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We support insurance organizations to develop a multipurpose Mobile app development for Insurance by our insurance plan App improvement services that offer greater experience through an intuitive, multi-platform freedom solution for their customers. Customer could readily buy daily life insurance policy & feel relaxed understanding their family member is shielded today & tomorrow.

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Mobile App Development for Insurance

For Life on the go- In this modern era of world where all the communication takes place via mobile phone, this was one of the biggest challenge that insurance companies are facing. Well, the mobile app insurance app makes it possible for the customer to collect all the details related with the life insurance policy. Have a quick simulation by easily applying through an app using smartphone or if registered a policy holder can simply check the details while on a go.

With the mobile app it bridges the gap between the policy holders and insurers. Empowering the insurer to prominent customer experience by drawing in the customer better through fast reaction and by giving simple access to data.

Insurance App Development Solutions

We attempt custom form Core Insurance software Projects from Design to completion, offering an intense customer relationship management system for the Insurance companies. We give benefits that deals with the whole operation from applying the life covered amount required for life insurance to paying the premium from an application.

Policyholder Insurance App Development solutions

Insurance App Development

Life cover required amount

The app enables the customer to buy life insurance policy, choose the life cover required amount & pay the premium as per suitability.

Insurance Mobile App Development

Frequency of payment

Policy holder can choose the option of monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually to pay the premium at flexibility.

Mobile App Development for Insurance

Interest accumulator

The app automatically calculates the interest rate applied per minute thus user can easily check their interest.

Insurance App Development

Premium payment reminder

Policyholder receives premium payment reminder notification so there is no need to worry about paying premium on time.

Insurance Mobile App Development

Flexible payment mode

Add money in insurance account, withdraw, send money to a friend or pay the premium by choosing multiple payment option.

Mobile App Development for Insurance


Policyholder can directly contact to insurer app support number or can submit their issues, the backend will receive it & contact them.

We have specific Insurance App Development solutions for you

Insurance App Development

Ease & security

Helping customers enroll policies within a minute with secure payment facility.

Insurance Mobile App Development

Manage policy holder data

Manage customer basic & vital information like profile, bank, insurance account information, etc.

Mobile App Development for Insurance

In-app notification

Important notifications delivered on customer's Smartphone related with premium payment, etc.

Insurance App Development

Better interface

Allow better user interface in terms of checking outstanding balance, credit limit, available credit, etc.

Insurance Mobile App Development

Integration with the existing system

We ensure with the clients that there are no data corruptions or leakage issues.

Mobile App Development for Insurance


With app analytics, you can strategically target your customers and recommend new policies and solutions.

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Mtoag Programmers have rich experience in developing insurance apps and widgets for their clients in the following industries.

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  • iPad app development
  • Apple watch development
  • Apple TV Apps

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When it involves any requirement related to program development, we have options for practically all businesses and niches. We position amongst the world's Top mobile app development company list.

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