What is the cost to create sports betting app like Bet365?

Mayanka Pant
Aug 13, 2019

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Sports Betting App like Betfair / William Hill / Bet365?

The age of the internet has seen manifold progress in various industry sectors. It has also traversed into the domain of sports betting and opened up a money-spinning vista for entrepreneurs and businesses. Sports and betting apps are the results of the betting evolution that was normally done by visiting a bookie or later on through a personal computer or laptop. Further we are going to discuss with you How Much Does it Cost to Create a Sports Betting App like Betfair / William Hill / Bet365?

With the advent of the Smartphone era, Smartphone betting has come into play. This has rounded up game and betting enthusiasts from around the globe. The Smartphone app enables placing of bets right from where you are and at any time that a game is being played from. William Hill / Betfair / Bet365 are sports betting mobile apps that invite users globally to place their bets and try their hands on this game of skill. There are rewards and cash prizes to be won right from the comfort of your Smartphone so what’s holding you up. If you are thinking of getting your very own sports mobile app developed it is advised to read on to understand the features that are necessary for developing the sports mobile app like William Hill.

Key Features

User Panel:

Sign-in: This is the landing page of the app wherefrom users start their betting journey. Users need to register with their social media logins or authorized email account on the app.

Live scores: This is the first screen from where the logged in users are able to view the live scores of the matches being played and can place bets according to their interest.

Results Notifications: Users receive notifications regarding their selective player’s performance and resultant conclusion of their bet on him/her.

Betting Tips: Users can view betting information on the sports being played, betting rates and amounts invested on them. If you want to know cost & features of Fantasy Football Soccer App then click here.

Sport Selection: Through this section, users can make a selection of the sport they wish to bet on. Date wise team data with betting prices are displayed for helping the user to make an informed bet according to his skills.

Calendars, days and schedules: Users can view and store information of all upcoming match schedules with time and date. Users are notified well before in advance so as to plan their betting activities accordingly. If you have any query regarding how much Does it Cost to Create a Sports Betting App like Betfair / William Hill / Bet365? Then read carefully this.

Selection of betting patterns: Users can make a selection of the Sports Betting Software Solutions patterns to suit their convenience. The common betting patterns are given below:

  • Same bet size on the turn as the flop
  • Check/call, small bet on the turn
  • Check/call, check min-raise
  • Check/insta-call, check/insta-call…pause on river…bet
  • Min bet, min bet, big river bet
  • Pre-flop raise of 4x+ from someone who usually limps or raises 3x
  • Pre-flop open limp from an aggressive player who always raises
  • A player who always continuation bets the flop and now checks
Some other betting types include:
  • Always checking the river
  • Check-raising
  • Folding on the Flop
  • Call, Call, Raise

Select the betting types

Users need to select any different betting types to play according to the selected methodologies. They even have the option to select betting categories according to the game they have bet on. You can check out the list of the standardized betting types:

  • Win
  • Each Way
  • Singles
  • Double
  • Treble
  • Four-fold and above
  • Multiples
  • Parlay
  • Head to Head
  • Totals (Over/Under)
  • Handicaps
  • Patent
  • Lucky 15
  • Lucky 31
  • Lucky 63
  • Forecast
  • Reverse Forecast
  • Place pot
  • Jackpot
  • Trixie

Know the rank: The user can glean analytical information regarding his money status and the availability of open bets.

Communication: Users can interact and communicate with other users and peers on basic price standards and anticipated match outcomes. We provide fantasy sports software solutions at simple cost.

Final & Current Results: The final and current results of the game, the Win/Lose status of the user or creation of a new pool of betters are sent to the user through notifications by the admin.

Admin Panel:

Login: The first basic section of the betting app where the admin is empowered to register according to self-generated user credentials.

Dashboard: The admin can manage the betting prices of various games and number of registered users through this dashboard feature.

User Management: Admin is empowered to add new user to the betting app and view all their details such as current money standards, betting amount invested and the sports they are partaking in.

