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Employee Tracking App Solution

Our Employee tracking app allows you to manage your business resources effectively, providing access to vital information i.e. Employee time tracking and location tracking that helps to improve your sales / services and reduces cost.

Employee Tracking Application
Employee Tracking Application
  • User-friendly
  • Complete digitization
  • Easy request
  • Check Eligibility

GPS Based Staff Tracking App Development

Our employee location tracking app allows you to manage your business resources effectively, providing access to vital information that helps to improve your sales/services and reduces cost. It will show you all the required details of your business employees and includes alert and reporting features. You can easily track your employee location and visit status, where they go, to whom they meet & how many orders they receive daily.

How Our Employee Location Tracking App work?

Track your on-field employees' location in real-time, build route map and calculate distance traveled


Get the app

Install the app, fill the details, maintain employee's details, track online time, daily, weekly & monthly reports, etc.


Employee's status

Know whether your hired people are available, engaged, on-route, busy, reached or done the job or not.



Know which order is assigned to whom with each & every order details whether completed or work in a progress.


Clients feedback

Improve your work flow by knowing what feedback you got from your customer after the work completion.

Features of Our Employee Tracking App

  • Automatic conveyance settlement.
  • Employee's real time login & log out status.
  • Instant map view of your field employees to track the location.
  • Report or circulate message/important updates to the team.
  • Dedicated & firm application for professional communication.
  • Employees can capture task done images & can send multiple no of files.
  • Feature rich web application for managers & administrators.
  • Consolidate employee's reports for the periods.

GPS Features

The best thing you need to give attention about it is that you don't have to have a geek speak gradation in order to make that magical GPS work for you. They are just simple & easily track status of employee location on route operating on a real time basis.

Digital process

It's good to go with the generation & work digitally. The app features allows you to perform the entire task without any usage of paper so it's a paperless work thus saving time, processing digitally & making you smart in terms of work done.

Lights-in & out

GPS automatically turns on and start Tracking employee's location when any employee's login with the application & turns out when they sign-out with it thus performs an automatic function providing you to less bother about the route status.

Mtoag can help you with your drive for productivity

Here are features we offer that will help you increase your efficiency and optimize workflow across different sectors

Sales & Marketing

  • Track real-time location and meetings
  • Get geo-verified proof of client visit
  • Monitor sales and marketing productivity
  • Validate conveyance bills
  • Book orders on the go


  • Track real-time location and task status
  • Assign tasks real-time
  • Get geo-verified proof of work completed
  • Check for delays against SLA
  • Informed decision making with real-time data


  • Track real-time attendance at site
  • See real-time staff at your worksite
  • Replace biometric attendance with an automatic phone-based solution
  • Know who is coming early or leaving late


  • Reduce labour leakage
  • See real time staffing strength at each of your sites
  • Replace biometric with automatic phone based solution
  • Know who is coming early or leaving late

Security services

  • Track real time attendance at site
  • Record and validate client visits
  • Validate conveyance bills
  • Verify location and presentability

Field Research

  • Track real time location and work progress
  • Record and validate site visits
  • Collect and aggregate data electronically

Empower your workforce with employee tracking app features

Track your employee's work location status that is deployed in field.


Live tracking

Track employees on real time basis & know there live movements on Google map.


100 % assurance

Get assured about your employee's status by ensuring they are safe & working productive.


Actual visit counter

Capture the actual time when an employee's meet to client & departure from there.


Sales order

Take the customer order & update their complete information regarding order.


Assign order to team

With the help of this you can easily assign the order to team at various locations sitting at one place only.


Plan & schedule visits

Scheduling / rescheduling / cancellation can be easily done & update it on app thus helps quick processing.

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