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As a premier taxi booking app development company, Mtoag Technologies boasts a team of top-notch taxi app developers. We have a proven track record of creating over 40 successful taxi booking applications that are currently in use in various regions around the globe, including India, USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Mozambique, and more.

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Taxi Booking App Development

As a top-tier Taxi app development company, Mtoag Technologies boasts a team of highly skilled and professional Taxi app developers. Our Taxi app developers have the expertise and experience to create exceptional taxi apps, with unique and functional features similar to those of Uber, Ola, and Careem. We ensure that our taxi apps are compatible with all platforms, including android and IOS, to ensure optimal functionality. Our focus on UI/UX designs and customizations sets us apart as a premier taxi app development company. If you're searching for a reliable and exceptional taxi app development company with skilled Taxi app developers, look no further than Mtoag Technologies. Connect with us today to take advantage of our exceptional services.

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Taxi app development key features

There has been a massive craze for taxi development apps across all parts of the world. But before you get into this sector and go ahead with developing your own app, here is a list of features that must be a part of your app for you to make it big out there :


Preference of vehicles

One essential feature of a taxi app is that it allows users to choose the kind of vehicle they want to travel in. Some people might prefer a sedan depending on likes and utility, while some might go for an SUV.


Taxi booking services

With this feature, the users can select their drivers, cars, pickup location, and even the drop-off location. With this feature, the primary purpose is to optimize the user experience.



Customization is an integral part of any trade. Apps have a feature where the users can specify their choice of music, air conditioning, etc. Personalization brings client satisfaction that is sure to be beneficial for every organization.


Advance taxi bookings

In many cases, people want to book rides well in advance; while some might plan it a day ahead, some might like to schedule their rides a week before. With this feature, people are sure to add a lot of convenience to their lives.


Flexibility in the payment methods

In today’s time and age, any application that does not have proper payment methods is sure to go down the drain. This feature allows the user to use multiple payment options such as credit cards, debit cards, online payments, cash, etc.


Confirm and cancel rides

Certain parameters are considered before the ride is assigned to a particular driver. The distance between the cab and the passenger is a primary one. This feature allows the drivers to book their rides and cancel their rides.



Safety is an essential aspect of any app. This feature is critical as it provides both the driver and the user with a sense of security. Even though companies follow a strict protocol before hiring drivers, this security feature consists of emergency buttons that can be used in case of any mishap.


Real-time location

This feature enables the users as well as the drivers to make the understanding of routes an easy process. They can both track not just the actual time locations but also pick routes, which saves time and money.


Rating and reviews

All apps consist of a rating and review section. This is essential as it makes a company aware of both their strengths and weaknesses. They can take into account the conduct of the drivers and make necessary changes as and when required.

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Take a Look at Our Portfolio and Discover App Ideas Brought to Life

We Don't Just Use Technology; We Live It! Our dedicated team of experts creates innovative mobile app solutions that empower businesses and transform ideas into reality. Check out our portfolio and experience the difference between working with a team that truly understands and embraces the power of technology.

Passenger apps

A passenger app is the most essential part of a taxi app as it enables the user to book their cab rides. It is only with the use of passenger apps that the users are able to book and manage their rides. This app comes with several exciting features such as easy onboarding, inbuilt chat, scheduled rides, notification and alerts, fare estimates, saved locations, etc., which makes the entire process a clean one for the user. These apps are a blessing for the users and saves on both their time as well as money.


Driver App

The driver’s app is just as important as the passenger app. Just as the name suggests, a driver app is essential for enhanced driver management. This app comes with several features such as route planners, dispatchers, etc. This makes the life of both the user and the drivers easy. An effective driver’s app is also one of the most effective ways to get a good return on your investments. These apps are also essential as they bring better security, agility, and improved decision-making.

Admin and
dispatcher panel

It is only because of the admin and dispatcher panel that perfect coordination can be attained between the driver and the passenger. This feature enables the admin to mintiro a vigil on the comprehensive data such as the total no. of rides, popular locations, payment methods, etc. This detailed analysis helps them to make the right future decisions and find means to boost productivity and optimize the user experience. An ideal platform for both the user as well as the driver.


UBER Clone Script Highlights

Booking Cab using website

Customer can book a ride using website at any place.


Provides in-app navigation to help driver to reach to the destination within a time.

Dispatch System

Allows voice-calls over data or Wi-Fi between drivers and passengers, drivers and admins, and rider and admin.

GPS-enabled automated locating

Allows passengers to book a ride without the mobile app by logging in their booking details via a web application.


Our add-on features allow you to serve your niche business needs while simultaneously providing greater flexibility to your customers.

