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TA startup that has been recognised by the Government of India in its flagship schemes reached out to us to build their application. The startup focuses on tracking school children traveling via school bus and ensures their safety. We developed three separate versions of the application- for drivers, parents and school transport managers.

Challenge at the beginning

Waiting for the Bus

A lot of time of both parents and children is wasted on waiting for the school bus.

  • This causes a lot of hassle to parents, especially working parents.
  • Child is left alone if the parents have to leave early which causes worry to the parents.


We enabled a digital notification mechanism for all the stakeholders.

Notification is sent to parents whenever the bus driver is a small distance away.

Parents can then send their child or take them personally to the bus stop depending on the alert received

Challenge for the Driver

Stopping Points

Driver was unable to manually enter stopping points while driving because of multiple reasons which made it difficult to send updates.

  • Manual entry took a lot of time and drivers couldn’t complete the entry due to traffic
  • At times, drivers simply forgot owing to nature of work


We developed a system where the stopping points were entered by drivers who went through the route and did manual entry in the application. The route got stored in the database.

  • This eliminated the need to create routes everyday unless changed or updated
  • Automatic notifications could be sent whenever the driver crossed any stopping point.
Challenge of Technology

Latest Location

As drivers were not tech savvy, we needed an automatic robust tracking system. Few areas had a lack of proper GPS technology which made tracking very difficult.


We installed a GPS tracker in the engine of the bus.

  • We used the API of the installed GPS and integrated it directly into our application.
  • Our GPS did not need any mobile internet connection or wifi.
  • The start of the engine was considered the start of the journey.

School bus Tracking Mobile App Solution

Ongoing GPS school bus tracking mobile app solutions with the vision to provide safety to kid's.

Challenge of Synchronization

Multiple Entities

There were three separate applications for drivers, parents, and school transport managers.

  • Any lack of synchronization or delay in data transfer would lead to confusion and chaos.
  • All the three entities needed the exact live location of the bus for proper coordination.


We used NodeJS socket programming for building the application which enabled accurate synchronization

All the three entities-parents,driver, transport manager received the exact live location and notifications



We were able to provide a comprehensive technological solution to the School Bus application that covered the entire journey from start to end. The highest satisfaction was that with our efforts, we were able to provide comfort to the parents that their child is safe.


Visual Screens

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