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Augmented Reality App Development

Mtoag Technologies is in the charmed segment of leading Augmented Reality Application development companies bearing a global presence.
Location-Based AR
Mtoag Technologies is in the charmed segment of leading Augmented Reality Application development companies bearing a global presence.
Superimposition-Based AR
Superimposition-based AR can give a realistic view of the object in concern. It can be efficiently employed in healthcare, education, travel & hospitality amongst others.
Recognition-Based AR
Recognition-based AR runs on the concept of object recognition technology. Businesses with the help of recognition-based AR can place and provide information about their business products or services.

Benefits of Augmented Reality application development

We use Augmented Reality to give life to your ideas, convert your vision into reality and show data in a new, unique way. Augmented Reality blends virtual with the real and creates fascinating memories. The Augmented Reality ecosystem is classified into four categories.
Smartphone-based Augmented Reality
Head-mounted gear like Microsoft HoloLens
Smart glasses like Sony Smart Glass
Web browser-based Augmented Reality
What is an Augmented Reality Application?

Our Multi-fold Expertise in Augmented Reality

AR Game App Development
Mtoag provides tailored made social development as per customer needs.
Projections Based Augmented Reality
Projection based AR app solutions helps businesses to scale exceptional heights of success.
Marker-less Augmented Reality
We are equally proficient at developing marker-less augmented reality apps to aid in the travel & hospitality sectors marketing efforts.
Super imposition-based Augmented Reality
Businesses utilizing superimposition-based augmented reality excel in captivating customer interest to their products and services.
Web-based Augmented Reality
We have engineered to bring a web-based augmented reality experience for our clients’ business requirements.

Augmented Reality Application

Learning & Training
Augmented Reality is one of the latest cutting-edge technologies that are finding acceptance in the Learning & Training of people. It is not singly meant for school or college graduate students but is equally effective for office or workplace employees. Augmented reality has an immersive potent that draws the creative and enthusiastic urge of students to learn more effectively. With AR students can interact and work freely without the stress of time constraints or going wrong during training. AR implies more retention power of learning and intuitiveness to the student to discover and apply innovatively for progress.
Augmented Reality & Entertainment
The entertainment industry empowered with augmented reality will fathom breakthrough experiences for users. Augmented reality has so far been deployed to enhance the visual perception of multimedia, videos, and presentations to larger audiences.
Retail & Ecommerce
Augmented reality is transforming customer sentiment when it comes to retail and ecommerce shopping shopping extravaganzas. Customers have become more demanding and retail & ecommerce stores need to harness the power of AR to satisfy them. They need to exude the confidence that would motivate shoppers to attune their shopping decisions in their favor.

Why Mtoag Is Awesome?

We bring in more than a decade-long programming experience with our customer-friendly products. We understand the nitty-gritty and intricacies and overcome challenges effectively!
Save Time and Money
Save precious time and money by utilizing cutting-edge technology templates created by Mtoag’s development specialists.
Engineered by the Specialists
Our specialist programmers bring their engineering prowess for developing templates and starters. To date, they have commissioned more than 150 apps.
Regularly Checked and Tested
To ensure complete bug-free builds, the starters are regularly checked and tested through automation testing for each user. You can verify the live product test status from the product feature page.
Free Updates
Our clients are benefited from free updates of the core framework or library on bugs or other issues remedied and resolved in previous versions.
Complete Documentation
We provide complete usage and setup documentation of the major starters supplied along with the delivered product. Technical blogs are also published regularly by our programmer team for ready reference.
Try Before You Buy
Prospective customers can try out all the templates and starters on their own devices prior to the actual purchase.

Recreate your visualization through Augmented Reality App Solutions

Augmented reality apps have enriched the inter-related experience of the real world with the virtual world. With the advent of AR, innovation has found new meaning with IOT progressions thronging the world of today. AR augments the real-world environment with the virtual world through the modes of visuals, sounds, GPS elements among others.

Mtoag’s Box of AR Offerings for Multi-faceted Industry Segments

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