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Nowadays, businesses across industries are connecting their devices and sensors to the internet to improve customer experience, boost productivity, and unleash new revenue streams. Leveraging the prowess in IoT technology, Beyond Root renders the best cloud-based IoT mobile app development services for web and mobile app solutions, ensuring secure device connectivity. Besides, our experts follow a strategy-driven and agile approach to steering the IoT implementation journey of the businesses right from ideation and conceptualization to development and deployment.

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The IoT ecosystem enables entities to predict, to connect to, & control their IoT devices.

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This module helps the app users to search for various food outlets, restaurants, cafes, eateries, bars by locality and cuisine preferences. Through the search option, users can discover new food haunts and joints with a variety of choicest cuisines.

After selecting the required food items, users can place their order by using the simple feature for food ordering with a few taps on their smartphones. When they are done with the selection, they just need to continue to checkout and complete the order process.

Vehicles can recognize driving patterns and comprehend feelings that might influence drivers to spare lives and upgrade the experience.

Real time monitoring & controlling physical equipment through onboard sensors that gather information about vehicle & driver conduct.

Getting the status and state of the associated cars is effectively pictured on the dashboard. Further, getting to data by means of cell phone applications gets instant help.

In the field of security and surveillance IoT based application can be utilized remotely to see the movement and get warnings when movement is distinguished.

When it comes to demand-aware warehouse fulfillment IoT enable us to monitor sales opportunities in real time and track missed in-store sales.

Every grocery store has a lot of complicated equipment, with the help of IoT power consumption for savings or monitor temperature fluctuations to ensure food safety can be easily predictable.

Moving merchandise more efficiently is one of the objectives of smart transportation applications in retail and IoT can come into play with the support of transport, tracking and route optimization.

Presently, inside smart stores, we will be able to use video or Wi-Fi foot-traffic monitoring to check whether customers dwell over a product area or not apart from this we can adjust store layouts for more efficient customer visits.

loT will empower users with actionable insight to better comprehend their energy utilization in real-time, down to the small apparatus level — to make customized suggestion for users based on information accumulated.

IoT will dimnish the complexity of managing energy consumption from different places and provide an all-in-one stop. This implies gadgets like cell phone, tablet and PC can associate and approach to other smart gadgets.

Smart metering through IoT decreases working expenses by overseeing metering operations remotely. It likewise enhances the forecasting and diminishes vitality robbery and misfortune.

With the utilization of internet connected smart meters at individual customers, smart grid gathers the current load information rather than chronicled data and after that control nearby energy generation and load.

The admin can manage restaurants and food outlets and can segregate them in their respective categories according to restaurant type, cuisine offered, price menu, delivery options and discount offers & deals for developing business efficiency.

This feature helps the owners to individually set payment schedules and commission rates to be directly paid to each partner through the panel.

Industrialists in every sector have a significant role at hand where they can not only screen but also robotize many of complex process associated with manufacturing.

By using IoT sensors in products and/or packaging, manufacturers can gain insights into the usage patterns and handling of product from multiple customers.

The utilization of IoT sensors in manufacturing equipment empowers condition-based maintenance alerts. IoT Sensors can effectively screen machines and send an alert when the equipment deviates from its recommended parameters.

IoT empowered machinery can transmit operational data to the accomplices like unique equipment manufacturers and to handle engineers. A digitally associated unit will build up a superior line of summons.

IoT sensors are utilized to recognize and correct quality issues, it gathers total product information and other third party syndicated information from different phases of product cycle.

With the assistance of IoT you can offer direction to machines remotely for ex-wearable computing like Google Glass can help laborers on-location get to direction manuals in hands-free mode, or benefit from remote help that sees what they see.

Wearable computing in the form of wristbands can screen driver health and alertness. Any move can be made instantly if the points of confinement are in threat of being exceeded.

Keep your basic heavy equipment from running down with the assistance of IOT. Heavy construction hardware is being furnished with sensors, which can be remotely observed for key pointers of potential upkeep issues like temperature, fluctuations & so forth.

Sensors in machines enable them to transmit data about their status and any requirement for service or repairs. Settling machines before they break makes more sense than sitting tight for disappointment.

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