AskCodi AI: Reviews, Pricing, Features, and Alternatives

Yogesh Pant
Jan 08, 2024

The emergence of AI technologies has recently had an impact on numerous sectors, and programming is no exception. While AI hasn’t entirely replaced engineers in their work, it is undoubtedly altering the way we approach software development. 

AI coding tools have grown to be quite useful, helping to write code more quickly, reduce problems, and write boilerplate code. We will assess AskCode, one of these tools, in this blog. 

Can it assist you with your coding assignments? Is it a suitable substitute for GitHub Copilot or ChatGPT?

Let's investigate!

What is AskCodi?

AskCodi is a powerful AI assistant designed to make coding easier and faster for you. 

AskCodi is capable of:

  • Produce code in a variety of well-liked programming languages
  • Compose unit tests.
  • Compose a documentation
  • Describe the code
  • Converse with one another over a chat interface like ChatGPT.

OpenAI Codex, an AI system that translates natural language into code, powers AskCodi. OpenAI Codex can comprehend both programming and human languages with ease since it was trained in a variety of publicly available source code and natural languages. 

AskCodi is accessible via a web application, but it may also be used using an IDE plugin that is compatible with JetBrains, Visual Studio Code, and Visual Studio. 

AskCodi is not just another Q&A site or forum. It is a live chat service that allows you to share your code and get instant feedback from experts who have the skills and knowledge you need. You can choose from a variety of topics and languages, such as Python, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Angular, Node.js, and more. You can also specify the level of difficulty and urgency of your question, and the system will match you with the most suitable coder for your needs. 

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The nicest thing is that consumers may utilize AskCodi for free. To receive assistance from the developers, there is no cost. They are unpaid volunteers who are enthusiastic about imparting their knowledge and fostering the development of others. Neither AskCodi nor any other third party pays them. Their passion for code and desire to positively influence the coding community are their only driving forces. 

How then does it operate? It’s very easy. Simply go to and register using your Google account or email address. After that, you may start exploring or posing new queries. In order to communicate with other users and programmers, you may also join the chat rooms. You are welcome to talk about anything about coding or to provide or receive assistance. In addition, you may evaluate and rate the programmers who assisted you and get reputation points and badges for your efforts. 

AskCodi is not simply a website. It is a group of programmers who are willing to help and learn from one another. It is a location where you may find information, inspiration, answers, and solutions for your coding tasks. It’s a place to hone your coding abilities, broaden your knowledge base, and increase your self-assurance. 

Go no further than AskCodi for a quick, simple, and enjoyable approach to obtaining assistance with your coding inquiries. It is the best option available for any coding need. Give it a try now to see firsthand how AskCodi may improve and simplify your coding life.

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Features of AskCodi

Let’s take a minute to discuss what makes AskCodi so fascinating; all the elements designed to improve the effectiveness and enjoyment of our job. 

Codi Chat

Codi Chat is a chatbot interface where you may ask the AI any question, as you would anticipate. 

Other AI chatbots, like ChatGPT and Chatsonic, may already be known to you, but Codi Chat stands out because it integrates right into your IDE, like Visual Studio Code. 

This eliminates the need to flip between tabs when coding, which makes it quite handy.

Codi Workbook

AskCodi’s workbook is its most potent feature. You may create code, ask AI to explain code, produce documentation, and even create unit tests in this interactive environment. 

Thus, the whole space is intended to increase your productivity. 

Four buttons are accessible to us, as shown in the figure above. Let's dissect each of their functions.

Generating Code

With AskCodi’s code-generating feature, all you have to do is provide a description in the text area and the AI will create the appropriate function. 

So how nice is the code that was generated? Well, it depends. Recall that AskCodi is only one AI coding helper; none are flawless. 

AskCodi sometimes offered excellent functions that didn’t need any more adjustments. However, there were occasions when the output wasn’t quite correct, and I had to press the Generate button many times until the outcome was satisfactory. 

Explaining Code

For each pasted function, the Explain button provides thorough explanations. AI does a remarkable job of offering a thorough analysis of every line of code.

Writing Documentation

Let’s now discuss one of my favorite AskCodi features: the Document button. 

To be honest, not many of us look forward to producing documentation. Additionally, AskCodi can quickly produce stunning documents. 

A detailed summary of the function’s arguments, its returns, and any possible mistakes are all included in the documentation. The AI also provides an explanation of the code and any mistakes. 

This functionality greatly contributes to the organization and ease of navigation of our apps, even if you may need to modify the produced documentation to suit your requirements. 

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Writing Tests

AskCodi’s biggest feature is unquestionably the ability to do unit tests. By just hitting the button, we can immediately build some tests for our method. 

Additionally, AI discusses the code and notes that it makes use of an example testing framework, such as Jest or Jasmine. These tests were generally rather excellent, similar to the ones it produced for a Fibonacci function in the example below.  

