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Company Overview

Journal is a mood-tracking and journaling app that helps users track their moods and help them develop positive thinking skills. The app lets users make notes based on their daily moods, dreams, and triggers and examine how their emotional state has changed over time. The app is based on the concepts of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and positive psychology.


Challenge at the Start


Developing an app that stands out in this competitive niche

  • Acknowledging the abundance of mood-tracking apps already available, the biggest challenge was to create an app that stood out with unique features.
  • Many mood trackers struggle with user retention. The client wants an app that keeps users engaged over time.
  • The challenge was to develop the app responsibly, ensuring it complements professional help and avoids offering medical advice.


  • We integrated different mood selections with advanced searching functionalities.
  • We suggested AI integration to analyze past entries and suggest personalized journaling prompts that take you to the user's emotional state.
  • The integration of facial analysis with context recognition provided more nuanced mood insights.
User Engagement Challenge


Finding ways to maximize user engagement

  • The client was concerned users might find basic mood tracking repetitive.
  • The client wanted features that personalize the user experience based on mood patterns, journaling style, and overall goals.
  • The challenge was creating a safe and supportive environment while respecting user privacy and avoiding any features that could harm mental health.


  • Created AI algorithms for sending system-generated emails to users with discounts on subscriptions.
  • Integrated third-party coupons and bonus offers for maximum engagement.
Functionality Challenge

Offering offline functionality to users.


As the internet isn’t accessible everywhere, the challenge was to create an app that works seamlessly even with no internet connection.

The client wanted a secure offline storage for mood data and journal entries.

The client acknowledges that some features might be unavailable offline.


We integrated offline functionality into the app, which allows it to work anywhere that too without an internet connection.

We enabled real-time synchronization of data both offline and cloud.

The offline functionality allows users to browse previous notes, read them, and even edit them.

Website Form

We successfully addressed the challenges of user engagement and personalization in the crowded mood-tracking market. We embraced a collaborative approach, working closely with the client to tackle key user experience hurdles.

Journal's success is evidence of our commitment to user-centric design and collaboration. By addressing user needs for engagement, personalization, and responsible community features, we delivered a valuable tool for emotional well-being. This project exemplifies our expertise in crafting innovative mental health and wellness solutions.

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