Marketing & Monetization Tools: The admin manages all the app monetization strategies of the app. The admin tracks and verifies promotional activities, advertisements and In-app purchases, etc. on the app. We hope you are getting vast & good knowledge about Cost to Create a Sports Betting App like Betfair / William Hill / Bet365? .

Probabilities from major Bookies: The admin can decide the sports and betting prices as per the standards delivered by the bookies. This helps in determining the probability of winning in an event. The admin is empowered to generate the password and notify the start and end time of the betting. All the users are administrated by the admin who holds the authority to activate or deactivate them as required. Addition of new pools or editing of existing ones can also be conducted by the admin. The admin can add different sports with the betting prices as required through the related sports details procured from a third party API. Want to make your own Sports Betting app at simple cost then contact us.

Content Manager: Admin is also the Content Manager of the site and in charge for managing the content of the static pages such as How It Works? About Us, Terms of Use, FAQ’s, etc.

Email Templates Manager: Admin holds supreme control of the content of the various email templates. In case of few specific events such as forgot password, sending activation mails etc. he notifies the users promptly.

Game Management: In event of a new unique game with a newer betting concept is offered to the users, the admin can prescribe the new methods and criteria for betting on the game. Such information about the game event with the probability of winning can be imported from external sources such as HKJC, Phumelela, Betradar, etc.

More Advanced features:

Watch real time matches: With this advanced feature, users can watch real time matches on which they have betted their hard earned money. This feature helps them to observe the game progressing like a live spectator and they can receive the live scores on the real time basis and feel the exuberance of the sport.

Pay and bet instantly: User participation is greatly amplified through this advanced feature of the sports betting app like Betfair while betting. Seeing the actual live performance of the players, users can instantly bet in a more informed and convenient way. For example, users can do an instant betting in football and lawn tennis games as per ball to ball playing scenario.

Promotions: This is a very important feature to make your sports betting app a hit as well as earn you ripe dividends from publicizing it. Through this feature you can keep your users updated by sending them apt notifications and intuitive ads of the recent sports scores, undercurrent trends and recent activities for enhancing a dynamic user interaction with the sports betting app.

View match details: This is a very important reminder feature of the sports betting app for reminding users about their choice of matches for viewing and betting upon. This date and time reminder notification helps users to schedule their sports betting calendar and be in full awareness when the game is about to start.

Multi lingual: The multi-lingual feature assists in making your mobile app more scalable. Users from different countries can equally enjoy, operate and bet upon their choicest games through the comfort of their native languages such as English, Latin, French, German and Hindi amongst others. This feature helps in enhancing the sports betting app’s reputation and gives you an edge over your nearest competitors by providing a niche facility to global users.

Offline connection: Continued and smooth internet connectivity is inessential element of the betting app. Users need to be connected constantly through internet connectivity to view the sports game and partake in continual betting ability. In case, the network goes down and the app appears offline, users may lose their bets. The app should be able to provide an offline option for a couple of hours to users, till they are able to muster up internet connectivity and rejoin the sports betting game. We hope you are enjoying article like How to Create a Sports Betting App like Betfair / William Hill / Bet365? We are the best & reliable top mobile app development company India. 

Radio: Integration the sports betting app with a radio can be a helpful alternative for users losing internet connectivity. The radio can help the user to remain tuned to the current information of the match play and events. The user can also get information through the radio with regards to offers, attractive deals, promotions, and price standards.

Back End Connection: It is a prime potential for the sports betting mobile app to display the last minute updates whenever the user refreshes his app. Data should be showcased at very high speed through implementing the latest technologies such as MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, etc. for developing a robust, scalable and efficient back-end infrastructure. Python and JavaScript frameworks deliver the best results for developing sports betting app like Bet365.

