Instagram Images Are a Lifeline for Your Email Campaign

Raju Ram Khakhal
Aug 12, 2019

Getting your Instagram photos to the inbox of your prospects is a win-win situation for you. Nothing would go unnoticed provided you use email and Instagram like a pro. Even a few years ago, senders could not automatically pull in images because Instagram did not have an RSS feed at the point in time for accounts and hashtags. Today, you can use Webstagram, which is free and using its feeds, marketers can pull in photos, a link, and descriptions to the visual hosted on Instagram and next put them into the templates.

According to an article published on , big brands are using Instagram to boost sales. The popular ones include Sephora, Nike, and Vans to name a few. Therefore, read on to learn why Instagram photos are a lifeline for your email campaign.

Instagram visuals with single-click content

If you know how to code, it is super easy to integrate an RSS content segment to your email template and make the most out of a single-click content functionality. It is one of the best and quickest ways to include multiple images to your emails. Let us explain this point with the help of an example. For instance, if you want to add stunning Instagram pictures that your buyers clicked at your product launch event, go ahead and reap the maximum benefits of one-click content. 

There are other options such as filtering images you like and do not like using the email editor.

Using photos in email marketing campaigns frequently

It is the simplest way to ensure that your product visuals are pulled into your templates as well as beneficial if you would like to share your Instagram images automatically in recurring email campaigns.

The process is easy. Simply create an email campaign, choose ‘Recurring RSS campaign’, and integrate the feed URL under the option, ‘start with the website address’. Once you are through with it, all your recent pictures will be pulled in successfully. Looking for Digital Marketing Agency ? then click here.

It is important to note that if you have not taken any photos during the weekly, daily, or monthly time span between the recurring email campaigns, you cannot send the emails.

Using Instagram photos in contests

You can reap the maximum benefits out of Instagram photos and emails through contests. The strategy is beneficial because it complements the character of the photos. Asking people to vote on the best image or taking snaps is a simple thing that all can do in no time.

These contests are easy to participate and instantly drive engagement, unlike conventional marketing materials. The traditional marketing materials are often dull and lack appeal.


Sometimes, traditional marketers request people to offer money and not their time. The key to the success of Instagram photos and email campaigns is the use of original hashtags paired with the photos. When the right hashtags are pulled off, there is nothing like it. It serves as a powerful, wide-spreading, and influential marketing strategy for your email campaigns.


Boost your email marketing campaigns through Instagram photos. You will benefit and succeed in generating leads and product sales.


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