popular types of trading Software Systems

With its endless advantages, the demand for trading software is on a high like never before. If you are looking for trading software development services that helps you to work in the discipline, make the correct decisions, enable back testing, improve order entry speed, and allow you to diversify, your trade all at the same time, then we at Mtoag Technologies have the just-right solutions for you.

  • Algorithmic trading systems
  • Software for technical analysis
  • Stock tracker apps
  • Portfolio management apps
  • Strategy building software
  • Software for technical analysis
  • Stock tracker apps

Automated trading
Software Development

Automated trading is a powerful program that enables individuals to participate in financial markets by streamlining the process of entering and exiting trades. With this approach, you can easily specify the number of shares you want, the price you want to pay for them, and an approximate average. If you're looking for a highly profitable way to thrive and succeed in the challenging yet rewarding digital landscape, automated trading is the answer. For more information on automated trading app development, consider reaching out to Mtoag Technologies, a top-tier trading software development company. Our team of trading app developers can help you create a cutting-edge automated trading app that meets all of your needs and exceeds your expectations. Contact us today to learn more.

Automated trading services

Discover new opportunities and empower your growth like never before with our automated trading services.


Automating proprietary trading strategies

Mtoag Technologies offer the trading software develoment services, that allows the user to transform their trading strategies into algorithms and create bots for performing the executions. Private traders, hedge funds, and financial institutions spend years of experience and knowledge on creating strategies to get in and out of the market.


Expertise in technical & fundamental analysis

At Mtoag Technologies our expertise lies in converting technical indicator or a series of indicators into algorithms that enables the user to execute their trades in the fastest and the most efficient ways. Our deep level of understanding and knowledge of the financial markets enables us to convert quick strategies into codes accurately and without the risk of any flaws or misunderstandings.


Interacting bots with any brokerage/exchange API

It does matter how good andefficient your automated trading system software is if it does not work with the broker of your choice. Years of hard work, experience, and knowledge have enabled us to create and develop automated trading bots that can work effectively and efficiently on diverse platforms. Some of the prime platforms where our bots can work flawlessly are OANDA, DB, interactive brokers, and many others.

The key features of the trading software & app

There are thousands of trading apps available in the market. But before you finalize one, you must ensure that it has all the essential features. at the end of the day, it is these features that build a platform for you where you can minimize the risks and trade efficiently in the trade market. The salient features include :

  • Customizable dashboards
  • Portfolio management
  • Automated orders
  • Alert features
  • Graphic visualization
  • Technical indicators
  • Access to fundamental data
  • Charting tools
  • Tools for checking real-time quotes
  • Third-party library integration
  • Backtesting
  • Filtering and sorting tools
  • Research capabilities
  • Trading calendar
  • News feeds
  • Instant messaging
  • Tools for scanning and searching for opportunities

How do we make our trading applications?

The primary purpose of trading software development is to create a platform that makes the placement of orders, opening, and closing of trades an informed decision. As one of the best eminent automated trading software development company, we at Mtoag Technologies develop trading software for you that is excellent not just in terms of functionality and revenue-generating but also to allow you sustainability both in long term as well as short term investments.



Anything that is related to money and investments is always a risky job. Therefore, to make things easier for you, we at Mtoag Technologies ensure that your software is built with sophisticated encryption technologies that allow you to proceed with your trading in the most comfortable and secure fashion.


Data collection & analysis

There is simply no denying the fact that access to market data has the potential to make or break the level of your trading strategy. At Mtoag Technologies we build software based on several trading-related ideas which makes the decision-making process an easy one for the users.


Global market coverage

Getting trading alerts and notifications on a global level is a must for successful trading. Our software’scome with alerts and notifications through which it becomes impossible for you to missall the major trading activities happening around the world. This step plays a crucial role in helping you to make informed and wise decisions.



Whether you are someone who is in intraday trading or trading of any other sort, speed will always be the key. At Mtoag Technologies, we are committed to creating software that is not just highly functional but also the ones that are effective in speed and do not slow you down.


Easy to use

What makes Mtoag Technologies an excellent destination for trading applications is the fact that we can develop the most complex of trades into a platform that is easy to navigate and is user-friendly. We do not want you to lose exceptional trading opportunities over the confusion of complicated software.



In today’s time and age customization is the key to success. At Mtoag Technologies we understand the diverse needs and requirements of our customers and ensure that we are developing applications that satiate their specific trading requirements.

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Mtoag Technologies has been in the IT industry for many yearsnow. We consist of a team of dedicated professionals that works hard and passionately on developing solutions that are sure to bring ease and functionality to the lives of our customers. Our high level of creativity and innovations and staying in sync with the best of technology and advancements make us the best in the market.

With its high percentage of efficiency in risk management and increased profitability in the market environment, there is a huge demand for automated trading software in the market. However, it will be difficult to evaluate the approximate cost of this software. The cost depends on factors like features, technology stack, etc. To evaluate the approximate price of your automated trading software, get in touch with the leading trade app development company Mtoag Technologies today.

If you are interested in the trading market, then an automated trading software is sure to make your life easy and profitable like never before. Some of the many advantages of trading software are :

  • Easy management of the portfolio.
  • Easy and convenient dealings.
  • No middle man required.
  • Immediate transactions.
  • Cost effective& user friendly

If you are looking for a platform through which you can manage your trading accounts from anywhere and anytime in the most comfortable and efficient ways, then we at Mtoag Technologies are here to help you do the same. Some of the most essential features of our trading software are :

  • Live market prices
  • News feeds
  • Order placement
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Technical analysis etc.

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