Technology Stack required for William Hill styled betting app:

  • Cloud Environment – AWS and Google
  • Realtime Analytics – Hadoop, Spark, BigData, IBM,Apache Flink, Cisco
  • Debian, Macintosh, Ubuntu, CentOS – Worldwide Operating Systems
  • Database – MongoDB, Hbase, PostgreSQL, Cassandra
  • ESPN See live matches
  • Donbest to retrieve real time sports information
  • Tipgin Get soccer betting tips and predictions
  • Kotlin and Swift To efficiently program Android and iOS apps respectively
  • MongoDB The admin can manage, update and control the user queries, betting and other related information and share it through the live hosting servers.
  • APNS ( Apple Push Notifications/FCM( Firebase Cloud Messaging) – For delivering instant Push Notifications
  • Twilio, Sinch, Nexmo – For authentication thru SMS, Voice and Phone Verification GWT – For Effective Programming
  • Datastax – Data Management
  • Mail Chimp Integration , Mandrill – For managing everything correlated to emails

Sports Prediction Algorithm: Pickforwin.com

Tools to calculate true odds of a sports event: tradematesports.com,betfair.com

Football Prediction Algorithm : Betegy, Betadvice

Major Points of Consideration

Analyzing requirements: Professional betters are well versed with the win/loss aspects of the sports betting app. In event of an inexperienced novice entering the sports betting arena, he is sure to fall flat on his face and the next instant he would uninstall the app. To avoid such an instance, the app like William Hill and Betfair provide users with information on match updates, teams and the players involved to keep them updated regarding the entire previously played betting scenario. The fresher in question might not win the bet but at least he would gain some professional knowledge for winning a future bet. If you want to make your own app like Betfair / William Hill / Bet365 then contact us.

Focus on Quality: The app must meet with the required UI/UX standards and have faster load and refresh rate. It should be able to provide users with memorable experience so as to keep them in harmony with the app. An app bespoke with simplicity while showcasing high quality standards is sure to catch the users’ attention. App quality should be maintained as it is paramount for its success.

OptimumSecurity: The app needs to have robust and highly secure inbuilt payment gateway integrations for safeguarding user money inflows and outflows. This will help in portraying your apps’ overall integrity similar to William Hills sports betting app.

Development Cost for a sports betting mobile app like William Hill / Betfair / Bet365

The development cost of the sports betting mobile app can be estimated by considering three key factors–

1. Complexity of the App complexity;

2. The dedicated platforms required for the app such as iOS, Android, Windows or Web;

3. Country where the app would be developed.

Different countries have different pay scales for their development teams. This can be understood by the given below budget packages:

  • U.S. based developer teams: – $50 to $250 per hour
  • Europe based developer teams: – $30 to $200 per hour
  • India based developer teams: – $20 to $80-100 per hour

Given below is a cost estimate for your betting app (to develop a practical app, with Android coding and limited features, the development cost in India will arrive according to the different defined sections):

  • Technical documentation (40-50 hours – $1000 to $2500)
  • UI/UX design (50-60 Hours – $1500 to $3500)
  • Front-end and Back-end development (350-400 Hours – $25,000 to $ 40,000)
  • MVP testing (60-80 Hours – $2000 to $4200)
  • Polishing and bug fixing (40-50 hours – $1000 to $2400)

The development cost for a William Hill or Bet365 styled sports betting app with minimalistic features can be placed around $30,000 to $45,000. But in case your idea requires a higher sophistication for the betting mobile app , the development cost may escalate to $75,000. Mtoag is one of the top & leading mobile & website application development company in India, the USA focusing on iPhone, iPad & Android apps. We Offer web design & development services for custom web applications across the globe. Mtoag Technologies can assist you for developing the sports betting mobile app for your betting idea. Whether you select the minimalistic featured or sophisticated featured version, you can rest assured that there wouldn’t be any difference to the app performance – it would be the same – plus or minus the features you choose for your sports betting app like William Hill or Betfair. So this was all about How Much Does it Cost to Create a Sports Betting App like Betfair / William Hill / Bet365?

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