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Transform Your Company Data Into Insights Using Big Data.

With the usage of sensors, gadgets, social media, and other channels, data sources are growing, but the most significant expansion is occurring in terms of divergent information. This data falls under the category of big data. The four Vs of big data are volume, variety, velocity, and veracity, which our data professionals are aware of. You will get immediate insights into your company operations with our AI-driven big data analytics.

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Big Data Services

Power your company with our Big Data Services, which provide meaningful business insights.


Big Data Consulting

In its capacity as one of the top Big Data Service providers, Mtoag assists customers in formulating their big data strategies and choosing the best technological tools and procedures to meet their tactical goals.


Integration, Migration, Development, and Application of Big Data

Big data solutions that are quick and dependable become more important as your business expands and seizes market dominance. At Mtoag, we provide solutions and services for the creation, migration, integration, and use of Big Data.


Data Lake Handling and Processing NoSQL Data Integration

We are well aware that better, faster decision-making results from the capacity to harness more data, from more sources, in less time, and from enabling people to collaborate and analyse data in different ways. At Mtoag, we provide complete solutions for handling and processing NoSQL data in Data Lakes.


Big Data Solution Design and Architecture

For many years, Rydot has provided services for Big Data Architecture and Solution Design. To address your large data processing demands, our well planned big data architecture is essential.


Algorithm Development and Big Data Modelling

At Mtoag, we are committed to assisting businesses in developing goods that have a significant positive impact on their bottom line. We have a group of seasoned experts that are very skilled at creating intricate algorithms and large data models.


Modelling Big Data and ETL for Analytics

At Mtoag, we are committed to assisting businesses in developing goods that have a significant positive impact on their bottom line. We have a group of seasoned experts that are very skilled at creating intricate algorithms and large data models.


Massive Data Analysis

For major corporations worldwide, our professionals have developed big data analytics solutions that are cutting edge. We provide a wide range of services to help you make the most of your big data.


Big Data with AI and Machine Learning

Business processes may be transformed by big data, machine learning, and AI. At Mtoag, we use AI and ML for Big Data Solutions that can transform company data into something that is straightforward, accurate, and narrative.


Testing, Provisioning, and Automation for Big Data

We provide services for big data testing, provisioning, and automation once the creation of big data solutions is successful. For any big data solution, we provide all the full services required for discovery, delivery, installation, administration, testing, automation, and maintenance.

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Features of Mtoag Big Data Service

Provisioning a Flexible Hadoop Cluster

With VM shapes ranging from dedicated bare metal environments with 1 OCPU to Hadoop clusters of any capacity, Mtoag Big Data Service makes it simple for users to install Hadoop clusters of any size. Customers may expand or contract their clusters and select between high-performance NVMe storage and affordable block storage.

Streamlined Availability and Security of Data

Creating highly available and secure Hadoop clusters is made easier by Mtoag Big Data Service. Big Data Service, which is based on Mtoag best practices, offers high availability and security with a single click and eliminates the need for in-depth Hadoop knowledge.

SQL Mtoag Cloud

Customers may launch Mtoag SQL queries on data in HDFS, Kafka, and Mtoag Cloud Infrastruture Object Storage using Mtoag Cloud SQL, a service that is offered as an add-on. With these data stores, any user, application, or analytics tool may interact transparently while minimizing data transport and accelerating queries by leveraging push-down, scale-out processing.

SparkR with Mtoag Machine Learning

Data scientists may edit data stored in Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) sources such as spark DataFrames, Apache Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), and other sources using Mtoag Machine Learning for SparkR. They may also use high-performance libraries with scalable, parallelized algorithms to develop machine learning models in R for simple deployment with Apache Spark. Users may simple use Mtoag Machine Learning for SparkR either the provided notebook or a customer-installed notebook, allowing them to utilize all Mtoag Big Data Service cluster nodes.

An Integrated, Comprehensive Big Data Solution

Because it integrates with data integration, data science, and analytics services and makes it simple for developers to access data using Mtoag SQL, Mtoag Big Data Service is simple for clients to use and maintain. Businesses may do away with data silos and guarantee and data lakes are connected to other corporate data sources.

Our adept Big Data developers deliver the best-fit solutions to your unique project requirements

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Advantages of Big Data

The value of big data is determined by how a firm uses the data it collects, not by how much data it has. We work with businesses to collect data from multiple sources, analyze it, and come up with solutions that will:

  • Money saved
  • Reduced duration
  • Creation of novel products
  • Improved knowledge of market circumstances

'Big Data' and Database Solutions: Why Use Mtoag?

Regardless of your needs or objectives, at Mtoag, our goal is always the same. To assist you in achieving your long-term business intelligence and analytics objectives, we provide end-to-end processes.

Personalized solutions

We provide specialized big data solutions and services that enable contemporary businesses to focus on their core competencies as well as daily operations.

Strong Framework

At Mtoag, we create prototype models using a strong foundation. They have the capacity to carefully choose just reliable data sources, display information in a way that is digestible, and adhere to data plans in order to generate the most amount of money.

An Accomplished Big Data Team

We have a group of experienced big data experts that work with you to put the necessary technology in place so you can manage and analyze your data, forecast consumer demand, and make smarter choices when you need to.

Solutions for Integrated Data Management

We provide independent, impartial analyses, as well as original ideas and inventive integrated data management solutions. By efficiently and swiftly processing high-volume, high-velocity transactions and events, our big data solutions facilitate scalability.

Agile Techniques

At Mtoag, we use agile approach to create adaptable, scalable, and economical big data solutions. We are skilled in maximizing the potential of your priceless company data with the aid of focused data management solutions.

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