Codi Initiatives

This functionality is not too complicated. By dividing our AI generations into distinct projects, it makes workplace organization easier for us. Every project has its workbook and conversation. 

All we have to do is choose a programming language, supply a title, and maybe include a description.

In this manner, we may design distinct settings for various jobs.

Advantages of AskCodi

There are several advantages to utilizing AskCodi, such as:

Enhanced Productivity

AskCodi can assist you in writing code more quickly and effectively. Your time may be better spent on other projects, including architecture and design, as a result. 

Better Quality 

AskCodi may assist you in making your code better by identifying any mistakes and stylistic problems. By doing this, you may make your code more maintainable and help prevent problems. 

Improved Cooperation

AskCodi can make it easier for you to work together with other developers. AskCodi, for instance, may be used to create unit tests and documentation for your code. 

Lower Expenses 

AskCodi can assist you in lowering the price of recruiting and onboarding new engineers. This is so that you can automate a lot of the jobs that developers usually do. AskCodi can assist with this. 

Protection of Privacy

With AskCodi, you don’t have to worry about saving the code you produce or pass. AskCodi doesn’t preserve the code from extensions because it values privacy since user code may include sensitive information. 

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AskCodi Price

AskCodi provides a free plan that lets you use the main functions of this tool and gives you 50 free credits per month. This is a fantastic method to see whether AskCodi meets your requirements before committing to an upfront paid subscription. 

AskCodi has two premium alternatives in addition to the free version:

  • Monthly Plan: For $9.90 a month, you can get 500 credits and first dibs on new features.
  • Annual Plan: At $99.00/year, this plan includes 500 credits every month along with first dibs on future features.

AskCodi: Benefits & Drawbacks


  • Because it generates code snippets based on natural language inquiries, it may save time and effort.
  • Its current knowledge and examples may aid developers in learning new syntax and frameworks.
  • By offering time complexity and docstring capabilities, it may enhance both code quality and speed.
  • It is compatible with well-known IDEs such as Jetbrains and VSCode.


  • When you're working on a tight schedule, it might be difficult when it responds slowly at times.
  • The questions may be challenging to structure correctly, which might result in findings that are erroneous or lacking.
  • The quality and accessibility of the open source code it is trained on, which could not cover all use cases or situations, might be a limitation.
  • Given that access to all services needs a monthly cost, it may be pricey for some users.

Alternatives of AskCodi

Sourcegraph Cody

Your editor contains Cody, an AI coding assistant. It can write, locate, and explain code. Large Language Models (LLMs), Sourcegraph Code Intelligence, and Sourcegraph Search are combined by Cody to deliver solutions and save human programmers from laborious work. Cody is your buddy the programmer who has read every query on StackOverflow, every open-source code, and every secret code in your company. He will always be available to respond to inquiries and provide answers based on his experience. 


Today’s superpower of code is called Codeum. It’s a free toolset for accelerating coding using AI. Codeium is a training platform that lets you quickly develop on billions of lines and helps you stay in the flow and become the best coder you can be. It currently offers AI-generated autocomplete in over 20 programming languages (including Python and JS, Java, TS, Java, and Go) and integrates directly with the developer’s IDE (VSCode, Jetbrains, or Jupyter notebooks, Colab, Vim/Neoovim, etc.). Search for APIs and documentation, write boilerplate and unit test scripts, and many other time-consuming or frustrating tasks. 


It is not necessary to leave your coding environment to search for a specific function. Blackbox allows you to select the code from any video and then simply copy it into your text editor. Blackbox supports all programming languages and preserves the correct indentation. It is available in more than 20 programming languages, including Python, JavaScript TypeScript, Ruby, Go, and many more. Developers can use BLACKBOX AI code search to find the best code fragments to use when building amazing products. Integrations with IDEs include VS Code and GitHub Codespaces. Jupyter Notebook, Paperspace, and many more. 


K.Explorer is an artificial intelligence system that helps developers write better software more quickly, cheaply, and efficiently. It is a coding assistant that boosts developer productivity. It is an AI-powered Code Assistant that has been trained on millions of lines of code from private corporations as well as billions of lines of open-source code for general purposes. Natural Language enables programmers to receive guidance and tell a text story about what code they are writing.


Kodezi is Grammarly designed for programmers. KodeziChat is your AI coding assistant, allowing you to ask, search, code, and generate anything in your codebase. Kodezi does more than just fix your code; it also explains why and how to prevent future problems. To ensure clean code and syntax, reduce unnecessary lines. Optimize your code to maximize efficiency. With detailed explanations, debug code. You can quickly switch between frameworks without losing context. Commenting and explaining code is essential for future maintenance. Kodezi can generate code from text in a matter of seconds. It can generate code from text, answer a question about coding, or create a whole function. 