  • 10+ Years of Expertise
  • Dedicated Managers
  • Flexible Setting
  • Dedicated Personnel
  • Progress on Check
  • Security NDA


  • Ride booking one-way or round trip
  • Out of town rides booking
  • Choose vehicle as per your needs
  • Travel at any season


  • Travel different places within the city
  • Multiple stops wherever you want
  • Drivers will wait while you make your visit
  • It's something to feel like your own car


  • Grant third party to use your trademark
  • Franchisee get its own login panel
  • Organize all the operation of services
  • Expand your taxi business & earn more

Monthly packages

  • Book a cab at flexible monthly packages
  • No worries to reach the office on time
  • Ideally suits to office people
  • Enjoy hassle-free rides each & every day

Service provider

  • Create as many as service provider you want
  • Offer services to client in exchange for payment
  • Service provider seperate login panel
  • Organize & oversee all the service provider

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Great Solution for an Intelligent Move

Our base solutions provide businesses more versatility based on their needs

Worldwide solution

The multi-lingual option allows you to make your presence globally and we would help you on this.

Intuitive features

Multi-lingual option allows you to make your presence globally and we would help you on this.

Pre-Built Solution

We developed a native application for saving time and money.

Devoted Support

We developed native application for saving time and money.


Unlimited drivers, riders, Sub-Admins and rides

Unlimited use of driver, rider, admin and all part of the taxi app development. There is no cap for using the application. This will give you free hands to do marketing and give all technical work to us only.

Advantages of advanced taxi app development

Living in a digital world, people have become used to services delivered right at their doorsteps. The majority of people globally are opting for services where they can avail high-quality services with minimum or no verbal communication. A taxi app allows you to expand your business and brand name smartly. Some of the many advantages of advanced taxi app development are :

GPS tracking, maps, and routes

GPS features are a must to ensure the smooth functioning of the app. It provides the driver, passenger, and the admin with real-time locations and helps them to choose routes that save time and void traffic.


The primary purpose of these apps is to establish the proper connection between the driver and the passengers. Everything can be done flawlessly from booking a cab to taking care of the payment.

Brand building

One of the most effective ways to survive and make it big in the digital world is through the use of an advanced taxi app. It helps you in brand building and makes you a household name among the users.

24*7 services

The primary purpose of these apps is to simplify lives to another level. With an app, one no longer has to find cabs at regular or odd times. All that needs to be done is to log in to the app, fill in your requirements, and get started.


Before you book a ride, you will be given the essential information regarding the total cost of the rides, time taken, etc. This not only saves you from negotiations but also gives you a clear picture.

How Do Our Taxi app Developers Offer You a Fantastic Solution?

All the necessary components that address your entire taxi business demands are integrated by our taxi app developers.


Bolster the Global Platform

You may easily deploy your ride-hailing app for international platforms with the help of our taxi booking app developers.


Broaden Your Audience

By offering customers superior service, feature-rich taxi booking app solutions and web consoles assist in reaching a wide audience.


Adaption Support

With customization support, you may adapt your solution stack to your particular business requirements.


Offer Free Assistance

Three months of free service are available from our taxi app development team, and they will adjust the solution stack to meet your needs.

Why choose Mtoag Technologies as your taxi app development company?

Mtoag Technologies is one of the leading IT companies in India that has created a niche and class apart name for itself in the development of apps. We consist of a team of professionals who work hard and passionately towards curating apps that are functional on all platforms, be it android, or iOS, are user friendly and in sync with the best in technology and advancements. We are a good choice for taxi app development because :


User-friendly apps

We make apps that are easy to use and understand.


One-click booking

We provide you with solutions that make the use of taxis an easy process for both the driver and the passenger.



Our team curates high-end apps for you and takes care of the essentials such as coding, servers, updates, etc.


Reliable services

We provide our customers with reliable services and aim at solving problems at the earliest.

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At Mtoag Technologies we are a one-stop destination taking care of all your app development needs to help you curate apps that are as proficient and effective as Uber and Ola. Our apps are an amalgamation of several factors such as GPS tracking and navigation, sources code full accessible, website booking, dispatcher panel, etc., which enables us to create perfect apps like uber.

Yes, it is our responsibility to deploy the app after it is completed.

Yes, your taxi app will be stable and secure.

There is no definite answer to this question. Several factors determine the total cost of developing an app. These factors are the features implemented, duration of development, API integration, etc. The price can also differ for apps that are used for android and iOS platforms. To evaluate the approximate price of your taxi app development, contact Mtoag Technologies today.

Several forms of payments are accepted for taxi apps. You can use credit cards, debit cards, UPIS, cash, etc.

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