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ChampHR, (Staffing Agency Software Case Study) a US based staffing agency, reached out to us to digitize their business. We faced a variety of challenges while helping them as every business operation, paperwork, and cross checking was happening manually which was costing a lot due to the scale of their company. We had to understand their work, their processes and build digital solutions for their problems.


Challenge at the Start



The biggest challenge at the onset of the work was the sheer scale of it. The company managed 15000 employees at various industries in various locations

Background Verification

~~~~~~~ For example ~~~~~~~
  • Checking of the criminal record
  • Sex offender verification

Smooth Recruitment

To filter the right person for the right job and not miss a potential talented employee in a sea of portfolios. As well as save the employee onboarding time too


We developed a machine-learning algorithm and all the resumes received by ChampHR were filtered through the algorithm for various background checks, skills etc. in the following order

Remove anyone with a criminal record after background verification using their social security number

The algorithm then scanned all the resumes and categorized them for different profiles, requirements etc. making the work a lot easier.

~~~~~~~ For example ~~~~~~~
  • Having separate filters for following requirements-
  • 2 year work experience
  • Digital marketing skills
  • New York location

The algorithm did a background verification for every person using their social security number to check for any criminal record

Challenge of Operations

Scheduling and Notification for Employees


ChampHR needed a robust scheduling mechanism to improve their organisation’s overall productivity and also a notification mechanism for any issues faced by the employers and the employees to prevent any potential problem and continue the business for the long term.

  • Hours logged in by employees are less than required
  • Attrition rate is high i.e. employees are quickly leaving the company


  • We developed a notification panel to immediately alert the company of any issue based on various parameters and whenever benchmarks are not met.
  • We developed a scheduling panel for the company to easily assign tasks to the right person depending on the requirements.
Challenge of Payroll

Having a Smooth Salary Payment Mechanism


Managing timely salaries of 15000 employees was proving a big headache for the company due to a variety of factors.


Every state in the US has a separate tax system that needs to be factored in.


A lot of staff consists of immigrants who do not have a Social Security Number and a bank account while the company can’t deal in cash


Query Builder :

We added a mechanism to enter a custom query in the panel to generate the local tax rate of the state and also generate customized reports for accounting.

Rapid CardPay Integration :

We integrated our software with Rapid CardPay which allows for digital disbursement of the salaries of immigrant employees in their digital wallets.

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We were able to provide a comprehensive solution to ChampHR to enable them to conduct all their processes from recruitment to payroll swiftly and optimize their work. We ensured improvement in productivity across departments. We were able to reduce bottle-neck delays, automate manual work, reduce operations cost thus helping ChampHR to grow their profits.

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