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Re Utilize our mobile app and e-commerce website to invite all of your retail customers. For the online expansion of your physical shop, create a completely customized and organized iOS and Android mobile application. E-commerce app development may help you grow your company online and boost revenue. Our e-commerce app development firm uses the power of the Internet to create mobile apps for online stores that make it simple for consumers to place orders at any time and from any location. Create a unique e-commerce app and website for your business today to boost sales.


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Features of an Ecommerce App

Personalized Ecommerce

Develop a user-friendly e-commerce app for your businesses to manage your online store operations with ease. We keep track of what consumers are searching for so that we may display their shared preferences to them the next time they purchase.

  • User Authentication
  • List the categories and items
  • Include in shopping list
  • Utilizable Filters
  • Order status view
  • Multiple methods of payment

Custom Ecommerce Website Development

Increase company sales by allowing clients to explore items on your website. By enticing the audience, we create unique e-commerce websites with all new features.

  • Registration Login
  • A group of goods
  • Select the closest location
  • View order status
  • Discounts and Promotions

Hub for Secure Management and Simple Control

The most secure foundation is supported by our admin panel, which makes it easier to manage and link our website and mobile app in real time. Maintain each of your users’ activities from a single administrative portal.

  • Control the user database
  • Uphold Security
  • Control advertising
  • Control the flag post
  • Analytics & Reports

Take a Look at Our Portfolio and Discover App Ideas Brought to Life

We Don't Just Use Technology; We Live It! Our dedicated team of experts creates innovative mobile app solutions that empower businesses and transform ideas into reality. Check out our portfolio and experience the difference between working with a team that truly understands and embraces the power of technology.

Developing Next-Generation Retail Solutions for Ecommerce

In the COVID-19 age, we are dedicated to preserving business continuity. Our partners may increase their presence on the digital channels thanks to the ready-to-market eCommerce web application development and eCommerce mobile app development solutions we provide.


Technology Consulting for Ecommerce

The technology framework audit and strategy for multi-channel digital marketing, application migration, backend automation, eCommerce business analytics solutions, and more are the pointer of technology consulting.


Online Purchasing and Delivery

A firm that develops e-commerce apps offers user-friendly web and mobile applications that make online ordering for retail clients simpler. Manage shipment schedules, allow multi-currency payments, and monitor order fulfillment using in-house or outside logistics while coordinating inventories across numerous delivery channels.


Website Development for E-commerce

Easy conversion of retailers from a brick-and mortar to a click-based business model is made possible by the custom development of dynamic, user-friendly, mobile-optimized e-commerce websites with multiple currency support, Payment Gateway Integration, Secure Checkout, Sales Analytics, and order Management.


Inventory Control

Our flexible, web-and mobile-based solutions make use of our in-house business intelligence technologies to provide merchants detailed access over their online inventory on their own websites or on marketplace like Amazon.


Supply Chain Administration

Our smartphone and online solutions that are responsive simplify the demand planning, purchasing, manufacturing, logistics, and delivery processes. Hire mobile app developers for e-commerce to improve supply chain efficiency.


Online Marketing

Utilizing lead generation, email marketing, search engine optimization, social media campaigns, and social media to increase customer engagement across channels and gain the largest possible share of consumer spending.


Distribution & Management of Content

Implementation of open source and premium content management systems (CMS) for e-commerce, including Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, graphic components, product setup, and third-party connectors may all be customised.


Promotional Technology

Ecommerce mobile app development firm providing Marketing Automation Services from Pardot, HubSpot, GetResponse, and MailChimp as well as CRM Implementation from Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, or Open Source, and integration of IoT with chatbot development.


Services for Backend support

When employing absences threaten to cripple your business, use our backend support services to improve the efficiency of your product catalogue, merchandising, and SKU management.

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Our Revolutionary Services for Developing Ecommerce Applications Ecommerce Applications

We, as an e-commerce application development firm, provide top-notch e-commerce development services to get your e-commerce applications ready for the future with the aid of some of the most revolutionary technology available today.

AR/VR and e-commerce app integration

With the help of our ecommerce application development services, consumers will be able to virtually sample products before making a purchase without ever having to leave the comfort of their house.

AI Ecommerce App integration

As a reputable provider of ecommerce software, we understand the finer points of incorporating AI-powered features into applications like Chatbots to make them more cutting-edge.

Integration of e-commerce apps Blockchain

We use Blockchain in a multitude of purchasing, lending, and selling operations, from keeping your clients' information to handling the payments.

IoT integration in e-commerce

We have the capacity to link your devices and create an omni-platform shopping experience. We transform your e-commerce application into the app of the future as an e-commerce software development business

Integration of e-commerce apps mPOS

With our mPOS options installed in the stores of our associated merchants, we raise the comfort level of financial transactions.

Our adept E-commerce mobile app developers deliver the best-fit solutions to your unique project requirements

Why Use Mtoag Technology for Online Shopping Company

Developing Mobile Apps for E-Commerce and Providing Business-Centered Solutions


Continuous Delivery

Employees support 100% operational procedures from their homes, ensuring that the project is finished on schedule and to the greatest standards possible.


24/7 Client Support

The help which is accessible throughout the client’s time zone and post-deployment support from a committed project manager


Approach to agile development

Rapid project completion, smooth communication between all parties, and thorough documentation for support and training


Comprehensive development

Highly competent cross-functional employees are working to decrease the time it takes to market and speed up software development


Options for Flexible Engagement

Customized engagement strategies that can be scaled to meet any demand, no matter how large or little


Centres of Excellence (CoE)

The delivery models are used to help offer cutting-edge technological solutions using best practises.

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Our development teams only use modern and scalable technologies to deliver a mobile or web application the way you mean it.

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