Code coverage is broken. Meaningful tests can verify functionality and give you the confidence to commit. Spend less time writing test cases that are not valid and more time creating useful features for your users. CodiumAI analyzes your code, comments, and docstrings and suggests tests as you write. You just need to add them to your code suite. CodiumAI is focused on code integrity. We create tests that help you understand the code. 

Studio Bot

AI arrives on Android Studio! — Meet Studio Bot! | by The Android Developer  | Medium

The ideal coding partner for Android development is Studio Bot, an artificial intelligence-powered conversational interface in Android Studio that enables you to be more productive. It can comprehend natural language and answer questions about development in simple English. Studio Bot is a tool that helps Android developers generate code, find resources, learn best practices, and save time. However, because it is still in its infancy, it may occasionally present inaccurate, misleading, or false information; it may also provide you with incomplete or unoptimized code; before relying on Studio Bot, always double-check the responses it provides and test and review the code for errors, vulnerabilities, and bug. 


With real-time code generation and completion tailored to a client’s codebase, Codey speeds up the software development process. Its code generation approach works with over 20 different programming languages, such as Go, Google Standard SQL (GSS), Java, Python, and JavaScript. It enables developers to work on a variety of coding projects. Their productivity is increased and skill shortages are filled by: Code completion: Codey provides a few lines of code depending on context. Code generation: A 

With real-time code generation and completion tailored to a client's codebase, Codey speeds up the software development process. Its code generation approach works with over 20 different programming languages, such as Go, Google Standard SQL (GSS), Java, Python, and Javascript. It enables developers to work on a variety of coding projects. Their productivity is increased and skill shortages are filled by: 

  • Code completion: Codey provides a few lines of code depending on context.
  • Code generation: A developer provides natural language prompts to Codey, which uses them to generate code. 
  • Code Chat: Developers may communicate with a robot using Codey's code chat feature to get assistance with debugging, documentation, learning new ideas, and other code-related problems.


YouChat is an AI that can provide explanations, provide suggestions, and respond to common questions. To your advantage, it can also send emails, translate, summarize texts, and develop code. You can hold chats with YouChat that seem human because of its artificial intelligence and natural language processing capabilities. It may sometimes provide incorrect responses since it is continuously learning from the abundance of knowledge available online. Its AI is always becoming better and often shares the sources of the answers it provides with me. 


Cosine can comprehend and respond to questions at a superhuman level, regardless of how complicated or high-level they are. We are more than just LLM wrappers. We mix many techniques, such as semantic search and static analysis. Request that Cosine provide a step-by-step manual explaining how to change or add to the current code. Cosine indexes your codebase and gains a multi-level understanding of it.

From a thorough comprehension of the code to a graph link between functions and files, cosine can answer any queries you may have about your codebase. Though Copilot is quite good at generating inline code, it only answers queries on a small number of files- usually the ones that have been accessed most recently. While this is a terrific technique to auto-complete rapidly, it is not very good at providing answers at a higher level about the structure of your codebase. Cosine offers superhuman contextual comprehension and can read any code snippet in your codebase.  

Amazon CodeWhisperer 

The ML-powered coding companion facilitates speedier app development. Application development will be accelerated by automatically generated code suggestions based on your code and comments in your editor. When used properly, artificial intelligence (AI) may help developers construct safe, syntactically sound apps. Create coherent code blocks and whole functions without having to look up and modify code snippets online. You may remain up to date on Java, Python, or JavaScript projects with real-time tailored code suggestions. 


By integrating an AI chatbot right into your IDE and doing away with the need to switch tabs between your editor and the AI conversation, AskCodi is a reliable AI helper that improves the efficiency of coding. 

It is also quite excellent at creating documentation and unit tests, and it can handle a large number of languages. 

But to make this tool more useful than merely a chatbot, I believe it may be enhanced by including additional capabilities in the IDE. Real-time, context-aware advice and even a separate IDE interface for creating unit tests or documentation would be beneficial additions to AskCodi, in my opinion. 

All things considered, it's a promising AI assistant with room for major development. It's also worth checking out to see if it can assist you with your coding projects because of its ample free plan.

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Is AskCodi Free?

It's true that AskCodi offers a free option. You may try out the tool's primary functions with the 50 credits you get each month. Before deciding to upgrade to a premium subscription, this is a terrific opportunity to get a sense for what AskCodi can do.

What Languages Does AskCodi Support?

Numerous widely used languages and frameworks are supported by AskCodi. These include, among others, TypeScript, Vue, Rust, HTML, React, Python, and Django. Because of its wide interoperability, AskCodi may be used by developers with a variety of backgrounds, making it a universal coding tool.

Can AI Write Code Like Humans?

AskCodi and other AI helpers are adept at producing boilerplate code, which may save humans time and effort on repetitive chores. They speed up and simplify our coding processes by using natural language processing.

However, the resulting code may not be of great quality, and these tools often need assistance for more complicated routines. For this reason, it's wise to double-check the code that artificial intelligence has created.

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